Child Focus Malawi

Child Focus Malawi


Vituso Members explaining our concept of entrepreneurship for education at the Trade Fair organised by the Centre for Free Market. With better business approaches parents can support their children better in community day secondary schools and in due course reduce school drop out rates.

Vituso aims at improving the academic performance of secondary school students in Malawi by providing better academic resources and learning environment

Vituso, founded in 2014, is a non-profit Non-governmental designated entity for addressing secondary school academic issues at the society, regional and national level. Its mandate is to ensure that Community Day Secondary Schools meet the standard that would achieve better education and academic performances and prepare students for better ICT knowledge as they approach the tertiary level. The ma 11/07/2017


VOTE FOR MY PROJECT Malawi has welcomed united nations agenda for 2030 on sustainable development with all the 17 sustainable development goals and 169 target areas. Nevertheless, there is need to understand that although there are 17 development goals, the planting of trees is one of the most significant as it is goin...


Vituso is pleased to implement “Maphuziro Apadera Project” which aims at providing after school lessons to under-privileged children in Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) in Zomba who are having challenges with their school work so that they can catch up with their friend. The project will involve volunteer college students so that they can help their friends catch on their school work. This instills the spirit of volunteerism in the college students as well as giving back to their communities. The opportunity will also give a chance to the college students to interact with professional teachers so that they can grow into better teachers. The lessons will be free to all the students and the volunteers will be eligible to receive university scholarship so that they can also pursue their dreams and grow into more productive citizens.


"Education is the greatest equalizer" Marcia



Are you studying History at MSCE level? Here is a link developed by one of our volunteeres that can help you secure the subject notes;


Are you studying History at MSCE level? Here is a link developed by one of our volunteeres that can help you secure the subject notes;

Our Story

Child Focus Organisation, founded in 2016, is a non-profit Non-governmental designated entity that aims at providing an environment in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

The mandate and objectives of Child Focus emanate from:

· lack of academic resources and poor learning environment in rural primary and secondary schools that leads to low performances of students and low admission of students into public universities and colleges

· High school dropout among girls due to lack of knowledge on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights that read to early pregnancies and early marriage