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Longest in the World 🌍

✓Longest canal in the world is___? Grand Canal of China

✓ The Longest railway line in the world____? Trans Siberian Railway

✓ The longest rail tunnel in the world is___? the Gotthard Base Tunnel

✓ Longest river in the world is___? Nile (Egypt)

✓ Longest mountain range in the world___? Andes

✓ Longest day on the earth is___? 21 June

✓ Longest river in Asia is___? Yangtze Country

✓ Longest Coastline in the world is___? Canada

✓ The Longest cave in the world is____? Mammoth Cave

✓ Longest strait in the world is____?Strait of Malacca

✓ The Longest street in the world is____? Yonge Street, Canada

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❇️Red Cross :1863✔✔
❇️FIFA : 1904✔✔
❇️ILO : 1919 ✔✔
❇️WORLD BANK : 1944✔✔ officially
❇️IMF:1944✔✔ officially
❇️UNO -24 October, 1945 ✔✔
❇️FAO : 1945✔✔
❇️Arab League :1945✔✔
❇️UNESCO :1945✔✔ officially
❇️WHO : 1948✔✔ officially
❇️NATO :1949✔✔
❇️SEATO:created in 1954 , dissolved in 1977 ✔✔
❇️CENTO : created in 1955, dissolved in 1979✔✔
❇️IAEA :1957✔✔
❇️OPEC : 1960✔✔
❇️ADB : 1966✔✔
❇️ASEAN :1967✔✔
❇️OIC :1969✔✔
❇️SAARC :1985✔✔
❇️ECO: 1985✔✔
❇️EU: 1993✔✔
❇️SCO: 1996, set up again in 2001✔✔
❇️BRICS :2006

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*⭕Today's Daily Dose⭕*

Art and Architect reach its climate during the
region of:
*Shah Jahan*

Mughal Architecture first Devolved and
Flourished during the reign of :

Architecture reached its peak during the
reign of:
*Shah Jahan*

A straight line makes an angle of what

Kaaba is also known as:
*Bait Ul Ateeq*

Qibla change :
*2nd hijrah during zuhur*

Amics Curiae means:
*Friend of the court*

What country has the lowest birth rate:

Largest Country in North America :

Largest Country in South America :

Karachi Become First Capital of Pakistan (1947 to 1959)

Rawalpindi become interm capital of Pakistan (1959 to 1967)

Islamabad become permanent capital of Pakistan (14-8-1967)

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