Mrs. Frey's Classroom

Mrs. Frey's Classroom

Follow along with Mrs. Frey and her Second Grade class at Grant Ragan Elementary!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 16/09/2023

Our first lonnnnnng week together, but it was a great one! Did anyone else fall asleep early last night? 😴

Lots of great rotation practice- I’m super impressed with the choices everyone is making to grow themselves as readers, writers, and mathematicians!

On Friday we enjoyed International Dot Day by writing about how we can make our mark in the world and water coloring dots just like the character, Vashti in The Dot by Peter H Reynolds!

We also had an assembly to kick off the Fun Run for this year! Each student should have brought home a letter with their name on it that gives you access online.

I neglected to snap a picture but one of our caterpillars is in its J-formation… likely in a chrysalis by now! We still have other hungry caterpillars so if you find some milkweed this weekend, please send it in so we can keep them fed!

Enjoy your weekend!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 08/09/2023

What a FAST week! Thank you all for your kindness for my (day after) birthday!! We enjoyed some cupcakes provided by the PTO, I received all the hugs & cards (all week long), & they even sang to me (Mrs. Elston kicked off the singing)!

We watched our caterpillars grow SO big this week, we wrote our first Friday letter to someone at home (remember to respond on the back side ☺️), and today we ended with our very first Mystery Reader… Jayce’s Dad!

We’ve learned a lot of choices these last 3 weeks. I’m excited to launch a more routine practice next week with rotations in full swing.

Remember that we have PICTURE DAY on MONDAY - Don’t forget to send your forms back filled out!

Have a happy weekend, & Go ‘Clones! ❤️💛🖤

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 04/09/2023

I meant to get this up on Friday but the day and now the weekend got away from me quickly!

This last week we finally got to introduce flexible seating and rotation choices! 😆 We learned about cooperation and took it to the next level with paper chains… best cooperation challenge success I’ve seen! All of their chains were SO long! We learned about being assertive & practiced with the phrase, “It bugs me when ___, I wish you would ___.” My hope is that this will be a talking tool students can use anywhere, not just in the classroom.

We also had a special guest, Nurse Sara, come in and talk with us about one of our classmates and how she supports that student + ways that we can encourage and support that classmate as well!

I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow, and I know some caterpillars are so excited to show off their crazy changes!! 🐛

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 26/08/2023

Who else needed extra sleep today?? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Morty the Monarch continued to leave us gifts of learning but the best one of all was the Monarch EGGS! 🥚 We have 18 tiny caterpillars as of today! 🐛 If you have any milkweed or know where some is growing, feel free to send it in, washed with water & leaves picked off the plant!

We were also given playdoh and practiced making our classmates names (+ some other fun creations during quiet time), math manipulatives to practice counting and patterns, and other important tools like pencils, crayons, and markers!

It has been a blast getting to make connections with our hand activity and sharing stories during morning meetings and closing circles!

See you all next week! 🩵

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 24/08/2023

A lost tooth, a lost earring (mine… which was found), the TEACHER learned about a new color I didn’t realize existed as a shared favorite in our room, hugs, dance moves, excitement, butterfly hunting… the list goes on!

What a day! A hot 🥵 day might I add! We were so busy with activities and learning routines that I only got one class picture & it was when my mother-in-law (the other Mrs. Frey) stopped by with flowers to brighten our classroom! 🥰

We tried to do as much movement as possible because we didn’t get outdoor recess today, but the good news is, PE tomorrow!!

I hope most of the nerves have been removed and the excitement is starting to set in. I just know we are about to have an incredible year together!

Get some 💤 tonight… more fun tomorrow!

Also, the lesson I should learn by now: don’t wear earrings on the first day. I have never not lost an earring on the first day. BUT, they are always found and ALWAYS by a student! This year it was found in the bus lane… which means it was gone long before the day even started 😅oof!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 23/08/2023

It truly is a small world! I had some friends pass along these images to me yesterday and say, “Have a great year Mrs. Frey!” They captured these images on their Facebook because they know you & your families!

