Learning English and doing well in the IELTS

Learning English and doing well in the IELTS

What is this page for? To help people learn English and do well in the IELTS or other standardized t


Recently a junior of mine reached out to me asking me for advice so that they would do well in the IELTS. I asked them what exactly about the test was confusing to them and they said “everything.” So, in this post, I will try to break down some steps I took to make my IELTS preparation and journey as simple and smooth as possible.

- Learn about the structure of the test. Knowing is half the battle and the big thing that drives fear into our hearts about any standardized test is not knowing what it is like. So, Learn about the structure!
- Once you have learned about the structure of the test, try to take a practice test. You might think you need to prepare first before taking any kind of practice test. But no! Take the test before you prepare at all so that you learn exactly where you stand. This will let you prepare better.
- Understand the time limit. This ties into the previous point but the end goal everyone should have is to do all the things that is asked in the test QUICKLY. The test itself is not difficult at all. However, there are time constraints. So, being accustomed to the speed at which you need to take the test at is a must.
- Try to immerse yourself in the language: Don’t try to study English just when you are studying for the test and then forget about it for the rest of the day. This will not help at all. A big part of doing well in the IELTS is LEARNING the language. If you are not proficient in the language itself, the test will seem a lot more daunting than necessary.

This is obviously not a comprehensive list. But these are all crucial and will help in the process of trying to get a good score in the IELTS.

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