Essence & The Enneagram, Doug Woodard Teacher

Essence & The Enneagram, Doug Woodard Teacher

I teach classes and individuals using the Enneagram to guide students to reconnect with Essence.

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I am preparing to offer a class this Fall on the intersection of the Enneagram with the three instincts of the soul. As you likely know, this crucial intersection recasts the nine types of the Enneagram into 27 distinct subtypes, the understanding of which adds greatly to our understanding of ourselves and each other. I am attaching a class flyer that provides additional information on this important topic. The class will consist of six, two hour, online sessions. Each class will include teaching, graphics, discussion, and, most likely, music. The cost of the series is $150 per student. All classes will be recorded for lifetime access. Email me if you are interested in signing up, and I will share the schedule with you.


I am offering an eight session online class that will provide an in-depth exploration of each of the nine types' relational coping style. In part one, we will intersect Karen Horney's three relational coping styles – toward, withdraw & against – with the Enneagram. Doing so will reveal your type's surface relational style, as well as its deeper drive which places the surface style in context and also strongly influences its expression. In Part Two, you will discover how this deeper relational style serves as the basis of your type's dominant object relations pattern – either the frustrating ("libidinal"), rejecting or attaching object relation. Depending on your receptivity and depth of Presence, the transmission of this information can have a profound effect on your capacity to relate to others in an attuned and richly satisfying way. This class will draw on the writings of Ronald Fairbairn, Karen Horney, A.H Almaas, and Riso & Hudson, as well as my integration of these teachings and other spiritual dimensions. The first class is Monday, May 1st, and will continue for the following seven consecutive Mondays. All classes are from 5:30 to 7:30. The cost of the series is $200. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.


I am teaching a six class series beginning in March that offers a clear, understandable and transformative presentation of the nine Holy Ideas of the Enneagram. The presentation is based upon A.H. Almaas's book, "Facets of Unity" and includes graphical illustrations specific to each type. I have studied the Holy Ideas for over 20 years as a student of the Diamond Approach and of A.H Almaas. I completed the Enneagram Professional Training Program and was certified to teach the Enneagram in 2001 by Helen Palmer and Dr. David Daniels.

The class includes an exploration of each type's Holy Idea, and the core psychological complex that results for each type from its loss of connection with its Holy Idea. Understanding your type's Holy Idea, and its core complex, provides access to the realm of Being, a universe of wonder and mystery beyond the reach of a conventional life lived within the grip of one's fixation.

The class will meet online, via Zoom, on six consecutive Mondays, beginning March 6, 2023, and ending April 10, 2023. Each class will begin at 5:30pm Pacific Time, and end at 7:30pm. Every class will include time for questions and discussion, and, time permitting, an experiential exercise. All classes will be recorded, and students will have lifetime access to the recordings.

The cost of the six class series is $150. For more information, comment below or send me a private message.


I graduated from the Enneagram Professional Training Program and was certified as an Enneagram teacher by Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD in 2001. I have also studied the Enneagram with A.H. Almaas, Sandra Maitri and Russ Hudson. I have been a student of the Diamond Approach to Spiritual Realization since 2001.

My core interest in the Enneagram is its spiritual dimension.​ I teach ongoing groups, classes and individuals privately. Some classes I have taught include the following:

Introduction to the Enneagram: The Basics
The Holy Ideas of the Enneagram: Nine Facets of Unity
The Instincts & Subtypes of the Enneagram
Toward, Withdraw, Against: The Relational Coping Styles of the Enneatypes
Object Relations & the Enneagram

I am NOT a Diamond Approach Teacher. Anyone wishing to work with an ordained Diamond Approach Teacher, or wishing to join the Ridhwan School, should contact the School directly. My teaching draws on many sources, teachings and life experiences, including what I have learned from my participation in the Ridhwan School, and on Diamond Approach teachings that are available in the public domain. This includes over 25 books written by A.H. Almaas, and other public sources of Diamond Approach teachings. My teaching is my own and is not sanctioned by the Ridhwan School or anyone affiliated with it.

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