My heart needed these ❤️ The first day always brings a lot of emotion but this year I already feel connected with many of you & I’m more excited than ever to dig into those connections and keep finding more!

It’s going to be a great year, 2nd graders! I can’t wait to find the JOY in each moment!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 13/12/2022

I’m sure many of our families have heard about Mrs.Frey’s big news but in case you didn’t…

Introducing baby GIRL, Zealand Jean Frey! She was born last Wednesday, December 7th & is quite perfect in mom & dads eyes! We are loving this transition into parenthood 💕

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 23/11/2022

So much to be thankful for! 🤍

These kiddos did an amazing job collaborating with one another to make creative floats for our annual Thankful Parade!

Thank you to all those who participated in our community service project by donating food to the Food Drive! Our parade was part of an action step to promote the Food Drive, and I’d say it was very successful!

To top off the day before break, the kids and our classroom coordinator (along with many generous families) threw a super fun baby shower for Baby Frey! I’ll share a few more photos later ☺️

Enjoy a long break & safe travels to all! Don’t forget to tune into the Macy’s Day Parade on Thursday! 🎈


Check out our video announcing our Food Drive on November 21-22 next week!!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 14/11/2022

It’s a very busy time of year but we’ve managed to have some fun with new math games, desk drumming during morning meeting activities to get our wiggles out, and of course staying warm in style (see last picture) 😆

I enjoyed meeting with many families on Saturday and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of our families later this week! Don’t forget to stop by the incredible Book Fair!! 📚

🤍 Mrs. Frey

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 27/10/2022

We’ve been learning all about goods, services, consumers and producers this week- while also wrapping up a nonfiction writing project on Monarch butterflies!

Today we got to water color our book covers like author, Gail Gibbons’ books! We also got to vote on Baby Frey being a boy or girl & give name suggestions 🤭

We have a few more votes to get on Monday with some friends absent today so total count will come soon!! 💙💗

Families- want to place your vote or name suggestion below?! Comment away!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 16/10/2022

We had a very special Tuesday last week releasing our ✨1✨ Monarch butterfly that made it! I’m so glad I could capture these sweet faces with him before he flew off!

I will be printing each of these to hang in our hallway display & students will get them at the end of the year (but feel free to snag your child’s picture on here and save it if you’d like a copy)!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 08/10/2022

What an AMAZINGLY successful fall party! I got to run our craft yesterday (which is why most of my photos are from that angle) while Thea’s mom ran Bingo and Ms. Volk was in charge of a yummy snack & I Spy activity!

We can’t thank our families enough for the donations towards this fun day & Courtney F, our class coordinator for all the work you did to make this happen!

Enjoy a little more fall with your new wreath!! 🍂🍁

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 01/10/2022

What an amazing SPIRIT WEEK! 💙🤍

Of course we enjoyed all the dress up days but this crew was SO excited for the Homecoming assembly on Thursday & the Fun Run on Friday!

Did anyone get to go to the NW football game?! Post your photos in the comments if so!


A quick reminder— This week is Spirit Week! 💙🤍

Monday: PJ Day
Tuesday: PositiviTEE Day
Wednesday: Hat Day
Thursday: Spirit Day (Show your NW Wolves Spirit)
Friday: Fun Run Day (students will receive Fun Run t-shirts at school)

I can’t wait to see you all in your coziest pj’s tomorrow!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 25/09/2022

2nd Graders enjoyed their first Buddies get together with Mrs. Allison’s 5th grade class this past week! Students were paired with a buddy, created handshakes, talked about their favorite part of school so far, & created their handprint for the school Hopes & Dreams display! 🥰

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 15/09/2022

International Dot Day!

🟠 We wore some polka dots

🟠We read The Dot by Peter H Reynolds

🟠We wrote about how we will make our mark

🟠We created our best dot with a swirly gold frame

🟠To end our day we went home with “dot” necklaces!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 10/09/2022

Mrs. Berry joined us yesterday morning to read a dual language book and talk about her role as an ESOL teacher at GR!

Students had so much fun listening & inferring what the Spanish words meant in English with Little Roja Riding Hood!

