Pseudostem Vessels

Pseudostem Vessels

A research study to help lessen banana wastes, and create an alternative plant vessel for plants. Updates and infos of our study will just be posted.

Pseudostems have high natural water content that plants needed for their growth as well.

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Home | Pseudostem-vessels 23/02/2020

🌿Hey, our research study is now on the link😍!
"Alternative Plant Vessel Utilizing Banana Pseudostem Waste for the Growth of Tomato
🌿You can now learn more about our study😁
🌿Please click the link below to visit and to explore our website👍

Home | Pseudostem-vessels The confident and humble researchers will provide effective solution to give more ways to save water and to manage waste.


🌿 The website about our study is in progress. We are going to share the link here on our page on or before February 25,2020.


🌿 Infographics about our study


🌿Using banana pseudostem for a significant purpose can:
(1) Iessen banana wastes
(2) help provide a natural water and unique nutrient for the plants, and
(3) possibly aid the survival growth of plant even during dry season.


🌿Short root crops like tomato can grow in the pseudostem


🌿What we need to know about the banana pseudostem


🌿Pseudostem is a very fleshy composed by tightly packed overlapping leaf sleaths of banana plant that bears bananas only once in its lifetime. After harvest, it is cut down to encourage the faster growth of the new pseudostem. This crop generates a large amount of residue because this waste is not only left but also burned in the plantation.

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