Marc Verzatt Acting Coach

Marc Verzatt Acting Coach

With over 30 years of experience as a teacher and coach for actors and singers, many of Marc Verzatt

Operating as usual


As a performer, your craft is your calling card. Continual training, exploration, and growth are essential for staying at the top of your game🎭🎬

Work with me to refine your technique, expand your range, and bring your unique artistry to the forefront. Let's create something extraordinary together!


🌟 Success in the performing arts is not just about talent; it's about resilience, adaptability, and a willingness to take risks. Embrace the challenges, learn from the setbacks, and never stop believing in your own potential!

From Page to Stage: Making Friends with your Audience 20/05/2024

In my new YouTube video, I reveal the secret to making the camera your best friend and ally in your self-tapes and performances.

Transform your connection with the audience and take your artistry to new heights. Check out my latest video, "From Page to Stage: Making Friends with your Audience," and start your journey to self-taping mastery!

From Page to Stage: Making Friends with your Audience Join Marc Verzatt in his enlightening series, "From the Page to the Stage," where he shares his wealth of experience to aid your performing arts career. In t...


🎼🌍 Music has the power to transcend borders, languages, and cultures. As a global community of artists, we have the opportunity to create work that resonates with people from all walks of life. What story will you tell?


Gratitude for the kind words from one of our talented singers! 🙏✨

"You are such a wonderful teacher and so immensely gifted. I am very grateful for your thoughts, input, and your overall approach which is helpful and inspiring. I feel the immediate difference in the experience of singing the aria during the session."

Join us for our next session and experience the transformation for yourself! Reach out at 🎉


In one of my latest newsletters, I share my incredible partnership with William Hicks, a true luminary in the world of opera! 🌟

William's expertise, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in helping singers at all levels find their true artistic voice. Our shared commitment to fostering growth and discovery is at the heart of everything we do.

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Hey there, my talented friends! 🌟

In my latest blog post, I dive into the challenges of breaking free from the student mindset and offer insights on how to develop your unique identity as a professional artist.

I know many of you have been on a journey to find your true artistic voice since your days in music school or theater programs. It's not always an easy path, is it?

Visit to read the full post and discover tips for connecting deeply with your characters and taking your artistry to new heights! 🚀


When we first started our group classes, I had no idea how much joy and inspiration they would bring!

What began as a monthly gathering has blossomed into a weekly celebration of artistry, growth, and most especially, community! Each session is a chance for us to come together, share our voices, and lift each other up. 🙌

If you've been thinking about joining us, now is the perfect time! Reach out to me at [email protected] or visit my website to secure your spot.

From Page to Stage: Grounding Your Voice 18/04/2024

Step into that audition or onstage with confidence!

Explore the art of emotional expression in my latest video, where I share practical advice for actors and singers on using their voice to connect with characters and audiences. Together, we'll bridge the gap between character and audience.

From Page to Stage: Grounding Your Voice Dive into the world of theatrical expression with Marc Verzatt, a veteran of the stage with decades of experience. In this insightful video, Mark shares his ...

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Your Day Job 05/04/2024

Balancing a day job with your creative passion? You're not alone. Dive into my latest blog at for insights on keeping your artistic dreams alive.🎨

Your Day Job This blog is about treating your career as a job, just as you would treat a day job.Many of us in the arts have had to supplement our income with some sort of day or part-time job. Participating in the music business is expensive: your money goes to voice teachers, to music coaches, and very often t...


Craft your performance from the comfort of your home 🏠✨. My online coaching sessions are here to guide your artistic journey, wherever you are. Visit my to book your spot!


I'm thrilled to announc my YouTube series 'From Page to Stage'! Dive deep with me into the world of performance, where each episode brings you closer to mastering the unique art of acting in classical vocal music! Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, there’s something that will resonate with everyone.


'Trust in your art, trust in yourself.'

Learn how trust can transform your performance in my new blog post!

Full insights waiting on my website -


I'm very excited to launch my new blog series, 'From Page to Stage.' This series offers a detailed look into acting, from script analysis to performance - explore practical tips and insights that bring characters to life. Check out the first post at and stay tuned for more for updates on classes, sessions, blog posts, videos and more. Join me in exploring the craft of acting!

Photos from Marc Verzatt Acting Coach's post 14/03/2024

I'm still buzzing from the energy of our first group class – thank you to all who joined! 🌟

Although my March 24th session at the National Opera Center is filled, there's still a chance for you to observe and engage with our community. Don't miss out; for observer opportunities or future class details, please contact me at [email protected] or visit my website at


Exciting opportunity: I’m starting my Singing Actors’ Seminar this Sunday, March 10th. The participant roster is full, but I’m offering FREE observer spots for these group sessions held at Piano Piano Studios, right at Lincoln Center.

Secure your spot now by emailing [email protected] to RSVP today - these exclusive opportunities fill up fast. I look forward to having you join, and experience firsthand the collective acting experience together with us !


Great Scott!


Met Opera Ballet Tour, 1976

Contacts from Studio Shots


Met Opera Ballet Tour, 1976

Choreography: Michel Fokine


Thrilled to start rehearsals for LILIES or THE REVIVAL OF A ROMANTIC DRAMA this week! Performances begin May 5th and run for a month🎭

The Drama Company NYC The Theater Center

Tickets available at 212-921-7862 or on Ticketmaster


Looking forward to Malvolio today 👨‍✈️


Table Read for Summer 2021 Performance

1:00 PM



Met Opera Ballet Tour, 1976

"The Rich Man's Frug"
Choreography: Bob Fosse
Trio Lead Soloist


Tonight's the night! Join us:

TALKING IT OUT: A Virtual Short Play Festival in Support of Mental Health Awareness

Tickets are FREE with half of all donations received going to the National Alliance on Mental Illness & the other half going to the participating artists


Excited to play Escalus at our MEASURE FOR MEASURE NYC table read today. This looks ahead to a future production! This will be my third role with International Shakespeare players after Mephistopheles in FAUST and Dogberry MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.

THEATRE 315 Productions

Talking It Out: A Virtual Short Play Festival (2020-2021 Season) 15/03/2021

Join us Saturday for TALKING IT OUT: A Virtual Short Play Festival in Support of Mental Health Awareness!

Tickets are FREE with half of all donations received going to the National Alliance on Mental Illness & the other half going to the participating artists.

Talking It Out: A Virtual Short Play Festival (2020-2021 Season) An ongoing virtual theatre festival, featuring 5 short plays performed every 4 months, in support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness

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As performers, we are often our own harshest critics. In "From Page to Stage: On the Wrong Side of Your Face," I explore...
"From Page to Stage" Introduction
"From Page to Stage" Introduction
"From Page to Stage" Introduction