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Northwestern Bridge

The place for inspiring Northwestern's Bridge Community! Join Northwestern's bridge club in our weekly Bridge game!

The game is held once a week, Sunday nights at 7pm on the ground floor of the Norris student center. Open to both students and the entire Evanston and local community!


Share with non-bridge playing friends! James is awesome (plus 3/4ths of our college team got to actually play him last summer in Vegas— he’s a cool person).


Congratulations to our Bridge Team, for winning 1st in yesterday's Collegiate Bridgebowl Tournament! The team will advance to this year's Bridgebowl finals in Las Vegas!

Congratulations to Northwestern University and the rest of our winning teams from our collegiate bridge tournament this weekend. We'll see you all in Las Vegas this summer for the 2019 Collegiate Bridge Bowl! Read more:


Hi All, Meetings times this quarter will stay similar to last quarter for now. First Meeting starts this Sunday!

Main Meetings will be held on Sundays from 6pm-midnight at the Norris Student Center (Ground Floor Cafeteria-North Side).

Our Tuesday meeting will also still be happening in Foster-Walker from 7pm-10pm.

Community members are always welcome to join us. Questions? Email Kyle at [email protected]


Updating this page's info since its been a while. Here are are official meeting times for the quarter for community members and lost Northwestern Students and Alumni who aren't on our email list.

Sundays: 6pm onwards. Meeting at the Norris Student Center, Ground Floor, Northern half of the cafeteria.

Tuesdays: 7pm onwards. Meeting at the Foster-Walker Student Center, basement Lounge.

Sundays are our main meeting, and is very friendly for community members to come join us! Sometimes we have ACBL sanctioned duplicate games, although right now we are primarily in a teaching phase for the new student players. Probably will soon have bi-monthly sanctioned duplicate, starting in the next month or so.

If you have any questions, are lost in finding us on a meeting day, or are interested in finding lessons to learn or improve at this awesome game, email Kyle at [email protected].


Meeting goes live in 14 mins at the Norris Student Center, Ground floor! Tons of food here already, so stop on by!

Chicago Contract Bridge Association - At the Clubs 21/01/2018

Hi All! Posting here our schedule this quarter!

Northwestern Bridge will be meeting primarily on Sunday nights from 6-midnight (the classic college student meeting time). Most weeks, we will have some form of sanctioned duplicate bridge open to the community from 6:45pm-10pm. Information regarding duplicate for community members will be updated semi-regularly here: Meetings will be held in the Norris Student Center on the ground floor (back of the cafeteria).

We're also piloting a second student night this quarter on Tuesday. That meeting will be held from 7:10-10pm. At this meeting the focus will be practicing duplicate and random advanced topics!

Any questions? Email Kyle at [email protected].

Regular weekly reminders will also be sent out through the list serv (which anyone can join by either going to and finding bridge club, or by emailing Kyle.

Hope to see you at the club tonight!

Chicago Contract Bridge Association - At the Clubs Happy New Years! Northwestern Duplicate operates depending on demand from student club members.We will be teaching and having social play on days not scheduled for duplicate.


Meeting Tonight as normal! See you there!


Hey Bridge folks!

Happy Sunday!! We’ll be meeting today at 6pm-midnight! We’ll be doing similar stuff we were doing last week, plus we’ll be going over a club agenda for the quarter (I’ll be talking about the Collegiate team and other out-of-sunday meeting outings a bit, we’ll map out the next few weeks, plus go over other cool stuff on the table for this year).

We’ll be meeting in the same place if this is your first time coming (Northside of the Norris Ground Floor)!

See you all later!
Kyle Rockoff
Northwestern University Class of 2019
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences | Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences

Questions? Email Kyle at
[email protected]

By the way, here is a link to the Northwestern Bridge Permanent List Serv and our Facebook group. I’m going to try to limit communication to mostly these two channels soon, so if you’d like to keep receiving these sorts of notifications regularly, pls sign up below: and

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Some helpful links:
Popular site for online play. Register if you’d like to explore all of the sites options, or enter the “just play bridge” area to play with robots. “Just play bridge” is great you can hover your mouse over each bid made, and each bid you’re considering, and get a description of what each of them means.
“Learn Bridge” page from The Bridge World, the premiere bridge magazine. The first few lessons re-explain a lot of the basics we went over in our crash course, and start to get into more of the basic concepts. (If you missed our club’s crash course last week— don’t worry, we’ll be doing more of that sort of thing for the next few meetings!) and
The American Contract Bridge League— the largest American organization devoted to bridge play; We sanction our duplicate club games (when we have them) through the ACBL, and many of us frequent ACBL clubs and tournaments.
Bridgewinners is the most popular US Forum on Bridge. You can often read various bidding problems people have (or post your own), and read the opinions of Experts who vote on them. There’s also a ton of random articles of interest to the bridge community. I can make a list of who to follow at some point for those interested.

If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend just jumping into bridgebase and exploring your intuitions on what to do for each hand, and see where it goes.

See you all for a fantastic meeting Sunday!! The meeting time will be from 6pm-Midnight the rest of the quarter (Norris Student Center, Ground Floor).
Kyle Rockoff

Bridge Base Online Free online bridge. Largest bridge site in the world. Duplicate, tournaments, money games, vugraph, more.


Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday!! What a great turnout, and it was nice to meet all of you!!! Later this week we'll be sending out some resources on the List Serv for those that want them. Our next meeting will be at our regular meeting time and place, at 6pm next Sunday! Couldn't make it last week and want to know how to get started with Bridge club, or have any questions? Feel free to email me at [email protected], or just drop by one of our meetings!


Next week is the grand opening of our duplicate club! A few important things for game:

1) Please try to be there by 6:45pm. We want to get the game started as soon as possible, and if you’re more than a few minutes late, you won’t be able to play. The game will likely run until about 10pm. Since it’s our first time, there will likely be glitches, so it’s really important we at least start the evening on time so we can all leave Norris before midnight.

2) I’m handling partnerships for this week’s game. Since it’s duplicate, you’ll be playing with the same partner for the whole evening. Since almost nobody in the club has a regular partnership for duplicate yet, we need to get pairs ready before we can start the game. If you can make it, and haven't told me yet, please message me!

Game is in the same place as usual-- the Norris Student Center Ground Floor. See you all Sunday!


Giving an update to this page since it's been a while-- Bridge club is meeting in Norris this quarter on Sunday nights at the NEW official time of 6:30pm! Players of all skill levels, players from all over the community are welcome to join us for an evening of fun! Any questions? Email Kyle at [email protected]


Bridge club will be meeting to play Bridge Sunday evenings at 7pm, on the ground floor of the Norris Center! We'll be on the side with the windows facing the fountain, in the corner near the commuter lounge.

If you can't make it this week, have no fear! You can drop by any week you have time, and stay as little or as late as you have time to! Whether you're just starting or already an experienced player, we'll be glad to have you here!

Questions? Feel free to send me a message and ask away!

We got lot’s of great things planned this school year, and I can’t wait to get sharing it with all of you.

See you all soon!

Bridge Club hopes a national championship win is in the cards 23/05/2016

We're in the Daily Northwestern about the Collegiate Bridge Championship! Go Cats!

Bridge Club hopes a national championship win is in the cards Members of Northwestern’s Bridge Club aren’t strangers to the stereotype. Every Sunday evening, these students meet at Norris University Center to face off in what’s colloquially known as “that card game for old people,” joked Weinberg freshman Kyle Rockoff, one of the club’s members. For Rockoff, h...


We're the official Bridge Club of Northwestern University! Join our emailing list below here to stay connected on our regular meetings!

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