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World Vision International is a Christian humanitarian non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and their communities worldwide reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty. World Vision at NYU provides local volunteering opportunities corresponding to issues that our members care about, such as food poverty and homelessness. We also fundraise for international causes

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Wooooo!! another successful Famine! Thanks and congrats to every one that conquered the famine

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It's time for food!!! Congrats on making it 30 hours!

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1 HOUR TO GO!!!!! so tired. so hungry. but we're almost there! Whether you're fasting or not, join us in kimmel 905 for the break the fast dinner at 6pm. see you soon!

Photos from World Vision at NYU's post 21/02/2015

Blanket making is underway!! Come join us in Kimmel 905/907!

Photos from World Vision at NYU's post 21/02/2015

today we're discussing the hard questions. What do you think?

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It has already been 10 hours into our fast! This is a fight that we all believe we should do because no child should go hungry every day. Like we are all experiencing right now, lack of food actually affects our minds and bodies. Fact of today (see picture). Support this cause through

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Countdown to 30 hour famine: ONE DAY

Starting tomorrow at noon, our team along with other NYU students will be starting our fast! Support us through

One reason for fighting hunger (see picture). Let's stand up and make it YOUR fight!

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Come check out our tabling event tonight at Kimmel Lobby from 5-6:30pm for these awareness chains and snacks!!


The weather is perking up today! The sun is shining, it's a little warmer, so come on out and spread the love with us! Love Kitchen starts at noon in GCASL 388. See you all then!


Happy first day of classes! We hope everyone has a smooth transition out of summer and in to work mode. Be encouraged and encourage someone else!


40 minutes left in our fast!!! join us in kimmel 914 for our break the fast dinner! we will have PLENTY to go around!

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We are in Kimmel getting ready to kick off our day of 30 Hour Famine fun! Only 8 hours left of the fast and still so much fun to be had! It's not to late to join! Stop by Kimmel 914 any time today and be sure to join us at 6 for our break the fast dinner and concert!

Hunger Facts - 30 Hour Famine 21/02/2014

30 Hour Famine begins tomorrow at 12:00pm and ends on Saturday at 6pm! We know this will be a challenge, so here are a few tips to make the fast easier for you:

- Get plenty of sleep, because the less sleep you get, the hungrier you will be!
- Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated
- Avoid acidic (citrus) juices
- Post status updates and hunger facts from on your social media sites to gather more support and encouragement! Be sure to use the hashtags and

And if you are attending our Saturday event, we are meeting at 10am in Kimmel 914! Remember to bring a water bottle (we will also have drinks) and dress comfortably, because we will be outside for a bit as well as do activities indoors all day.

Good luck and stay strong! We can do this!

Hunger Facts - 30 Hour Famine Be in the know. Get the facts about hunger. There are more than 925 million hungry people in the world. That's one in seven of all people alive.


Hey World Changers! The 2014 30 Hour Famine is going to be February 21-22! We had an amazing time last year learning about the hunger issue while experiencing a little hunger first had. We have an even more awesome weekend planned for 2014. Last year, we doubled our team goal and raised over $5300, and we are believing we can do it again. With your help we can provide food and care for children fighting hunger around the world. Follow this link to learn more and sign up to be apart of the World Vision at NYU team! Message us with any questions :)

World Vision's 30 Hour Famine - Release The Feast: World Vision @NYU - 30 Hour Famine Help fight hunger around the world. Release the feast.

World Vision Home 10/09/2013

Hi all! Welcome to the new semester! :) It was great seeing old members and many interested individuals yesterday at Clubfest. Our first general meeting will be THIS SATURDAY 4pm at Kimmel 803!!

Come to learn about the club, eat and meet new friends! Can't wait to see you all soon!

Also, don't forget to join our Orgsync page to receive email updates and more.

World Vision Home OrgSync is a web-based platform and community management system that centralizes student involvement and streamlines campus and organization communication.

THE 2014 30 HOUR FAMINE THEME IS... - 30 Hour Famine 30/07/2013

World Vision International has announced the theme for the 2014 30 Hour Famine! After the success of this year's famine, WV@NYU is so pumped about building an even bigger and better event for 2014. Who else is excited??



Good Morning!!! a little over 9 hours to go!!! YOU CAN DO THIS! Whether or not you RSVP'ed, come on over and join us at UHall! We've got Jamba and lots of fun activities!! See you soon(:


2 hours into the famine! did you forget to start fasting at 1? just put that hamburger down and start now! and be drinking lots of water, your tummy will thank you later(: hope to see you at 5 on Kimmel 7th floor.


Hi everyone! Human-trafficking committee here. If you missed our info session last week, or would like to learn more, here are all our links to the presentations!

United States:

Asia (Presentation):
Asia (Handouts):



ALSO we highly recommend attending the Nefarious Documentary screening next Monday!. It explains the slavery industry in such vivid and moving detail. Best Documentary of 2011! Here is the event page:


We'll be tabling on the Kimmel Grand Staircase tomorrow from 12:30-3pm. Stop by and learn more about 30 Hour Famine and how easy it is to get involved! See you then(:

Timeline photos 23/03/2013

DONE!!! We raised enough money to help 160 people get access to clean water! Proud of us :)

Timeline photos 23/03/2013

World vision half marathon now!!!!


Come and feed the homeless with us tomorrow at 2pm in kimmel!

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