A documentary about Maryland's First State Forester

A documentary about Maryland's First State Forester

"Mr. Besley's Forest" A documentary about Maryland's first State Forester


Photos from A documentary about Maryland's First State Forester's post 29/06/2023

Recently in Chesapeake Country and stopped by to visit on the site of the once mighty Wye Oak.

The efforts of Fred W. Besley has given our nation a Champion Big Tree Program and this Maryland State Park.


Taking a pre in the . The park began as a forest reserve.

Maryland's First State Forester Fred W. Besley promoted outdoor recreation. Below you can find out more about Maryland's First Park System.


Maryland Public Television is airing "Mr. Besley's Forest" this Sunday at 3pm.


Tune in Friday, 10/22 @ 2:00pm ET to get to know Maryland's first , the G.O.A.T. of big tree programs! Maryland Department of Natural Resources


Happening 10:30am on Saturday, October 16th on Maryland Public Television is the 2021 broadcast of "Mr. Besley's Forest."

"El Bosque del Señor Besley" 20/09/2021

Excerpt - "El Bosque del Señor Besley"

"El Bosque del Señor Besley" Por Eco Productions, One Idea/Dos Languages Environmental Español Unit Excerpt: "Maryland's Roadside Tree Law and Planting Trees for the Future."…

Mr. Besley’s forest: The story of Maryland’s first state forester 16/09/2021

In 1920, the National Association of State Foresters was formed. Forestry agencies are located throughout the states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

Mr. Besley’s forest: The story of Maryland’s first state forester Guest post by Cheryle Franceschi Frederick Wilson Besley, Maryland’s first state forester started in the profession like most foresters did in the early 1900s: with help from Gifford Pinchot. Besley was an early graduate of


This Arbor Day, the Maryland winds are celebrating Big Tree stories.

Over 900 Acres Added to Harford’s Stoney Demonstration Forest – Harford Land Trust 10/03/2021

State Forests are branching out with more open space in central Maryland.

Over 900 Acres Added to Harford’s Stoney Demonstration Forest – Harford Land Trust News Harford County Government Over 900 Acres Added to Harford’s Stoney Demonstration Forest January 29, 2021 On December 29, 905 acres of hardwood forest were permanently protected and added to Maryland’s Stoney Demonstration Forest in southern Harford County. This significant conservation succ...

Throw Me a Bone 31/12/2020

Musician Kraig Greff has worked with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Diana Ross and Barry White to name a few, and is cofounder of the Crawdaddies.

He wrote the music used in "Mr. Besley's Forest."

His newest release is "Throw Me A Bone" and you can hear him on Apple Music and Pandora or click here:


Throw Me a Bone


TX x 2 = MBF (digital stream)


Now streaming digitally on MPT in Maryland and WHYY in Philadelphia.


Be a forester and historian for the day. Visit the MD Big Trees in your area and relive history. Just imagine what history occurred under this tree's canopy! At 116 feet high and 289 inches in circumference, this Quercus rubra (Red Oak) has seen plenty and is a Maryland State Champion. Check out more trees on the MD Big Tree website: http://www.mdbigtrees.com/

Timeline photos 06/11/2020

The film has been used in classrooms, conferences, festivals, and recently by the State Archives for the program.

Starting tomorrow, this documentary about Maryland's First State Forester will be available to a much wider audience. I hope you can tune in to MPT.

"Mr. Besley's Forest", a documentary about Maryland’s first State Forester and the huge impact he had during his 36-year career (1906-1942), is making its broadcast premiere on Maryland Public Television on Saturday, November 7th at 9a.m. Tune in to discover why Maryland remains forever indebted to this remarkable man.

Mr. Besley's Forest 05/11/2020

Airing on MPT this Saturday, November 7th at 9am.

Mr. Besley's Forest Maryland Public Television (MPT) is a public television station that broadcasts throughout Maryland, DC, and parts of DE, PA, VA, and WV.


At at state level, Mr. Besley brought scientific forest management to Maryland. He created the formula for the Big Tree Program.

On a national level, his program is in all 50 states and the District of Columbia known as the National Register of Champion Trees by American Forests.


Fall TV 2020 broadcast premiere date for on - Saturday, Nov. 7th at 9am.


Maryland's Green Ridge State Forest.

Maryland's Green Ridge State Forest is full of color.
Photo by Richard T. Nowitz / Getty Images.


On this crisp, First fall Friday, MPT has let me know that a documentary about will be airing in November.

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