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A History of Libertarian Ideas, Part 1, George H. Smith.

This is the first of a series of talks by George H. Smith on the history of libertarian ideas. Smith's last book was "The System of Liberty: Themes in the Hi...


Harding Family Sends 6 Kids to College by Age 12 This morning, the Harding family joined Fox and Friends – and we have to say they are bound to make you feel like a bit of an underachiever.


The End of the University as We Know It » Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship

The End of the University as We Know It Nathan Harden writes a sweeping overview of “The End of the University as We Know It” for The American Interest Magazine. “We have reached a tipping point where new interactive web technology, coupled with widespread access to broadband internet service and increased student comfort interacting onli...


Youth Outreach | Foresight Institute What keeps young people working on hard problems in science & technology? Research shows it's most often the sustained support of inspiring teachers, mentors, & communities with shared values.This month, Foresight is targeting the top 300 science, engineering, & entrepreneurially-oriented college cl...



The Vision of Ayn Rand Scholarship is available to students, from high school seniors through university seniors. The scholarship is based on an essay students will be asked to write, dealing with issues found in The Vision of Ayn Rand, by Nathaniel Branden.The first prize will be a scholarship of $1000, 2nd prize is a $500 scholarship, and third prize is $250 scholarship. The scholarship is awarded by the Moorfield Storey Institute, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Details about the deadline, essay topic, and award date will be posted here shortly.

Copies of the book can be ordered here:


Recommended by Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales, now available on Kindle If you're a Kindle user, Ayn Rand Explained is now available in that format. It might be just the thing to read over the Thanksgiving weekend!


The Atlas Society

Good morning facebook friends. We've launched our first video lecture in the first Atlas University course: Reason. David Kelley begins the course by discussing the nature of reason as a cognitive faculty distinct from the perceptual abilities humans share with other animals. Looking back through history, he illustrates the extraordinary power of reason in human life, as well as the issues philosophers have raised about the validity of reason. The second lecture will be released later today, as well as additional information on upcoming course segments. You can take a peek at:


Atlas Society video lecture on Reason.

The second video lecture in our new course on Reason is now available. In "The Conceptual Faculty" Will Thomas explains why the capacity to form concepts is the essential feature of reason. He shows how concepts make possible our use of language, how concepts are formed, and they depend on our direct, sensory awareness of reality. He discusses the Objectivist answer to the philosophical problem of abstraction. And he argues that failure to appreciate the nature of concepts contributes to a common human failing, on that Ayn Rand called "the anti-conceptual mentality. >>Watch here:


School Choice National Conference 2012 - School Choice Campaign: Fund Students, Not Schools!

School Choice Conference School Choice Campaign, a policy reform initiative of Centre for Civil Society organises a national conference on education reforms. The third annual School Choice National Conference will bring together top-level academicians, policy makers and education experts on 21 December 2011 (Wednesday), sta...


Ayn Rand, Barack Obama and Critical Thinking Don't confuse opinions, which one may hand out freely, with facts. Opinions are cheap; facts are valuable.


The most important education technology in 200 years | Free Minds Institute of Higher Education

The most important education technology in 200 years Education is about to change dramatically, says Anant Agarwal, who heads edX, a $60 million MIT-Harvard effort to stream a college education over the Web, free, with plans to teach a billion students, Technology Review reports.


Students For Liberty


Students For Liberty

Join us on Tuesday, October 2, when Michael Shermer, founder of The Skeptics Society & Skeptic Magazine will argue that "the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment in turn created the modern secular world of democracies, rights, justice, and liberty," in his webinar titled "The Moral Arc of Science."


Montreal Student Riots, Quebec's Speech-Killing Bill 78, & Something Called the "Anarchopanda" -

Montreal Student Riots, Quebec's Speech-Killing Bill 78 The city of Montreal has been in turmoil for much of 2012, following massive student demonstrations in opposition to a government-imposed hike on university tuitions. While mostly peaceful, some demonstrators resorted to vandalism and blocked access to bridges and schools. Protesters were also met ...


Learning Technologies 2012 - Ray Kurzweil - The Web Within Us: When Minds and Machines Become One

Learning Technologies 2012 - Ray Kurzweil - The Web Within Us: When Minds and Machines Become One

The web within us: when minds and machines become one Ray Kurzweil The onset of the 21st century is an era in which the very nature of what it means to be hu...


The Atlas Summit | The Atlas Society

Register for The Atlas Summit. Live streaming available. Political gridlock, economic uncertainty, cultural chaos: one prophetic book--Atlas Shrugged--reveals the root causes of these problems, and continues to fascinate hundreds of thousands. The life-changing and liberating ideas in the book are at the center of our program. Find out what the message ...


The Other 98%

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Women For Liberty Leadership Summit

SFL Women for Liberty Summit At the International Students For Liberty Conference in February, we had the great pleasure of launching Women For Liberty, a project of Alumni For Liberty. The Inaugural Women For Liberty Luncheon at the ISFLC was a huge hit, with 30 wonderful libertarian women in attendance, and Nicki Neily of the...

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