T. Copley

T. Copley

Delta C-7
(Spanish, Health and Library)

Operating as usual

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8th grade girls



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Book Fair Fun 🤩

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7th grade practicing CPR ❤️

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9th grade calculated their Target Heart Rate Range (70-85%)
They checked their heart rate after the these activities to see if we could reach their target zone.
(Sitting, walking in place, jogging in place, jumping jacks and jumping rope.)


7th grade girls - Instagram post
4-week health related goal setting


7th grade Health- Guided relaxation activity to reduce stress.

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Study buddy - 9th grade Health

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2nd grade Library time 📚

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Presentations were great 👏🏻
Make-ups will be Tuesday or after break for students absent.


This week Health students are working on a 2 minute presentation they will give on Friday.
Topics include to***co, alcohol and drugs. They worked on getting information today from text book.
They will start timing themselves tomorrow and practice with a partner.

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9th grade- a few of our diagrams explaining blood flow through the heart.


Thursday 11/9, Tuesday 11/14—
Testing and make-up testing
8th and 9th starting new units today.


Tuesday 11/7
Bellwork - Gratitude activity

8th- began 4-week goals and
review game for test.
9th- review game for test (Skeletal, Muscular and Nervous Systems .


Wednesday, 11/1
8th- Decision making steps video, then using decision tree wrote out possible solutions to 3 scenarios .
9th- Muscular System video, Muscular system - color and label diagram. Nervous System video. Studied skeleton with a partner.


Tuesday 10/31
8th grade - SMART goals video
and worksheet.
9th grade- Color bones of skeletal system. Muscular System Video


Wednesday 10/25
8th grade- videos on physical health, mental health and social health. Continued working on worksheet.
9th grade- videos on skeletal system (next unit) and review game over safety, CPR and other emergencies. Test tomorrow.


Tuesday 10/24
8th grade- logged on to text book.
Reading and worksheet - Health Influences and Risk factors.

9th grade- reviewed for test


Thursday 10/20
-Video on Confidence
-article on how to improve confidence
- wrote 100 word essay on confidence


Wednesday 10/18
9th grade girls- practiced Adult/Child CPR to the song “Staying Alive”.


Tuesday 10/17
New quarter - 8th grade boys begin. Health triangle video and respect worksheet.

9th grade- fire safety reading and worksheet . Worked on study guide for test Friday.


Wednesday 10/11
Bell work- 4-week goal reflection questions .
Safety at home and school - reading from text and worksheet .

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