I will teach you how to be the Boss CEO your business deserves.

I’m a strategic-thinking, geeky designer with a background in small business management. I help entrepreneurs use mindset, strategy, and aligned action to build products and packages that support the life of their dreams. Through my years as an entrepreneur but also as a small business manager, I learned how critical it is to get your mind right, build a strategy, and take aligned, intentional action every single day to reach your goals. Experience has taught me: mindset + strategy + action = measurable results. I began attending Alfred State College in 1999 at the age of twelve, but soon gave up academics to pursue a career as a web designer and marketing consultant in faraway lands. I have been building websites since the mid-90s, and I started building websites professionally in 1999 as a way to help pay for my college. In addition to my work, I have been making art for the majority of my life. My work is in the permanent corporate collection of Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.

I help entrepreneurs look legit and make more money with a polished web presence and digital products.

View from today’s office. It’s so nice here today. 💛

If I don’t create something, I don’t feel like the day is complete. Sometimes that’s content. Sometimes art. Sometimes products. But daily creation keeps me going. 💃🏼

What are you willing to do to maintain your peace? ⁣

I’m willing to work less, take on fewer clients, and even have a messy house. The stress of trying to do it all isn’t worth it. ⁣

My peace matters more.

I am SO excited that spring is here and things are blooming! 💛

[04/24/19]   When you’re doing market research, you MUST consider the source of the data!

Yesterday I saw someone ask in a Facebook group if they should have a Facebook group or a forum for their membership site.

The answers were almost unanimously in favour of a Facebook group.

As usual, I was the only dissenting opinion when I said, “it depends on your audience.”

Which it does.

Not all audiences are best served with a Facebook group.

But, let’s suppose you don’t have an audience yet.

You’re incubating an idea and you haven’t sold it. You have no customers.

At this stage you should focus on researching the market you wish to be part of. Go to where your ideal customers are, and start paying attention.

Look up studies. Dig into data.

DO the research.

Do REAL research.

Don’t half ass it by only engaging with people who have tacitly indicated a preference.

Your data will ALWAYS be skewed if you don’t consider the biases of the people you’re asking.

I see so many online “gurus” say design doesn’t matter.⁣

“It’s all about your offer,” they say.⁣

“Nobody cares what your landing page looks like,” they say.⁣

“Ugly sites sell better,” they say.⁣

And yes, a solid offer is 100% required. ⁣

And sometimes ugly sites do sell better,⁣

But! ⁣

Ugly sites don’t build brands. ⁣

Ugly landing pages don’t scream “authority.” ⁣

Humans are visual. ⁣

What we see influences what we believe. ⁣

Don’t neglect this critical aspect when you’re working on your business.

[04/22/19]   Happy Monday, folks! As you go into your new week remember:

We teach people how to treat us, both personally and professionally.

Make sure you set the right standard.

Quite possibly my favourite place in town. So peaceful. And warm!

First time I’ve really been able to work outside this year, and there’s a rain storm moving in. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’m now offering single Clarity Calls for those who need strategy, but don’t want such a long commitment. ⁣

We’ll dive into your business on Zoom, and you’ll walk away with actionable advice to increase revenue and fix the leaks in your business.⁣

You’ll get a recording and a custom Clarity Roadmap to implement in your business.⁣

More info on my website, ysmay.com/clarity

This is basically my mantra for 2019. 😂What’s yours?


Your app makes me fat

This is a fascinating article that’s changing the way I look at my customer journey.

Can we honestly say that ‘engaging with our brand’ is a healthy, ethical use of our audience’s scarce, precious, limited cognitive resources?


seriouspony.com In 1999, Professor Baba Shiv (currently at Stanford) and his co-author Alex Fedorikhin did a simple experiment on 165 grad students.They asked half to memorize a seven-digit number and the other half to memorize a two-digit number. After completing the memorization task, participants were told the e

Did a Paris inspired Brand Board in honour of Notre Dame’s fire. So tragic. All that artwork, and the rose windows. 🙁

An amazing thing happens when you’re at peace with yourself: you stop putting up with sh*t from other people.

Katya Varbanova

My video testimonial for 20K Nation is live!

20K Nation is a valuable mastermind specifically for entrepreneurs, thoughtleaders, and change makers who want to show up bigger and forge a lasting connection with their community.

See why I joined and what this mastermind has done for my business.

You can apply to be part of this community at 20knation.com

"She built an audience of over 40k people and her podcast is now on iHeart Radio thanks to 20k Nation"

My name is Ysmay Walsh, I am an ENTJ and I've been an online entrepreneur for the last 20 years.

Before I joined 20k Nation, I didn't really know what I wanted for my business. I didn't know who I wanted to work with nor what I wanted to offer. Because of that lack of clarity I had a big lack of visibility. It's hard to be visible and consistent when you don't really know who you want to serve and what you want to offer.

Inside 20k Nation I was able to get the clarity. It's been quite a process to continually drill down and refine it but I finally know who it is I want to serve and how. So I am much more visible than before.

