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Improbable Yogini

Life Coaching and Yoga Education. No ashram required.

Using yoga, life coaching, classical scholarship in yoga and the dharma and healthy self-care practices, Dharma Coach gives you tools to support you as you move to your deep center line, uncover your life's purpose and put who you are to work and play. Whether you take our weekly yoga classes, learn to meditate, work with our life coaching staff or train with us to become a Registered Yoga Teacher

Operating as usual


A perfect day: move, meditate, vote. ❤️🇺🇸


We want to belong. We are complex. We believe in the goodness of people. 18/06/2023

We do this together four times a year.
Together, we mark the changing of the seasons.
We acknowledge the sky and the turning of the planets.
We re-tune and attune ourselves to what is really going on.

Celebrate with your sangha for the summer station of the sun, the longest day of the year to . . .
-discover that we are stronger than we think.
-move beyond busy-mindedness and negative self-speak
-find ground even in challenge
-soften the muscles of our ego
-de-stress and find a new, quieter zone
-enjoy increased energy for days beyond the practice

Let's continue on, creating this sustainable and beautiful practice..


Happening tonight!


Low stress, high vibe, affordable OG yoga. See you on the mat.

Photos from Improbable Yogini's post 20/03/2023

Hope to see you tonight💙

Photos from Improbable Yogini's post 19/07/2022

This. 🙏


Teaching for the first time in a million years❤️

Join me for Vigorous Vinyasa this morning by going to  Great Barrington and signing up through their app.


How Sakti moves.


Kśma + Dhrti

Patience + Calm Resolve


Morning Sadhana


Evening sadhana


The view from Blueberry Hill with my dear friend Double Smile.

His nickname is Buddy and he is true blue. He has been a solace since my own precious mare had to be put down in July.

In hard times, it is quiet moments with friends that become as powerful a spiritual practice as meditation or Asana.

Thank you, Bud. Thank you for allowing me to know you. Thank you for your compassionate affection.


Brief but powerful, Mother Nature blew through here last night and knocked out the power. No live broadcast this morning but do take a moment to move yourself through some postures and then sit quietly. Love ❤️


We had a yard sale. This lovely woman came and loved some tables that I had and some cool clothes that I just felt needed to go on to the next person. We talked about fashion and how detail and design can move us. She asked me how much I wanted for all the stuff and I liked her so much I said $25 would be fine for the pile of vashtu she had gathered. As she was reaching for her wallet, she asked me “What do you do? “ I said that I had been a yoga teacher for many years. She said “Can I trade you these things for a harmonium? It’s been sitting in my house for years and no one knows how to play it but maybe you would like it?“ I was gobsmacked. I followed her around the corner to her house and there in its original packing crate from India was this beautiful harmonium. I have waited for three decades for such a beautiful thing to arrive in my life. Today it came for free, in exchange for things that I no longer wanted. I’m so grateful to this lovely woman, the generous universe and my Yoga sisters who held the space for this yard sale as we all unburdened ourselves of things that no longer served us. Om.

Timeline photos 25/08/2020

EVEN WITH THE RAIN . . .we are on! It'll be damp on the ground and sunny above. Maybe we will catch a rain bow!

Catch this last bit of summer bliss.

Yoga with your sangha.

Timeline photos 18/08/2020

After rain, rainbows. 🌈

Embodied Vinyasa IN PERSON Tuesdays @ 6 PM @ TurnPark Art Space in West Stockbridge

What is a prayer? ... A rainbow after the rainstorm, or the dark clouds before it? Sometimes like to think of prayers as both, and also each drop rain that falls in between. — Mary Oliver

Timeline photos 14/08/2020

I miss teaching in person.

I miss all of you.

Fortunately, Natalia is in my bubble. She’s coming back tomorrow for Teacher-focus Friday where we look at how to teach back bends.

Join us for some bendy fun. And Nat and Kat will see you on the mat.

[Sorry/not sorry]

And if you’re not signed up for yet, will treat you to a week of free yoga just to try it out.

Timeline photos 11/08/2020

Can’t wait to see you all. Come early so we can safely social distance, calmly and with ease. $10.


"I met Kit Kat, founder of the New Dharma, at yard sale or tag sale in the East Coast. it was nice to share the stupa mudra energy channeling with her last year. She has free online yoga classes that people can watch. She is also a life coach. This is a good video to watch to learn about dharma, personal meditation, and inquiry to learn how to cope in time of corona virus." Can Truong

So much gratitude for Can Truong's good memory! Over negotiations for a few pieces of furniture last fall, we discovered the Dharma in common and a rich conversation about energy and awareness ensued. Members of the sangha are everywhere, all the time. Enjoy free classes archived on Facebook or a free week at our new home on for fresh dharma, asana and meditation. Much love, Can!

