Stop the Destruction of this earth and I myself register the pledge to GO-Green and an ECO-Friend, Are You?
-Hasnain Bahleem
-AsadC =]

This page is created just to aware people of the destruction we're creating by not saving basic things for example: Electricity, Water, Fuels and many more. =] @ [123014631142559:] Earth provides enough to satisfy every Man's need,
but not for every Man's greed."
- Mahatma Gandhi once said "Live and die on this Earth, Our only place to live and our only place that we can call as Home".


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The world burns, what are our hastags and statuses going to do? Our hands bound while Big corporatations out of our reach kills our world's lungs.


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Hey, Nature Lovers!

This past week our absolute favorite product has been the Sippy Cups by Penguinni

They've made a phenomenal design with the very eco-friendly, silicone stainless steel sippy cups for toddlers. We, at Eco-Friendly had the pleasure to test them out firsthand. We highly recommend you to try these for your toddlers.

They're very durable, easy to handle, the grip is good and most importantly they're made with nature friendly materials.

Please like their page @ Penguinni and buy the amazing cups here:

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envirogoodies 22/10/2018

Hello everybody, are you interested in clean eco friendly products, then envirogoodies is right place for you.

envirogoodies envirogoodies

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Sad news very sad news, its tragic that our kids and the next coming generation won't be able to see these magnificent creatures because of our selfish and stupid mistakes

Plant Personality Quiz 08/09/2018

f you’re online at this hour with nothing to do here’s a plant personality quiz to waste time on for no given reason. you’re welcome and enjoy, and post your cute results in the comments 🌸🌿

Plant Personality Quiz Take the Plant Personality Quiz and discover what type of plant your most similar to. Discover your inner Herb Nerd!

EcoLab 27/08/2018

Get your Eco friendly products at Ecolab 💕

EcoLab EcoLab


August 12th marks World Elephant Day 🐘

Elephants are the world’s largest land animals, with male African elephants weighing up to 6 tonnes.

Elephants are essential in balancing forest and savanna ecosystems, but their habitats are shrinking. African elephant habitat has declined by over 50% since 1979, while Asian elephants are restricted to just 15% of their original range.

Find out more about these gentle giants -


Let's think greener 🌱

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