Also, before joining I had a small audience and irrelevant at times because it people following me all over the place from years ago. Now I have over 40,000 people on social media and on my email list. I have consistent blog subscribers, people tune into my podcast which is now on I Heart Radio and that's beause of my consistency with showing up and the clarity and the structure I got from 20K Nation.

Another thing is I was finally able to get out of my own way and raise my rates. This is something I'd known for a long time I wanted to do but I never did it. I was afraid of doing it, I was helding myself back. Thanks to 20k Nation I drastically increased my rates, I got much better clients than ever.

If you're thinking of joining 20k Nation, you should apply because you're going to get similar results.

Even if you think you have the clarity and the structure, you'll get a proven path and a proven framework that is going to get you where you want to be.



[04/11/19]   Drum roll please...

In summer 2019, I'm partnering with a styled stock photographer to create boutique Page Kits for Divi websites.

No more boring stock photos in my Designerless Page Kits!


Can't wait to reveal a preview of what we're working on!

[03/29/19]   I unfortunately have to postpone the virtual workshop scheduled for this weekend.

You may or may not know I have some health challenges. My heart problem is acting up so I’ve had to take time to rest.

The time and energy I have left I’ve had to invest into my clients, one of whom is having a crisis with their tech systems.

These two things combined means that I just won’t be able to get the workshop recorded in time for Sunday’s event and do a good job. I don’t want to “wing it” and do a poor job because even though it’s free, this workshop is worth doing well.

As soon as it’s recorded, I’ll post it here on Facebook.

In Spring 2018, I visited 17 states by car, with the longest single trip being from Chicago to Miami. ⁣⁣
I was able to do this entirely because after sooooo many years as a 100% service based solopreneur, my business was finally setup as a Wherever Business and I could be location independent. ⁣⁣
I remember one afternoon in particular where I sat next to the amazingly gorgeous ocean in Florida with my devices muted and I just watched the waves. I never felt more at peace. ⁣⁣
When I finally got up and walked to the car I looked at my phone, to find I made $500 while I was just sitting on the beach. ⁣⁣
THAT is when I knew I was onto something big.

[03/25/19]   How do you prefer to consume content?

Blog? Video? Podcast?



I've been in business as a web designer for 20 years now (January was my 20th anniversary!), but over the last few years I've learned a lot about how to run a Wherever Business.

You know, one that you can run from wherever you want, and that doesn't have to be your desk.

Last year I was able to travel to 17 states BY CAR (I drove something like 10k miles) and my business didn't skip a beat.

In large part this was made possible because of cool tech.

I can build and launch an entire custom website on my iPad, and I can coach and consult clients entirely from my iPhone.

But it's not just about having the right tech.

It's also about having the right mindset, the right systems, the right strategy, the right products, and even the right wellness routines.

Without even 1 of these pillars, your business can fall apart almost overnight.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, on March 31st I was going to teach a workshop about How to Tap Into Your Entreprenurial Superpower, buuuut, as I started talking to more and more of my community members I've realised this workshop isn't the right topic to teach right now.

Yes, knowing your Entreprenurial Superpower is important, but it's better suited to a YouTube video, honestly.

What people really want is to know how to build a profitable Wherever Business.

Even though I have just a week (!!!) to pull this together, I'm changing the plan for next Sunday, and I'm giving people what they want.

In this next edition of Learn With Ysmay, you're going to learn my proven Wherever 365 Method -- that until now I have ONLY taught my VIP clients.

I'm going to take you behind the scenes of my business, and I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do to build a location-independent business without sacrificing your revenue.

If you want to get in on this epic training, save your spot.



How Fear Based Decisions Can Kill Your Business

Whether you're just getting started in your business or you're a seasoned entrepreneur, sometimes fear creeps in, and when it does, you can make horrible decisions.

I know its hard, but it's critically important to refrain from making fear based decisions in these situations.

In this video, I share why.

Its no longer good enough to sell hopes and dreams. You have to provide result and you have to TELL people what kind of results you can get. ⁣

👉🏻My coaching clients see a 3x increase in revenue and a 50% decrease in time spent working because we work on their mindset, offers, strategy, and systems so their business can be run from their iPhone. ⁣

👉🏻My web design clients see at least a 10% decrease in bounce rate and a 10% increase in conversions from cold traffic. ⁣

👉🏻My VIP clients see a revenue increase of at least 30% because I create a custom profit plan, and then my agency polishes their branding and makeS them look legit af. ⁣

What kind of results do YOU get? Share below. I’d love to hear.

Looking to grow your business? ⁣

I regularly write articles designed to help entrepreneurs step into their CEO super power, make more sales, and increase their profits. ⁣



Live Training with Mark Timm

If you could have ANYONE in the whole world teach you how to sell who would it be?

How about a guy who has:

Successfully launched more than 500 products…
Built a $5 billion empire from scratch…
Owns 20x $100M business…
Has seen over 5,000 pitches…
Was an Original Shark on the hit TV show Shark Tank

Would he make the cut?

Because Kevin Harrington is the STAR guest on Mark Timm’s free upcoming training tomorrow.

