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Pilot Right is a new online and digital media platform to provide an array of aviation and pilot training, news, and information. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive collection of well organized material for all your pilot education needs. From new aspiring pilots, to seasoned professions, Pilot Right has the tools to make sure your aeronautical knowledge it top notch.

Operating as usual


Caught crossing below. Safe travels (hopefully somewhere warm)!


In hot pursuit of A320neo. Somewhere in the Midwest based on the exciting landscape.


Sunset flight during some perfect weather out in the Midwest.


Foggy morning in ORD with a little opening for the skyline.


Sunrise take off over central MN. Sometimes early starts are worth it! As a reminder, good preflight planning and weather briefings are a must! Luckily the "normal people" weather was wrong and the aviation weather proved more accurate. It left us with a beautiful VFR day for our cross country! Like and follow for more!



Holding short as a storm approaches DCA. If you look closely you can see an aircraft arriving on the river visual 19!


Another quick night shot at Still a little snow on the ground there other night. But the good news is has been getting warmer and the days are getting longer!

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Ever since the time change, the sunset seems to be ridiculously early. It offers some advantages and disadvantages depending on what part of your training you are in. Night training becomes a little easier these days, but the hours of daylight in the normal working day can prove a challenge for earlier stages training. Only a few more days until the days slowly get longer! What are your thoughts?


Its been awhile since I've been to KIND. Its been even longer since its been in a single engine GA airplane. But great class C airspace experience for student pilots and new private pilots! What's your favorite controlled airport to fly into?


Class B Airspace (Part 1) Dimensions 26/04/2020

New video up on YouTube! Class B Dimensions. This is just the first part and more to come. Check it out!


Class B Airspace (Part 1) Dimensions Class B Airspace Part 1 that describes the layout, dimensions, and size of class B airspace. This is just part 1, and expect more soon! (I forgot just how lo...

Photos from Pilot Right's post 31/01/2020

A couple (different) sunsets over the midwest. It might make one think about the different requirements and definition of "night" time, its requirements and currency considerations. This and many more topics to come at


New Website is up! Work in progress but a little easier to get to.


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