Thanks Mrs. Berry!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 31/08/2022

Students used COOPERATION today to make the longest paper chain, & wow did they impress me with their cooperation towards one another! Everyone was a helping hand, even if their chain wasn’t the longest.

This crew has also been building their reading stamina each day & they are up to 12 minutes & 30 seconds- our goal is 20! Think we can do it by day 10 of our stamina chart?!

To make an amazing Wednesday even greater, we got to eat lunch outside!!

I’m so proud of these kiddos & all they have accomplished in 7 days of school!


1 MORE SLEEP!!! 📚✏️💙🖍

I’m so excited to welcome 23 new students to our room in just a few short hours! I know that with excitement comes a lot of other emotions as well… What are your kiddos emotions in emojis?
Here are mine: 😆🙃🥰😅🥹🫠🥰🙃🥳

I cannot wait to make so many memories together!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 05/07/2022

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!! I wanted to share with all our families and confirm that your child was telling the truth on the last day of school! 😉

We are expecting in December & thrilled to journey into parenthood this year!

What did you do with your long weekend? We planned on attending a parade in Iowa City (my hometown) but got rained out. Ice cream was a great alternative!🍦 Hope everyone stayed safe & cool in this humidity!



I can’t remember who got me a Cinemark gift card but we are FINALLY using it! It feels good to be in a movie theatre again 😁 Have you been to a movie this summer?! If so, which movie did you see? 🎥

Also, do you like extra butter on your popcorn? I thought this wasn’t even a question until Mr. Frey told me no butter… whoops 😬 🍿

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 23/06/2022

Hey there kiddos!
What have you been up to this month? Mr. Frey and I got away for a long adventure in Arizona and got to see some pretty incredible sights! I thought of you all a lot while I was learning about the canyons, wildfires, and water levels. Wish I could have taken you all there for a field trip- it was that amazing!

I will attach some pictures below with descriptions about what we saw! Please attach pictures of what you have been doing this summer in the comments! This is a great way for all of us to stay in touch! ☺️

Missing you all and hoping your summer is off to a great start ☀️ Keep shining!!

You are SO loved,
Mrs. Frey

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 30/05/2022

Last Day of 2nd Grade was a lot of fun for many reasons but watching this group at field day was a great way to end an amazing year together!

Wishing all of you the best summer & hoping this holiday weekend was a fun start! ☀️

I’ll keep you posted on what I’m up to this summer & you can too! If you want to stay in touch (pen-pal style), have a family member reach out via email for my address!

You are SO loved 🥰
Mrs. Frey

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 26/05/2022

1st in-person assembly since 2020 & it was a huge success!! 🥰💙🤍

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 23/05/2022

We had so much fun on Friday with our 2nd grade field day! It was great to get extra outdoor time & spend more time with other 2nd grade classmates!

On another note- I cannot believe we are headed into the last week of school tomorrow 🥺 This year completely flew by and I’m starting to wonder where those tiny little 2nd graders went?! I’ve been looking back at photos from the beginning of the year, and shed a few tears thinking about how much they’ve grown (academically, emotionally, & physically-they will tower over me soon 😳)!

However, I’m most proud of the ways they have grown independently in their confidence (oh my, so much confidence!!!), and as a community of sweet friends. *Cue the water works* 🥺😫😭

So much love for this crew! ♥️

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 12/05/2022

Such a fun 1st field trip for many of these students! While the sun was HOT, the breeze kept us cool!

Thank you to the family members who stuck it out with us all day!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 07/05/2022

It’s amazing what can happen in just 2 weeks! Mrs. Trader’s class hatched chicks and we were lucky enough to get to see them a few times. It was bit scarier the second time, now that they can fly! Their class (and ours) said goodbye to the chicks as they got sent off to a farm yesterday so they can continue growing! 🐥

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 03/05/2022

We haven’t had our entire class altogether for a full day since before Winter Break 😱 Today was a treat for me-seeing all my favorite kiddos in one classroom learning together! Naturally, it needed to be documented!

Some reasons being:
-sickness 🥺 Lots of sickness (keep washing those hands)!
-cool families that go on trips mid school year 🙃
-Holidays for some families 🤗

Among other reasons as well, but these are the three that seem most common!

