Temasek Secondary National Police Cadet Corps

Temasek Secondary National Police Cadet Corps

To become the best youth organisation in Singapore, one that actively helps to make Singapore the safest place in the world.

Since its inception, the Temasek Secondary National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) unit has been developing our cadets to be young men and women with sound moral values, strong character, discipline and resilience in the face of adversity.

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TMSNPCC is happy to announce that P/CI (NPCC) Jeyakumar Sherin Jane was invested this evening at the Home Team Academy after completing the 101st Cadet Inspector Basic Training Course (CIBTC)!👏🥳

In the first physical course after more than 2 years, Sherin has went through the full course and picked up the various competencies needed of a Cadet Inspector. We anticipate her contributions to the Unit in the upcoming years, congratulations, ma'am! 😎

Special mention also to CI (NPCC) Tan Han Jun Maximus, who contributed to the work of the CII committee in the capacity of a Group Instructor. Job well done Instructors!

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On 14 November 2022, Temasek’s NCDCC and NPCC held a collaborative session where both units went bouldering!

In a sport that not many have tried, cadets learnt a new skill and bonded on a whole new level through the activity! We hope it was a memorable and unique experience for all!!


“Be smart DON’T start!”

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On Saturday, our school had a physical open house for the first time in two years! Through the sharings conducted by our very own cadets at our booth yesterday, future Temasekians and their families have gotten the opportunity to know more about NPCC!

Our PDS team had also awed visitors with their stellar performance and we’re sure that their hard work in preparation over the last few weeks have paid off 💪🏻

Come join TMSNPCC! We welcome you 🤩


TMSNPCC is proud to announce that our Teacher Officer, Ms Martina Ann, has successfully completed the 77th Officer Basic Training Course! She has been training hard for the past 2 weeks and finally got invested last Friday! 💪🏻

We would also like to congratulate her for being awarded the Best in Microteaching award! Congratulations Ma’am 👏TMSNPCC warmly welcomes you as our new teacher officer🤩😎

In addition, we would also like to congratulate Mr Ian Ng from NCDCC for completing OBTC 2022 as well❗️

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Yesterday, we had our last NPCC CCA session for the year! We started off the day with some light physical training to get the cadets warmed up 💪

Next, the unit had a blast playing games like kickball and cat and mouse. This was truly a great opportunity for us to bond and spend time together after the long break for FTEs 😊

FINALLY, we have gotten our ranks!!! Congratulations to all the cadets who have been promoted to Lance Corporal, Corporal and Sergeant respectively! Hard work definitely paid off 😋

Additionally, our PDS team welcomed the new addition of the Sec 1s and 2s into the team!!! Looking forward to seeing what our new team will bring us 🤩 stay tune ~~

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On the 23rd of August 2022, our Secondary 3 cadets went for a live shoot at Home Team Academy!

They first underwent a dry practice the day before, to prepare themselves for the live shoot with real bullets to earn their marksmanship badge. Cadets were given the opportunity to shoot 32 rounds with a .22 revolver in the range.

We are proud to say that 6 of our cadets: Ikhlas, Tara, Jasper, Jayden, Kah Jun and Devon, have successfully attained the marksmanship badge, scoring 60/80 points or above in total. This was definitely a memorable and thrilling experience for all our Sec 3s!!!


“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart”.

Today was All Staff Day, and the PVPs came together to meet our NPCC teachers in charge to give them handwritten cards with heartfelt messages from the cadets!

We truly cherish our teacher officers and are very grateful for their guidance and support towards us! All the time and effort they have put in to ensure our cadets’ well-being and success in NPCC is greatly valued. Thank you so much, Teacher Officers, for all you have done for us!

We would also like to thank all the non-teaching staff in TMS for playing a part in maintaining the school and providing us with the best environment to learn and grow!

Once again, TMS NPCC wishes all staff and teachers a Happy All Staff Day!! 🫶☺️


This morning, our former president, SI (NPCC) Jeyakumar Sherin Jane presented the NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) - Gold, to our Principal, Ms Aw!

We would like to thank all our Teacher Officers, Instructors and Cadets who have put in their time and efforts to help bring the unit to greater heights and a better place for learning ☺️

Kudos to the other UGs too!! 🥳

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This week, we had our first CCA session after the long June holiday break! It was really nice to see all the cadets spending time together after not seeing one another for a long time!

On Tuesday, our Sec 1s kicked off the first session by engaging in Physical Training where they had to test their endurance 💪

The Sec 2s and 3s also started on their Community Safety & Security Project (CSSP) and Police Youth Ambassador (PYA) Course where they will have to inform the public on current threats and problems such as online scams 😆😆😆.

