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Mayng adlaw ninyo mga bhie! Apil namo sa challenge na
"What is the English term of this Bisaya word"

Witness these cuties as they try to convert common bisaya words to english!


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Just as our Queen Beyonce sang "Girls, we run this m***a, girls
Who run the world? Girls (girls)", In celebration of Women's Month, Handog Aral presents to you the women who made an impact in the educational systems around the world.

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Let us have a mini game that is 4 pics 1 word. Comment below your answers for the following items!

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Let us start off the week with some quotes of the day!

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Handog Aral is an advocacy with the vision to increase awareness of the poor state of education in our country and acknowledges the insufficiencies in our educational system. Likewise, the mission of the advocacy is to alleviate the lack of education by providing students with their school necessities. By this, we present our plan of action and our purpose for this movement.

The Philippines Education Problem, Explained 16/03/2023

The educational system in the Philippines has been subject to criticism and scrutiny due to various reasons. Many groups have accused the system of having a failed governance structure, affordability issues, and a lack of adequately trained and motivated teaching staff. The term "brain drain" has also been used to describe the situation where highly educated individuals choose to leave the country in search of better opportunities and working conditions.

Despite efforts by the government to improve the situation, many challenges remain, including inadequate funding, outdated curricula, and inadequate teacher training programs. These issues have resulted in a system that is not meeting the needs of the country's youth and is failing to prepare them for the demands of a rapidly changing global economy.

Efforts are being made to address these challenges, including the introduction of new educational policies and the creation of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of teaching and learning. However, much work remains to be done to ensure that the Philippines' educational system can provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive world.
-JM Zanoria

Video by: Behind Philippines
Narrated by: Slipstreamer
Produced by: Behind Asia Team

The Philippines Education Problem, Explained The Philippines has a educational crisis as reported by numerous independent groups.Narrated by: SlipstreamerProduced by: Behind Asia TeamInquiries: behindas...


"I hopped on a plane on LAX, with a dream and a cardigan" hop on the plane with us as we achieve our goals with a dream and a cardigan!

Unwind our plane's vision and mission by reading our "travel" agenda below!

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Inihahandog namin ang Handog Aral!

Just like Kim Kardashian said, "I’ve just had enough of people misrepresenting me. Get to know me and see who I am."

It's a GTK Activity! Get to know us more through the pics below!


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