Hopefully we can sneak another full day with everyone here before the end of the school year… you betcha that will also be documented!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 02/05/2022

Hoping for warmer sun-shining weather so we can keep getting chances to eat outside this week!!

Can’t wait to catch up from the weekend tomorrow! See ya soon, kiddos!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 16/04/2022

Friday FUNday!!!

As engineers we created, tested, improved and retested Goldilocks’ ”just right” bed this week for our first STEM challenge!

Afterwards Henry’s mom came in to teach us about keeping our teeth clean and preventing cavities! The kids LOVED this & her sweet helper (Henry’s sister)!

To top off our already super fun Friday we ended the day with our beloved 5th grade buddies! We got to read some books related to GR CARES, & play with some of Mrs. Allison’s soft start activities!

A Fun Friday indeed! 🎉

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 09/04/2022

PJ & Pizza Party 🍕🎉!

We started out the day excited to be comfy in our PJ’s!! Our excitement only escalated to some screams when pizza, cookies AND Sprite showed up to our classroom! 😂 After lunch and recess, the craziness started to wear off for some with full bellies & sleepy eyes. Hopefully your children slept REAL good last night- this teacher sure did! 😆💙

Thank you Main Family for your generosity at the Waukee auction to grant us a fun Friday with PJ’s & Pizza! 🍕


When a student requests to “twin” with you, you feel like the coolest human ever! Lexi, thanks for making this Wednesday a little extra special in our burgundy jumpers! 😆

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 24/02/2022

I know, I know- it technically wasn’t 2-22-22 today, but we were “FEELIN’ 22” all day long! Our afternoon was filled with 2’s rotations with the other 2nd graders at GR & it was a blast! Although, my favorite part was when they all came back to our classroom and said, “uh, it’s so good to be back… I missed our room!” 🥺 *cue the tears*

This group is something special! They love each other so well & I’m so grateful for the community we have built in this room! ♥️

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 02/02/2022

What a PUP-tastic 101st Day of School!!! These costumes were out of this world & that creativity carried on in each of your kiddos today!! From puppy greetings to learning all about Dalmatians with books, directed drawings, spot counting, and kennel building, I’d say these pups are the definition of 101 days smarter!
🐶 🏫 📚 ✏️

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 29/01/2022

Using one of our favorite book series- Ordinary People Change the World - we are creating something special to celebrate and honor so many amazing people who have changed our world, community or neighborhoods! I cannot wait for you all to see their finished products at conferences!

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 26/01/2022

Living in Iowa during the month of January can be tough with all the indoor recess, but these kiddos have made the most of it!! Limbo is becoming a daily challenge in our room 😆

Photos from Mrs. Frey's Classroom's post 21/12/2021

Here’s an overload of pictures from time with our 5th grade buddies!!! We love them SO much! Fun facts about our buddies: This crew of 5th graders were in Mrs. Frey’s 1st class of 2nd graders! ♥️ There are multiple siblings between my class & Mrs. Allison’s class! We have a lot of overlapping names with girls in our class! 😆

To say theses 2nd graders were PUMPED to see their buddy again is a major understatement!

More fun tomorrow!!!!


Hi Families!
Since we will have a spontaneous early out tomorrow due to the wind, let’s have a spontaneous PJ Day! Feel free to send your kiddos in PJ’s and send a blanket for a fort day!

Take care, and stay safe!
Kellee Frey


I am EXTRA thankful for this fun bunch of kiddos! On Tuesday we got to dance around to “Gobble Gobble,” finish our parade floats and costumes, go around the 1st grade pod with our incredible floats & share why we are thankful!

This group of kids & their giant hearts make me teary 🥲 every day! They are FULL of love for each other!

If you think of it, don’t forget to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on tv! Students got to explore the process for themselves & I bet they will love seeing it!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃

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We had some fun this week watching our caterpillars transform into a chrysalis! We even wiggled around to cheer them on!...
Got to take our caterpillars home over the long weekend to keep them fed & my goodness they are munchin!! I can’t wait t...