And to top it all off, on Friday, all of our cadets had an opportunity to play their hand on the Guardians of the City card game 🔍 where they had to demonstrate strategic thinking skills and decision making in order to alleviate their threat 🚨

We’re sure that our cadets had an enjoyable and wonderful first week back in CCA and we hope they’ll look forward to what’s in store for them moving ahead 😊

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On Tuesday, we commemorated NPCC Day together with the entire school and watched the NPCC Day Video message! Our very own President, CPL (NPCC) Ikhlas, has also given a speech on behalf of the unit 🤩. As part of the commemoration, our cadets also wore their NPCC Full Uniform for the first half of the day in school!

After watching the NPCC Day message, our P&VPs reflected:

“We feel that the message that the video was sending was very beneficial as it brought forward to us the many changes that will be happening in the coming months and years. It allowed us to better understand how the HQ helps to plan ahead and ensure that NPCC is able to effectively reach their goals.

The theme was also quite meaningful and relevant especially during this time where we really needed some strengthening. “Redefining Our Roles, Reshaping Our Corps”.

We also think it’s good that there is now going to be 4 major districts and inter district competitions etc, can also commence. Definitely all these improvements are needed and will be more beneficial for the future.”



“Redefining Our Roles, Reshaping Our Corps”

In his NPCC Day message, our Council Chairman, Associate Professor Stephen Phua elaborated on the 2022 theme which is stated above. He said “the goal is to study and review the effectiveness of our current organisational structure and processes”.

As mentioned above, everyone in the NPCC committee has been constantly trying our best in innovating and reviewing ways to maximise opportunities and experiences to further shape our Cadets into better leaders, at the same time, redefining our roles in the committee.

Past few years haven’t been easy for all our NPCC Officers, Instructors, Cadets and Volunteers and we would like to thank everyone for your efforts! Let’s hope that everything will get much better further down the years! 🙏🏻

Once again TMSNPCC wishes all members of the corps a Happy NPCC Day! 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️

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On the 14th of April, Temasek had its 41st Annual Speech Day! Even with all the happenings of 2021, we are proud to annouce that several of our Instructor, Cadets, Alumni and Graduating Class of 2019 were awarded with numerous awards.

We would like to specially commend CI (NPCC) Tan Jun Han Maximus for receiving the Cadet of the Year 2021 award as well as the Student Leader of the Year 2021, the award was creditted to him for his impact on the cadets within the Unit as well as his achievements as the President of the Student Council.

We would also like to commend the President and Vice Presidents of Squad 4021 - Sherin, Xin Jie and Arif for achieving the Oustanding Performance in CCA award and being leaders who inspire the next batches under them.

Lastly, we would also like to have a special shoutout to all the Cadets and Alumni for their various academic awards given out during Speech Day.

Congratulations and a job well done to all the members of our Blue Family past and present! 🥳

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This morning, our outgoing President SI (NPCC) Jeyakumar Sherin Jane was awarded the SPF-NPCC Badge! The SPF-NPCC Badge was first launched to give recognition to cadets with good leadership qualities and outstanding achievements. It is the highest award badge that cadets can vie for and we proudly congratulate Sherin on this accomplishment 🤩

Sherin's hard work and dedication as the President of the unit from 2020-2021 has been recognised and applauded as she receives this esteemed award.

Congratulations Sherin, you've made TMS NPCC proud 🥳! Congratulations to all the other awardees too!

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Along with Squad 4021, we also bid farewell to our beloved HO: H/INSP (NPCC) Alvah Lee Ming Chuan.

Alvah sir graduated with his own squad in 2012. Upon graduation, he came back and served as a Cadet Inspector in 2013 and helped out despite his workload in JC. He eventually came back as an Honorary Officer in 2019 after serving NS 👮‍♂️.

Throughout the years, Alvah sir has always put his cadets’ interests and experiences before anything else and has always taken good care of them! His undying motivation and drive to go beyond just the role of an instructor has touched many hearts within the Unit. His stern yet caring nature has lead many to grow to appreciate his efforts in nurturing the cadets and leaders of TMSNPCC. Many might know him as having high standards, but we always know that he wants all his cadets to learn and benefit as much as possible in NPCC. Being a decisive leader, he has always been a pillar of support for his cadets, Instructors and Officers. Alvah sir definitely has impacted many in TMSNPCC! ☺️

Thank you so much Alvah sir!! You will be much missed by everyone! We sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavors! 🥳


A warm welcome to Squad 4324🥳!

Today, our secondary 1 cadets had their swearing-in ceremony through zoom, together with other Secondary 1 squads from Area 10! The cadets also took part in the Crime Prevention lecture organised by the SPF🚔. We hope that the Secondary 1s are excited to embark on their new journey with TMSNPCC.

