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The 5th annual Naturist gaturing is back in 2022, SunClad, hosted by July 25th - 31st. Join us for a weeklong celebration filled with all day events, workshops, food & activities… Au Naturel! Eddy “damoN” will be teaching Just S.T.R.I.P. & Contact Improvisation, along with a special performance. So, bring the birthday suit, see ya there 🫣😜🤗

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Photos from NuDance's post 18/05/2022

It feels good to be recognized for ones work and artistic value in the realm of n**e art and expression, that being NuDance, feels wonderful in the most humble of ways.

Here we have screenshots from “Idol Rain Worship: Bali” during a discussion between Curator Johannes Zits and artist Sharon Alward on the first in a 4-part series of "S.P.A.N.E". (Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment).

This first collection of videos in S.P.A.N.E. 2021: WATER focus on performances and actions that engaging with water in provocative, thoughtful and surprising ways.

TITLE: “Idol Rain Worship”
📍: Bali, Indonesia
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NuDance: Contact Improv (MENS)

A blend of movement, dance and somatic practices, while in the n**e. The nudity brings into the session the aspect of beautiful artistic vulnerability. Enjoy learning, building and making connections physically, intellectually and perhaps metaphysically, in a safe, guided and open environment.

For tickets & more info visit

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As the sun sets, the light meets the dark, creating a fusion of the inevitable. One can not live without the other…

You’ve followed the dance… Now join in the journey…

NuDance now on PATREON!
Link in bio ⬆️

🕺🏽: Damon Nudancer
📸: Kyrill Tokarev (1983-2018)

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Like an African Safari animal… free… no encumbrances… just the sky, trees and plains of support, for those so majestic, they are truly one with nature

Live & Dance Free ✊🏾🔥❤️💯

📸: River (Radical Faerie)
📍: Blue Heron, Radical Faerie Sanctuary, New York

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“Play… As boys play”



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You can't fully embrace today's joy if your hands are filled with yesterday's baggage.

NuDance: Naked Movement & Dance - Rhythm, Soul & Groove *MENS CLASS* 10/09/2021

Wow, there are now 8 spots left out of 10 for our first NuDance session! *MEN'S CLASS*

NuDance is Friday 9/17, however, RSVP & payments close Thursday 9/16

RSVP your spot by clicking the link below!

NuDance: Naked Movement & Dance - Rhythm, Soul & Groove *MENS CLASS* Freedom of movement in the best and most free possible, where here ALL bodies matter...


The naturist gathering & event of the summer!!! Get your tickets now! Plenty of workshops for all nudists/naturists from knitting, to song writing, dancing & even self-love workshops; In collaboration w/ if you are a naturist of any sort, this will be the SunClad that you wish you’d attended!

NuDance: Naked Movement and Dance 09/05/2021


You can now book appointments and classes directly online via the NuDance website. Simply go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the list of sessions and classes.

"Free your ass and your mind will follow!"

*COVID Vaccinated for On-Site/In-Person sessions now*

NuDance: Naked Movement and Dance Where ALL bodies matter...

NuDance: Naked Movement and Dance 28/04/2021

NuDance is back :-)

New Classes!
And More!!!

Whether you are a naturist, artist or simply enjoy the beauty of the human form in its most free, expressed through movement, you may find what you're looking for, and just never knew it :-)

NuDance: Naked Movement and Dance Where ALL bodies matter...

Edward D. Lathan IV 23/03/2021

Get tickets now! Stay tuned for more classes, workshops and events to come ;-)

Edward D. Lathan IV STRETCH is a weekend festival for Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Q***r* men welcoming all bodies, skin colors, cultural backgrounds and gender identities.


“It’s bittersweet, even. I’ll go my way. You’ll go your way. BUT, before you do my dear...”

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Moment to moment there is always something to embellish one’s existence in. Bathe in it. Even if it’s contents are ultimately synthetic, it still... exists. As does the clothes I wear. Mine, just do not “make me”. They only characterize a part of me...
🕺🏾: Eddy ‘damoN’ Lathan
📸: Dijon

✊🏾 🖤 🌈

Photos from NuDance's post 20/10/2020

Dear Community,
The Stretch Online is approaching and we were thinking about how to give this event the atmosphere of community that you all know from the physical version. A feeling of community is much more likely to arise with more than one person physically present in the same room.

We understand that there is a wide spread Online Meeting Fatigue and so we’d like to give this festival a frame that both incorporates the safety of your home, combined with feasible physical encounters.
That’s why we wanted to share our vision for the festival with you, because it has developed in the last few weeks.

The Stretch exists in order to inspire participants to
Get loser to themselves,
Get closer to friends, loved ones and partners,
Create new connections,
Discover different layers of intimacy,
And get a bit deeper to the core of their needs.

We want to encourage you to invite at least one person from the circle of your friends or community to join you physically and experience the Stretch together. That way the content might be digital, but your experience can be physical.
We want this Stretch to become a community event that brings the Stretch community into your home to share it with people who are dear to you and who you’d like to share that community space with.

Thereby, please consider the particular corona restrictions within your country! For some of you it is going to be possible to invite a friend or two, for others it might just be possible to have a person from the same household present.

So if you get a ticket, think of the ticket as a ticket for the connection of one device, rather than a ticket just for you. It’s up to you how many people join in front of your computer.
Once more, please be responsible with your choices for you and for others. Health is priority. But if it’s possible and safe for you in your particular corner of the world to enjoy the physical experience together with (between 1 and 5) friends or loved ones, you are warmly invited to do so.

Your Stretch Community Organizers.

Liebe Grüße,
Kind regards,

Martin Lorenz

authentic eros
explorations for men
[email protected]


4:20 Yoga & Friends 25/08/2020

Come 4 the vibe... Stay 4 the yoga... Leave with a smile :-)

4:20 Yoga & Friends Come by 4 the vibe... Stay 4 the yoga... Leave with a smile


*NEW DATE* Join me in September 2020 at 3:00pm for Improvisational & Meditative Movement class, a virtual workshop, taught by yours truly and hosted by Easton Mountain! Link to the workshop coming soon!

Timeline photos 09/07/2020

“Bring the naturalness of nature and the world to you”. So, what’s next I ponder? I can remain open for the world to see just enough to be comfortable with my edge of existence, as I sit within my comfortable solitude, exposed yet guarded, thoughtful yet insufferable of fools. I SEE you from my side, but can you see me from yours?

Improvisational and Meditative Movement — Easton Mountain 02/07/2020

This July 4th weekend, with a workshop froms yours truly, along with a plethora of other faciliatators and talents!

There is even a newbie rate for first time comers!

Improvisational and Meditative Movement — Easton Mountain with Eddy Lathan This workshop brings together meditative exercises/techniques, improvised movement and self care techniques into a singular practice that will be well rounded and grounded, fun and simple yet therapeutic.(This class is clothing optional)

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