Timeline photos 29/07/2020

Let’s lift one another up. Let’s inspire one another. Boots and backpacks on, Untamed Beauty Girls. 💕 Thank you 💕


You are your soulmate. Your BF is a travel companion. Simple, yes?

Timeline photos 23/06/2020

Tech Reboot Starts TOMORROW⚡

Timeline photos 18/06/2020


Join Kat Whitney in our bi-annual. auspicious practice of 108 Sun Salutations on the Solstice.

This year, we are offering 100% of the proceeds from the 108 to Walnut Woods, which provides support for women and children rebuilding their lives after domestic violence.

There is a magic to the Solstice.

Humans have noted the powerful turn from dark to light since 10,500 BCE in rituals dating to the Neolithic era. Yoginis hold 108 to be the number of the whole of existence. There are 108 sacred sites in India as well as 108 marma, sacred places on the human body. We honor both our practice and our wholeness in this potent offering.

Bathed in Berkshire mountain air, accompanied by the invocations of crickets, we offer up the ancient and sacred practice of yoga mala -- 108 sun salutations with variations and periods of rest.

The practice is a deeply physical meditation which takes about 3 hours and, when complete, will bring new clarity, balance, energy and vibration to every cell of your body.

We track the cycles with river rocks, held in a wooden bowl, as it has been done for centuries. With pranayama and the physical repetition of asana, we create resonance, intention and clarity for the winter and year ahead.

You will not believe you can do it. But you can and you will. And it will transform you.

Two ways for you to participate:

IN PERSON, with social distancing and 12' separation between yoga mats OUTSIDE on a large, flat lawn with beautiful Berkshire views. You will be given the address when you register. The location is in South County.

VIRTUAL LIVE STREAM, where you can log in and practice from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Register at the link below and we will get you all the information you need.

Can't wait to see and "see" you all on Saturday!

Timeline photos 11/06/2020

Beyond honored to be featured in the June 2020 issue of .The Healing Power of Yoga is a beautifully clear article by sangha member Laura Mars about yoga as an effective tool for daily life. Sharing the spotlight with colleague and fellow yoga teacher Mark Gerow, the piece discusses Kat's deep dive into Non Dual Śaiva Ta**ra and the power of pulling reality toward us as a way of living freely. With photos by and a modeling credit to sangha member you can find the entire issue on line. 🙏💙💛💚💜

Timeline photos 09/06/2020

Thank you for the reminder.

Timeline photos 09/06/2020

Reboot. Renew.

That’s what’s happening here.

No classes this week as we shut ‘er down to implement the new tech for THE NEW DHARMA’S

The newsletter this week will have all the news. In the meantime enjoy the gorgeous weather while we retool for our new reality.

See you on next week 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


5 June 2020

Including everyone in your class, regardless of physical or mental capacity, is the ESSENTIAL job of a yoga teacher.

Learn the why, what and how of basic modifications in today's class.


3 June 2020

One of the Pure Motives for Yoga Practice is the three-fold declaration for
-Love of Self
-Love of the Truth
-Love and Service for All Sentient Beings

We are there, Sangha. With self love, we move forward to discover the truth about racism and then put it into action in service.

White members of The New Dharma sangha, for the Love of Truth, please educate yourself about racism, as I myself am doing.

Drop everything and do it now.

Watch 13th on Netflix, a powerful documentary about how racism has been built into the legal structure of American governance.

Read White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin D'Angelo.

Look to the stories of Black experience.

Then, when you have used your Jnana Sakti/Power of Knowing to get a base line, ask yourself these questions:

What will you do with that knowledge?

What literature will you read and digest so that you can be a better ally?

What are you going to open your eyes to at work?

What are you going to challenge the next time you hear it from your friends?

What are you teaching your kids about children who don’t look or sound like them?

Which books are you sharing with your kids?

Which toys are you buying your kids?

How will you talk to your child about race?

What behaviors or thoughts will you challenge in yourself?

How are you helping your little corner of society to do better on race?

I am asking myself too. Our sangha is almost exclusively white, with a few exceptions. Yoga is very, very white in the West. I put forward the Berkshire Yoga Initiative to look at all of this right here at home.

Then we will take action.

And once we have cured racisim, we can tackle sexism, ageism and hateism.

Warrior up, God-Us-es.

In love and awareness,



2 June 2020

What is Unconditional Action?

What is Right Action?

How do we define and TAKE action during a time of global and national crisis?

Dharma and practice for this in today's LIVE session.

All love,


Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

The Offer of The New Dharma

  • To make your time with us the most profound and joyful time of your life.

  • To understand the power of joy, of fun, of laughter and celebration in all we do together.

  • To recognize and honor the positive aspects and abundance that constantly surround us.

  • To support you, rigorously and with love, on your path of discovery.
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    Happening tonight!
    Low stress, high vibe, affordable OG yoga.  See you on the mat.
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