Once again, let us all welcome our Secondary 1 cadets into the unit!😆

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This morning 5 of our cadets Mitul, Sadhana, Ganga, Akil and Sarah represented Temasek in the inaugural Online Crime Scene Investigation Competition and competed against 115 other schools.

Their CSI skills such as police photography, fingerprinting, blood pattern and DNA analysis were assessed while trying to gather evidences to solve a crime. 👮‍♀️📷

Good job and let’s all wish them all the best for their results!! 🤩🙏🏻

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Today, we had 3 interesting activities going on in the unit! Firstly, today is the start of the Non Commissioned Officer Basic Training Course (NCOBTC) for our Secondary 3s where they will be equipped with the necessary skills needed as an NCO!😆

We also welcomed the new squad 4324 into NPCC! It was great to see new faces in the CCA today! Once again, let’s welcome all our Secondary 1 cadets!🤩

Last but not least, the Physical Training Instructors organised some activities for our Secondary 2 and 4 cadets to train their fitness level and to relax in the midst of their school examinations. We hope everyone enjoyed their time during CCA today!!☺️

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Temasek had its first CCA trials of 2022 for the Secondary 1s yesterday.

For Temasek NPCC, we took the Secondary 1s around showing them what we do in the CCA - the campcraft station, drills and PDS station, Crime Scene Investigation station where they got to do fingerprint dusting. It was also an honour to have police officers coming from Bedok NPC to share with the Secondary 1s about their responsibilities🚓!

Ending off the training session, the Unit conducted a promotion ceremony for all our cadets😊. Good job everyone!

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Today marks the first day of TMS NPCC's 2022 CCA session!! 🎊

We are glad and happy to welcome our cadets back for CCA! To kick start our first training of the year, our Secondary 2 and 3 cadets got to catch up with each other through a series of bonding games, while the Secondary 4 Squad had their drills revision to prepare for their upcoming Staff Sergeant promotion test. The Precision Drills Squad also introduced some new Secondary 3 cadets to PDS drills ✨

Let’s all look forward to more upcoming CCA sessions and events for the year! 🙌


HELLO 2022! Temasek NPCC wishes everyone a Happy New Year!!! 🎊 Many memories were made in 2021 and we hope to make more in the upcoming year! We hope for nothing but the best for everyone in the upcoming year! 😊


Congratulations to P/CI (NPCC) Maximus Tan for completing the 100th Cadet Inspector Basic Training Course (CIBTC)! Maximus was invested this morning through an online ceremony where he was also awarded the Outstanding Performance Award! 👏

Over the past two weeks, Maximus went through countless lectures, several assessments, and a virtual camp that have equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge he will need to lead as a Cadet Inspector. TMSNPCC is pleased to have Maximus back, and we look forward to his contributions to the Unit in the coming years! 🤩

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Yesterday marked the last cca session for 2021!🎉To end things on a high note, we started the session by splitting the Unit into four groups, and they played games such as Jeopardy and Gartic Phone. Through the games, cadets got to learn more about their peers, had an enjoyable bonding session with each other😄

Towards the end of the session, everyone took part in a reflection on the milestones achieved in 2021 and what cadets should look forward to next year.

Have fun during your well-deserved holidays and see you again next year!💫

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Happy All Staff Day! Today, our school celebrated ASD to recognise the efforts of all staff members. Thank you for being great role models for us Temasekians to look up to😊 Teaching or non-teaching staff, teachers or CCA instructors, we hope all staff will enjoy their one week break! 🥰


Yesterday, some of our cadets were featured in the NDP NPCC Virtual Choir on the NPCC page. Together, they sang " We Will Get There " by Stefanie Sun.

Good Job to the sweet sounding voices of Grace from Squad 4021, Abiraman and Abhisarika from Squad 4223! 🤩


Happy National Day from the P & VPs of TMS NPCC!

Due to the covid situation, many of our cadets did not get to see us in action. As the Singapore government eases covid restrictions, we can look forward to physical CCA sessions and to a more motivated and bonded unit.

Let us all continue to stay strong and keep fighting through this pandemic as one Singapore. Once again, Happy National Day!


We are proud to announce that P/CI (NPCC) Ernest Tan has finally graduated from the 99th Cadet Inspector Basic Training Course (CIBTC)!!

Over the past 3 weeks, Ernest managed to cope with the intense lectures and assessments from the course, while studying for all his common tests in school 👏

Congratulations to Ernest, TMSNPCC welcomes you back and we look forward to your contributions! 🥳🤩


Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

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