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Can Chat GPT replace artists?
With the super popularity of chat GPT nowadays, it is essential to talk about it. Well, what is chat GPT? It is an Open AI tool that can be used to get answers to any question hitting our mind.
There are several advantages and disadvantages of chat GPT. Everything has advantages and disadvantages; it all depends on the user; how they use these resources. With chat GPT, we can do our tasks in minimum time; it will add value to our jobs. On the other hand, according to some individuals, it can also destroy individual’s creativity.
But, every technology can construct and distract the creativity of human minds. If we allow emerging technologies to replace ourselves, they will, and if we work to replace technologies with new ones, we, too, can do so.
Moreover, we must understand AI will surely replace fake artists but will always remain one step behind competent artists because AI is nothing without capable artists. So all we need to do is make good use of these resources to add additional value to our task, not to replace ourselves.
Try chatgpt through this link https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/

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