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IMUNE 07/12/2017

PLEASE take advantage of our special HOLIDAY OFFERS! We are extending BLACK FRIDAY to become our BLACK MONTH and provide you with offers on furthering your education that you will truly appreciate! JOIN us now! :)

We at IMUNE would like to wish ALL of you Seasons Greetings and to THANK YOU who continue to support our efforts to make our industry a productive and progressive entity!

We will continue with our “Education Drive” until the end of December by offering specials on several of our advanced Doctorate courses for those who strive to learn more.


These courses we are offering a 30% discount for. The offer is valid until Christmas. This is OUR way of showing our appreciation for your support and dedication.

For further information please contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Professor Emeritus Desire Dubounet and mysef, Brad Vee Johnson, Dean of IMUNE “Thank You” again for your continued support and wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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WE will be releasing the NEW IMUNE website very shortly. Please wait for it! :)


The International Register for Therapists and Biofeedback Technicians has been established since 2014. Our entire agenda has been to create a functioning registry which will house the names of the top and best in the biofeedback industry first and foremost. Secondly, our endeavour has been to create community where information can easily be exchanged between therapists, bonds can be built, collaborations created and businesses promoted from within. We also have strived to offer a platform of discussion in a "closed" environment which will allow you to discuss topics that are relevant to your needs and ambitions and can only be answered by others experiencing the same thing. This is still our goal. Our numbers are increasing slowly but surely and this pleases me.
Our resident bloggist, Ana Maria Sintion, comes out with a bi-weekly blog of thoughts, passions, ideas on various topics which are truly inspiring and I am sure many of you would find inspirational to say the least and extremely helpful at best. She is worth reading.
The month of may will be an exciting month for those who wanted to know the "ins" and "outs" of the biofeeback industry as presented by two sister who are both successful and incredibly knowledgeable in their chosen field. IRTCOE is proud to present a 4-part article series for your knowledge enhancement and enjoyment by the divine sisters, Violetta Anninou and Malvina Anninou! Something you will not want to miss. These are a just a few reasons WHY membership in the International Register is trly worth it.
And finally, for all of those who have gleaned from the knowledge, expertise and charisma of Dr. Desire Dubounet will enjoy her webinar series for the month of June. The topics to be announced .
We are working hard to make a difference and your support will help that dream come true :)


IRTCOE 01/02/2016

IRTCOE International Register of Therapist's Circle of Excellence for Energetic Medicine, Biofeedback, Naturopathy and other Natural Medical Arts.


2016 will bring a "surge" and "push" in our educational courses! It is time for you to get serious and take the right steps for your future with IMUNE!


Hello IMUNE followers. We are always working to make IMUNE better for you. Our school offers the most comprehensive education in the field of BIO-FEEDBACK and if you plan to proficient, coherent and respected as a therapist, technician and a practitioner, a proper education with the necessary licensing is a requirement. You can't drive car or event catch a fish without a proper license so why should your health and the proper administration of biofeedback and natural medicine diagnoses be any different? Verification and Validation...the wave of the future and the only way to go! Check out IMUNE. We are re-building the website currently and will be back on line soon...remember...we are here to help you get the most out of your life!


Watch This Incredible Young Woman Render Jon Stewart Speechless

The importance of education Some people call her the bravest girl ever. I’m inclined to agree.


About the project | Quantum Biofeedback Documentary A movie that explores the science, techniques and success stories of Quantum Biofeedback for health, muscle re-education, enhanced performance, space clearing and more.


IMUNE Quantum Biofeedback Therapists DO NOT Diagnose

IMUNE Quantum Biofeedback Therapists DO NOT Diagnose


NEW !! Q-ESP-P New in our Program!! Biofeedback is a technique you can use to learn to control your body's functions, such as your heart rate. With biofeedback, you're connected to electrical sensors that help you...


We met 15 lovely people at the MUNICH/Germany presentation of IMUNE Friday last - all of them already in some form practitioners, all of them eager for MORE knowledge , more background, more, more education ! All of them are hugely interested in our studies, and at least 5 of them will be signing up asap ! Looking forward to several students applying for the PhD and the doctorate in natural medicine !! :-) How about YOU??


