Weishet Akademie der Magie

Weishet Akademie der Magie

A school hidden in the forest in Germany, Wilde Schule der Magie, a school for all witches, wizards

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Weishet Akademie der Magie⚔️

Bored in quarantine? Want to have a Hogwarts-like experience? Want to have an awesome school? Join now! For our 2nd Term! We have so many activities such as Hogsmeade Visit, Hogwarts Express, Diagon Alley Visit, Hogwarts-like Classes and etc. Come join now for Weishet Akademie der Magie⚔️. We have clubs that you can join such as Debate Club, Duelling Club, Debate Club, WADM Official Publication "Die Stimme Von Weishet" and Arts Club.

We need staffs for following;

Higher Staffs⚜️
⚜️Deputy Headmaster

History of Magic:
Defence Against the Dark Arts:

Diagon Alley Staffs🎆
Gringotts Banker
Flourish And Blotts Manager

Hogsmeade Staffs🍁
Zonko's Joke Shop Manager
Dervish and Banges Manager
Dogsweed and Deathcap Manager

Other staffs:
Score Recorder
Attendance Checker

We are accepting active students;
Wissen(Ravenclaw)- 16
Eristmeingott(Hufflepuff)- 19
Kennzeichan(Slytherin)- 18

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HIRING! HIRING! HIRING! We are hiring for vacant positions!

⚜️Higher Staffs⚜️
Headmaster: Wissen Wilde
Headmaster: Kennzeichan Wilde
Headmistress: Fuhrër Wilde
Headmistress: Eristmeingott Wilde
Deputy Headmistress: Natalie Licius
Deputy Headmistress: Penelope Abonalla
Deputy Headmistress: Veyonce May Quidor
Deputy Headmaster: Kyle Xavier Marcial
Deputy Headmaster:

🐅🐈🐍🐬Head of Houses🐬🐍🐈🐅
Wissen: Veyonce May Quidor
Eristmeingott: Natalie Licius

Wissen: Lia Harolds

History of Magic:
Defence Against the Dark Arts:


⚔️Wilde Schule der Magie⚔️

In the hidden forest in Germany, here stood a great castle of Wilde Schule der Magie (WSDM). The school established for hope to bring all potterheads in one school. We believe that magic is with one of us.

This is the four houses of WSDM:

Fuhrër (Gryffindor)🐅
Eristmeingott (Hufflepuff)🐈
Wissen (Ravenclaw)🐬
Kennzeichan (Slytherin)🐍

The name of the houses comes from the meaning of the names of the four founders. The name of the school have meanings in initial- WSDM (WISDOM). We have different activities and lessons because we believe that we potterheads have magic inside us.


Higher Staffs⚜️

⚜️Headmasters: Wissen Wilde & Kennzeichan Wilde

⚜️Headmistresses: Eristmeingott Wilde & Fuhrër Wilde

Azkaban Heads⚔️

⚔️Head Auror: Natalie Licius

⚔️ Deputy Head Auror: Gen Cedeno

Head of Houses🐈🐬🐍🐅

🐈Eristmeingott: Natalie Licius

🐍Kennzeichan: Keishamae Gorre

🐬Wissen: Yu Jille Sepco

🐅Fuhrër: Trixie Chavez


❤️Fuhrër: Godric Gabriel

💜Eristmeingott: Penelope Abonalla

💚Kennzeichan: Nichole Mercado

💙Wissen: Veyonce May Quidor


🌌 Astronomy: Wissen Wilde

🎇Charms: Mark Villa

🌿Herbology: Sirius Schwartz

📜History of Magic: Yu Jille Sepco

🧚Flying Lesson: Angelique Bernardino

🐈Transfiguration: Rey Cruise

⚔️Defense Against The Dark Arts: Johrus Jumawan

⚔️Alliance: RAM


⚔️Wilde Schule der Magie⚔️

⚜️Weisheit, führung, freundlichkeit, tapferkeit sind der weg zum Erfolg⚜️

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⚔️Official Staffs of Wilde Schule der Magie⚔️

⚜️Higher Staffs⚜️
Headmaster: Wissen Wildean
Headmaster: Kennzeichan Wildean
Headmistress: Fuhrër Wildean
Headmistress: Eristmeingott Wildean

🐅🐈🐍🐬Head of Houses🐬🐍🐈🐅
Wissen: Yu Jille Sepco
Eristmeingott: Natalie Licius
Kennzeichan: Keishamae Gorre
Fuhrër: Trixie Ann Chavez

Wissen: Veyonce May Quidor
Eristmeingott: Penelope Abonalla
Kennzeichan: Nichole Mercado
Fuhrër: Godric Gabriel

History of Magic: Yu Jille Sepco
Astronomy: Wissen Wildean
Flying Lesson: Angelique Bernardino
Herbology: Sirius Schwartz
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Johrus Jumawan
Transfiguration: Rey Cruise
Potions: Elai Shain
Charms: Mark Villa

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