How Mark Timm has managed to pull this off IS beyond incredible.

Rumour has it Kevin will cover some of the biggest business mistakes he’s come across in his 40 years in the industry… and how YOU can avoid them.

It is NOT to be missed.

Save your spot here: https://ysmay.us/kevwebinar

sos2.co Learn How to 10x Your Business in ANY Market Using this Proven and Timeless Framework for Systematic, Predictable Sales and Growth

One of the biggest pieces of advice I have for any new business owner is get clear on who you serve. ⁣⁣
You can’t serve everyone. Get very clear on who you want to serve and can serve to the best of your abilities. ⁣⁣
Focus on serving them and only them — this part is important — and your business will begin to flourish.

This one mindset is essential to have to move forward in your business

Have you ever gotten so frustrated by things going awry that it sabotages your entire day because you can't get out of your head?

In this quick video I share the essential mindset you need to have to keep moving forward.

You know what I love about the weekend? Planning!⁣

I plan out everything I have to do for the week. I especially love it when I can create all the content I need for the week ahead. ⁣

I look forward to getting my content creation down to a monthly process. ⁣

Do you plan out your work week?


Unleash Your Exponential Entrepreneur | Access the Video Series

A woman I know — who I’ll call Jane for privacy purposes — is having some *huge* struggles with closing sales on the phone.

She does these beautiful proposals, and wows her leads until it comes time to talk to them on the phone and close the deal.

Then she drops the ball. Almost every single time.

She closes between 5-10% of leads on the phone. At that rate you need to have a LOT of calls to actually stay in business.

And — if you’re doing a proposal beforehand for every lead — you’re really in the proposal making business; not the customer serving business.

You should be able to close sales on your phone while you’re in line at Starbucks, no proposal or visuals needed.

And I believe everyone can IF they approach sales in the right way.

Yesterday I recorded a 20 minute video to teach Jane how to make more sales.

I had every intention of editing and posting it today but something came up, and I suddenly have to go see my cardiologist. 🤷🏼‍♀️

So, instead, I’ll do you one better.

Kevin Harrington — the original Shark from Sharktank — has a bingeble video series all about selling.

And if closing sales is something you struggle with, you certainly do not want to miss this.

You can watch here:


sos2.co Sign-up to get instant access to the Unleash Your Exponential Entrepreneur video series, presented by SOS2.


Unleash Your Exponential Entrepreneur | Access the Video Series

Overwhelm. Burnout. Plateaus.

These are three events that hold every entrepreneur back, and what they all have in common is that to overcome, you'll need a little help.

Even if it’s just a nudge in the right direction or a reality check, because let's be real:

Sometimes you're too close to your business to see it clearly.

My friends Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm have created a new video series that will provide you with both.

It’s called: “Unleash Your Exponential Entrepreneur.”

In this Netflix-style bingeable series you’ll discover the major misunderstanding about business that’s at the root of every entrepreneur’s struggle.

Explore the 3 “urban legends” that keep you trapped, working longer and harder for more disappointing results.

And, crucially…

You’ll find out why you need to accept and welcome one 4-letter word if you want to continue to grow and scale.

After the videos, you’ll not just have a clear path to success; you’ll also have the vehicle to get you there faster and more efficiently.

You can “binge” all the videos all in one sitting by clicking the link below.

>> https://ysmay.us/kevvid

sos2.co Sign-up to get instant access to the Unleash Your Exponential Entrepreneur video series, presented by SOS2.

Feeling like this is especially true today, now that I have a new business model I’m moving ahead with! Making changes to my site to accommodate the new offers! 💃🏼


What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

Do you know where you are on the entrepreneurial journey?

Heck, do you even know why you should care?

Here's the thing:

Not all entrepreneurs are created equal, and every entrepreneur's journey is going to be a little bit different.

When you know where you are on the journey, you'll be able to:

💡Pin-point EXACTLY where you are on your journey to entrepreneurial success.

💡Uncover any deadly 'entrepreneurial blindspots' that may be holding you back.

💡Gain total clarity and immediate momentum to power you toward the top of the entrepreneurial mountain.

Discover all this and more with this free assessment.

>> https://ysmay.us/entassessment

sos2.co Take the Assessment and find out your entrepreneurial type.

Did you take that assessment I mentioned earlier?

I did, and my results are in: I'm a Hardworking Hustler.

You know what that tells me?

I need to be way more strategic about how I'm spending my time.

In the last few months I generated more sales than in the first 7 months of 2018. Seeing as how I'm selling 1:1 offers, that means I am in need of a nap. 😴 (And a productised business model.)

After I finished the assessment I got this gorgeous PDF telling me exactly what my entrepreneurial roadblocks are and where I should focus.

Didn't take the assessment yet?

Go here: https://ysmay.us/entassessment

I'd love to know what you got! Share your results below. 👇👇👇

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Strategic business coaching for impact driven entrepreneurs
How Fear Based Decisions Can Kill Your Business
This one mindset is essential to have to move forward in your business
Free workshop: 8 Steps to Infusing Your Story in Your Brand
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