Hello I am Brad Vee Johnson and I am the Dean of IMUNE. As we start to offer you more and more education and certification to make our industry more professional, it is time for me to reintroduce someone who has helped us. Let me reintroduce to you one Desire’ Dubounet. I have known Desire’ for well over 25 years and I can tell you distinctly about her.
Desire’ is committed with due diligence and dedication to validating the art of natural and energetic medicine. Desire is an incredible intellect. She is a scientific and mathematic genius skilled at doing mathematical research through which was key in saving the Apollo 13 astronauts.
To protect natural and energetic medicine Desire’ had to prove this art with science and double blind studies. There are those in natural and energetic medicine who are unable to appreciate the science behind validation and verification. Thank God for Desire’ who can do and publish the work that has saved this art. There are people convinced that all that we do in energetic medicine is fake, but Desire’ has proven them wrong.
There is a complex electrical signature around each homeopathic substance. Desire’ patented, validated and verified a device to measure this field, and then Desire’ spent millions of dollars buying real hormones, bacteria, viruses, fungi, enzymes, vitamins and other remedies and testing their electrical signature with no cost to the companies. Other people were just typing in words with no validation, no verification, and no due diligence. Desire’s work has been plagiarized and thoroughly misconstrued by imposters and those who would destroy the natural medicine industry by making false claims and creating non effective devices.
I have seen Desire’ spend millions of dollars on educational movies. She took me and my fellow members of Sheyla Bonnick’s Boney M group on tour in South Africa to shoot a movie about Equal Economic Education. I worked with her and wrote my doctoral thesis on this subject. Desire’ then took us ,black people, onto the ultra-rich exclusive 5 star Blue Train. You should have seen the jaws drop as one of the most exclusive train in the world had a tr*******al and black people riding in first class. Desire’ has taken film crews around the world to shoot movies to inspire and teach. Her grace and elegance is astounding in her efforts to offer the world a choice of natural medicine.
I have seen Desire’ spend massive amounts of money, time and extreme effort doing meticulous research to validate, verify and substantiate or art of Natural and energetic medicine. She has made and or edited over 300 movies to teach the world about evidence based natural and energetic medicine. She has written over 100 certified medical university textbooks on all subjects of medicine with evidence for natural and energetic medicine in each one.
I know that few people in natural and energetic medicine can appreciate the need for validation and evidence based documentation, but I beg you explore a bit and see that in today’s world validation of claims is required by law. Desire’ and IMUNE are here to protect you and now I too have joined in to help you find the evidence to substantiate your beliefs in natural medicine.
If you want to know more about Desire’ here are the movies of her life. Now that IMUNE and the ABC are offering true protective certification for you, you should know more about who is behind this validation and verified protection.
I had the pleasure of narrating three movies about Desire’ that tells the story of her intellect and heroism. intellect is the final frontier hero part 1 hero part 2

If your current certification organization has no respect for evidence or validation, drop them, join us and get real verified support from professionals who care.


American Biofeedback Certification Board

ABC is the fastest, most inexpensive and effective way of being board certified as a practitioner...we also offer you CEU's! Check us out and see why ABC is for you :) About : first started as the AAQBT (American Association of Quantum Biofeedback Therapists) in 1986 in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA this agency taught classes and granted diplomas, doctorates, registrations and certification for people learning new styles of biofeedback. IMUNE of America and the Natu...


An Enlightened Mind Looks into Homeopathy

a good open minded look into the science of homeopathy and we see some truth clouded with rumor and assumptive science, this helps cut through it a must see ...



Doctorate in Wellness, Biofeedback and Energetic Medicine

We have compiled an evidence based thorough course in Natural and Energetic Medicine. It fills over 500 giga bytes and allows you to get a personal and guaranteed access to this historic evidence based course on a hard drive, independent of the internet. You can become certified, licensed and earn a doctorate/ PhD in many areas. You can load a book or movie into your i-Pad or other computer and watch, read and learn as you travel.Never before has such a complete and evidence based course ever been available.

Learn how to relieve stress and achieve an optimal state of health and how to support yourself and many others in a natural way by earning a degree to become certified. You learn how to relieve stress and achieve an optimal state of health and how to support yourself and others in a natural way effectively by earning a degree to become an internationally certified and licensed natural health practitioner!

The International Medical University of Natural Education offers training, certification, continuing education, and licensing in Evidence Based Natural Medic...


CPT Code Biofeedback SCIO

A-B-C = 1-2-3

part of the basic course on Biofeedback intro to basic device operations for super bill for third party payment


History of IMUNE the International Medical University

the International Medical University of Natural Education was developed in 1996 by an educational charter started from Carl Jung. Now IMUNE protects natural ...


