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Maharashtra and Haryana went to polls yesterday with the Assembly elections being organised there. Now all you young minds will be wondering what are "Assembly elections"? Here is a quick explanation

Every citizen over the age of 18 votes at three levels-
1) To decide their representative to the Parliament which governs the entire nation
2) To decide their representative to the State Legislative Assembly, which is the State version of the Parliament. This Legislative Assembly also called Vidhan Sabha governs the State.
3) To decide their representative to the Municipality or Panchayat, which is the governing body at a city or village level

Why do we need three governments? Stay tuned to Librl to find out. As part of a challenge till then, go and find out the name of the MLA-member of Legislative Assembly from your area.

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Leadership is developed by giving the right exposure and mentoring. One such initiative is Design For Change which enables students to pick up projects they are passionate about in their community and builds leadership through problem solving. Here is an example of students from a school in Tamil Nadu where dirty toilets were leading to infections. Using Design for change framework they built urinals from recyclable plastic and solved a pressing issue. Swipe right to see the Design For Change framework.

Likewise at Librl we aspire to build similar skills of leadership and problem solving using liberal arts as a medium . Watch this space for more!!


STEM education is essential to solve the complex problems of the world. But liberal arts is what makes education truly holistic and is an essential complement to STEM education. We believe in providing that foundation of liberal arts so often neglected in schools through experiential learning. Join us at our first workshop this Sunday
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Leaders aren't born with a magic formula. Leadership is nurtured by creating meaningful experiences people can immerse themselves in. Greta Thunberg's immense courage shows that young students, if given more voice, have the potential to be Changemakers. At Librl, we aim to nurture young leaders by offering content, experiences and communities of practice around liberal arts education, an often overlooked or under appreciated part of the Indian curriculum
Come join us as we begin this journey with an experiential workshop on the dangers of fake news.
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Hello Parents,

As a conscious citizen and as an individual responsible for shaping a young and earnest mind, we as parents might find ourselves in a very tricky position in this digital era more than ever. And why not? Our children are exposed to various kind of media coverage and we cannot always control what they read and believe.

But what if we could find ways to educate them to help them discern and make an informed choice about what to consider as true and false?

What if we could..

Highlight the traps all of us fall into when faced with one sided information
Make them aware of the situations at play In today's scenario
Educate and discern the fake news from the real ones

If the above content resonates with you, then you are welcome to join this workshop, which is also part of the Active citizenship workshops for students. It is going to be an informative and an eye opening session with the main objective being promotion of critical and objective thinking among students, albeit our future generation.

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Ideal for: Grade 8-10 students

Facilitator: Akash Tyagi, a Teach For India fellow and AIR 1 in Social studies, CENTA Teacher Olympiad 2018.

Location: Atta Galata, Koramangala

Timings: 10 am- 12 pm

Please reach 10 minutes before to help us all settle down.

Seating capacity: 25 students only (Reserve your seats soon!)

Fees: You may pay as you wish to help us offer more workshops and promote liberal arts for school students in India or just help us by showing up and be part of our community.

P.S. Parents of students are free to tag along and register on the student's behalf.

To stay connected with our forthcoming workshops and for more news around Liberal arts for school students, join us via our FB page -

Looking forward to having you and learning together!

Team Librl.

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