Hypnosis for conception, childbirth, and postpartum creates a gentle transition into motherhood.

ConnectedParentingOnlineAutumnSummit 24/09/2018

This awesome event includes on of our HM Practitioners, Saveria Serene!

The Connected Parenting Online Autumn Summit. 14 experts share 15 online mini-workshops. It's all free and it doesn't involve any selling at the end. It's just us sharing our passion, knowledge and tips 🙂 you/people only have 6 more days to sign up and watch or listen! You can download every single workshop if you want to though, and then watch or listen in your own time, for ever!

Saveria’s workshop is about EFT/tapping and how to use it for stress and anxiety, for mums and also for their children 🙂


ConnectedParentingOnlineAutumnSummit Parenting Experts all sharing amazing ways for you to connect with your child and have the best parenting experience possible


Excited to announce that HM audio and handouts are now available in German! Huge thanks to Mura Frey-Balke for her tremendous work on this project!

5 things to know about HypnoMothering 09/11/2015

We made it to BabyCenter thanks to Suzy at Accelleron Maternal Health and Wellness in Boston! Folks, HypnoMothering has arrived!


5 things to know about HypnoMothering If you’re like me, you’ve heard of HypnoBirthing. But HypnoMothering? Not until I talked to Suzanne Vecchi, the Director of Maternal Wellness at Acelleron Maternal Health & Wellness in North Andover, Mass. did I have any sense of what this technique could involve other than maybe…


So excited to be training over 20 new practitioners from all over the world tomorrow! So far this program is offered in the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Great Britain, Finland, and Australia. Excited to add Spain to the list tomorrow!


"She took refuge in her newborn son. She had felt him leave her body with a sensation of relief at freeing herself from something that did not belong to her, and and she had been horrified at herself when she confirmed that she did not feel the slightest affection for that calf from her womb the midwife showed her ... But in her loneliness in the palace she learned to know him, they learned to know each other, and she discovered with great delight that one does not love one's children just because they are one's children but because of the friendship formed while raising them." - Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez


I'm in a motherhood tunnel....so finding the light inside of it meant coffee and a book before preschool pick up!


So excited to do a Practitioner Training in Vegas tomorrow!!


In which ways do you see the pressure on Moms being higher than on Dads? In which ways do you see the pressure being higher on Dads?

Mobile uploads 22/06/2014

Celebrating a job well done and the completion of our Spanish translation!


Exciting day! Sara Rossi is here recording our audio tracks into Spanish!


To all you mamas and papas working hard to raise your children with respect and love: Have a wonderful weekend and keep up the good work!


Excited to announce that we will be offering a LIVE Practitioner training at this year's HypnoBirthing Conclave! Hope to see you in Las Vegas!

Why Hypnosis for Moms? 06/05/2014

Learn how HypnoMothering teaches moms to use hypnosis to sleep better, connect deeper with their baby and deal with overwhelming emotions. http://ow.ly/ww6li

Why Hypnosis for Moms? Before answering why, let’s get clear on WHAT hypnosis is. It is a safe, natural state of selective, focused attention.  To be clear, it’s not synonymous with meditation or relaxation, but usually people experiencing hypnosis feel do very relaxed. Hypnosis utilizes the natural trance state that we e…

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