Malpractise Insurance - IMUNE

No matter how cautious your approach to alternative medicine, no matter how careful you perform your job, the activities you are involved in on a daily basis can put your career and financial stability on the line. No matter how cautious your approach to alternative medicine, no matter how careful you perform your job, the activities you are involved in on a daily basis can put your career and financial stability on the line.


International Degrees, Licences and Certificates - IMUNE                                           &…


LEAD THE WAY ! Become a certified International Biofeedback DIPLOMAT !


The International Journal of the Medical Science of Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Energetic Medicine


We have many applications ! Join us in the Evidence Based Natural Energy Medicine studies ! Become a Board Certified Biofeedback DIPLOMATE or go for a doctorate !


Hello everybody!! Ready for studies?


How to Get a Diplomate in Biofeedback

basic intro to getting to be a Diplomat in Biofeedback and be able to enter into the medical profession of Health Care. You need several skills, of Knowing t...


Nobel Prize winner and Nobel nominee Desire' Dubounet talk on new peridymes

exploration of the struggle famous genius intellects have to bring new ideas to the people


Sun Gazing

Artist: Cliff Vestergaard

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What to do for Influenza and Immune building

What to do for Influenza and Immune building


Note from Professor Desire Dubounet : The SCIO/Eductor is the most researched, validated, verified, and fully substantiated medical device in history. Literally tens of thousands of testimonials, hundreds of peer reviewed medical journal publications and now appearing in over 75 certified medical university textbooks. The SCIO/Eductor is taught in medical universities and has European Governmental approval.
The abhorrent despicable situation with the Indigo has left a scar on this industry. Seattle Times tells three major lies and people run from controversy rather confront it. Bigots and small petty minds ran to the indigo to get away from me. They put image over function, profit over people and appearances over substance. The indigo was sold to many people who did not really have the intelligence or respect for the law to operate it.
The schools and instructors have also not been to correct standards. All of Medicare, Medi-caid, and all insurance companies are paying for biofeedback, but none, I mean NONE of our people are getting paid. I got paid by insurance companies 20 years ago for doing biofeedback in Colorado. The level of professionalism and the quality of the education in America is so poor. Here in Europe SCIO/Eductor is taught in three fully accredited medical universities with a governmental license to practice offered.
Now back to the indigo. Approximately 2000 were sold. The last 200 were completely fraudulent and criminal. All of the indigos were not measuring so they were not doing the VARHOPE corrections and they were fraudulent criminal biofeedback devices. I graciously and compassionately made software to heal this. The new 12-12-12 software and the BIG will correct the fraud and make the system work to specs. But what happened.
Out of the 2000 indigos only 45 have the BIG. This means that only 2% of the indigo users are legal. The rest are committing fraud and if investigated will maybe be arrested. Personally I hold the trainers and instructors responsible for this. But an overall lack of respect for the law is apparent. Only 23 % of the indigo owners got the 12-12-12 and thus have functioning software, but only 2% are fully legal with the BIG.
The SCIO works fully but the BIG is essential for biofeedback display. And very few of the SCIO owners are fully compliant.
If anyone is telling you to backdate, lie, cheat or not listen to Desire’ then you are the enemy of this industry. You are not only committing a crime but you are severely compromising patient results. Thus the pretense trainers, fake instructors and false consultants are a major source of the problem.
At the bottom of all of this is a key issue, a key question. Who has the education, experience, and knowledge to provide advice? Well there is a licensed medical doctor, international lawyer, quantum physicist, enlightened intellect, who made the device, developed the technology, wrote every line of code, and wrote all of the regulatory compliance documents for the last 30 years. A person with 5 doctorates and incredible credentials and extreme dedication to truth, honor and integrity. But there are criminals selling illegal stolen software, illegal licenses, and fraudulent devices. And these criminals stir up the controversy and cast dispersion on this great spirit to distract others from their crimes.
So let’s settle on the key issue of who to listen to. And let’s set our course to the future on some key words, integrity, honor and most importantly IMUNE.
If you do not like IMUNE or you fear me for being controversial please leave this industry. It is time to take out the trash. It is time we all stop supporting criminals.


The Emotional Spectrum and spiral traps of emotion

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Sworn on the Altar

The True True story of how one man struggled against rouge FDA agents to get acupuncture needles registered as medical instruments in America. A man who swor...

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