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Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND

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Photos from Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND's post 08/12/2023

Every second Saturday of november, Bamm vzw invites young volunteers to fuel up on creative inspiration at Petrol. On November 11th, 84 participants signed up for a training day full of various workhops.

Under the guidance of Wien and Britt from Mooss, a group of 16 participants learned all about the basics of Ludodidactics.

"I attended the session to gain more insights in how to stimulate learning in a playful manner. By starting the workshop with experiencing and experimenting, we quickly learned about the application of ludodidactics.

What stuck with me the most was using emotions (positive and negative) as a starting point for a session and building upon that. The various mechanisms for designing a session were very enlightening, as were the different methodologies discussed."

- Roosmarie, 22


On Thursday nov 16th, the second day of our Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND, we discussed and defined aesthetic experience versus aesthetic of the experience and how they can reinforce each other. After that the partners took time to complete their part concerning the final report of project result 1. That is describing their development of re-designing a training, workshop or lesson using ludodidactic tools. All of our project results will be published soon on our website.

Photos from Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND's post 15/11/2023

The focus of the Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND in the afternoon on Nov 15th ison the profile of the trainer also from the perspective of Ludodidactics adding his role as designer.

Photos from Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND's post 15/11/2023

Today Nov 15th is the first day of the ERASMUS+ project Move your Mind in Arezzo. Partners are discussing about the project results concerning the relationship between the different theories/ methods applied in their own organisation and Ludodidactics.

The consortium is a mix of educational, cultural and reintegration organisations. The goal is to establish a mutual understanding and a communal language taking also in consideration the role of the teacher, trainer and educator.

Photos from Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND's post 14/11/2023

The Danish team is on our way to the transnational meeting in Arezzo.

Arezzo 13/11/2023

Dear project partners, Arezzo is waiting for you.

Arezzo Arezzo è una gemma sospesa nel tempo, dove passato e presente si intrecciano in un’armoniosa danza.

Photos from Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND's post 11/11/2023

A group of 22 Vocational Special Education Teachers attended Ludodidactics workshop today at Ammattiopisto Live in Espoo, Finland 😊

Photos from Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND's post 10/11/2023

VUC - class Danish as a second language at lower secondary level. Students preparing for next weeks challenge. The class room will be changed to a newspaper editorial called VUC NEWS.
The editorial staff will consist of two chief editors - one located in Nakskov the other in Maribo, 8 journalists and 4 in the layout group.
The intended goal is to learn how to write news articles - hopefully they will learn through this role play setup☺️


Si è concluso il corso di formazione LA LUDO DIDACTICS APPLICATA ALL'EDUCAZIONE AL PATRIMONIO, destinato ai soci e alle socie AIEM, con un ultimo incontro all'interno del quale abbiamo lavorato alla definizione del profilo di competenza dell'educatore e dell'educatrice museale e al patrimonio a partire da ciò che emerso durante il percorso fatto insieme.
Ringraziamo le partecipanti e ci prepariamo per la prossima edizione: le date usciranno presto!

Boredom begets boredom: An experience sampling study on the impact of teacher boredom on student boredom and motivation | Request PDF 12/10/2023

Boredom begets boredom: An experience sampling study on the impact of teacher boredom on student boredom and motivation | Request PDF Request PDF | Boredom begets boredom: An experience sampling study on the impact of teacher boredom on student boredom and motivation | Background: Boredom is a common complaint among students. Boredom was previously found to be negatively associated with academic outcomes, such... | Find, read and....

MuseumNext - Museums, Games & Play Summit 2023 17/08/2023

MUSEUMS, GAMES & PLAY SUMMIT is a virtual conference, organized by MuseumNext, to discover and share best pratices about using games and play in museums and cultural institutions.
Save the date: 23-24 October 2023!

MuseumNext - Museums, Games & Play Summit 2023 This two day virtual conference will share case studies from museums around the world and highlight how games and play are used to take


Kaartjes afpakken bij elkaar. Moeilijke vragen beantwoorden. Gokken wie het het beste heeft gedaan. Zoveel mogelijk oscars verzamelen!

Maandagmiddag zat onze loods vol met een mix aan leerlingen van TalentStad Beroepscollege, Meander College, JenaXL, Thomas a Kempis College, Thorbecke Scholengemeenschap Zwolle en het Carolus Clusius College. Ze gingen in groepjes aan de slag en hebben ons enorm geholpen (waarvoor eeuwige dank).

Het doel van de middag was het testen van een filmspel dat we aan het ontwikkelen zijn om onze filmworkshops te verrijken en leuker te maken. Niks geen saaie introductie meer, maar een echt spel! Zo blijft de informatie een stuk beter plakken.

Doordat we onderdeel zijn van het Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND zijn we inmiddels ludodidactiek-experts geworden. En dat maakt dat we onze workshops en projecten nog waardevoller kunnen maken. Dat is ons doel voor de komende jaren!


Willem Janssen, musician, writer and teacher Dutch as second language has made an extensive playlist full of beautiful, crazy, cheerful, melancholic, stubborn, but exclusively Dutch music for students, teachers, migrant, etc. He has consciously chosen artists of different styles and times in the hope that there is something for everyone. He has avoided street language as much as possible since students normally like to learn Standard Dutch (due to study and/or work).

Photos from Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND's post 09/06/2023


Thanks to the IFC Istituto Formazione Continua (Continuing Education Institute) of the Canton of Ticino and the collaboration with the Associazione delle Università Popolari Svizzere, on 2nd June around sixty trainers had the chance to have a first approach and experience with the use and integration of ludo didactics in adult education.

The participants to the workshop had the opportunity to approach the topic of ludo didactics starting from the inputs coming from the European Erasmus+ project Move your Mind, in which SVEB (Swiss Federation for Adult Learning) is also involved.
Special thanks to Pamela Lunini-Küng (IFC), Dario Tognetti (IFC) and Francesca Di Nardo (DFP-UFCI) who, after having participated in a study visit organised by the SVEB in the framework of the movetia-funded mobility programme, organised the training day and shared the information and knowledge acquired on ludo didactics.

Ludodidaktiikkaa ekososiaalisen sivistyksen periaatteiden opettamiseen | Opekorkeassa tapahtuu 06/06/2023

In this article we discuss Ludodidactics for teaching the principles of eco-social approach. The core of Ludodidactics is the shaping of pedagogical thinking and action by means of game elements and experiences. This means developing learning and learning behavior by utilizing the principles of game. We discuss the possibilities of using game principles in teaching of eco-social approach in higher education. At the center of this approach is a responsible relationship with the world. The values of eco-social civilization are responsibility, reasonableness and interpersonal skills. Jamk´s School of Professional Teacher Education is involved in the Erasmus+ project Move Your Mind, which is based on learner-centered ludo didactics, its applications and development.

Teachers are building the future and teachers and educational institutions must take responsibility for eco-social growth and its understanding in education. To actualize and formulate this, game principles can provide a channel and method to support the adoption and learning of eco-social approach. It can also create an important platform for taking a look at change, and not only through cognitive knowledge formation, but can also enable possibilities of imagination as well as knowledge and creativity for processing ecological and social starting points. Even small changes, actions and advances can take our civilization towards a responsible and eco-social relationship with the world. Ludodidactics can provide new perpectives to teach eco-social approach in higher education.

HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) is an art university that has made applied research on Ludodidactics in learning. Based on the Ludodidactics workshop in HKU we created a model targeted at professional teacher training. In this model, the player initially gets to know the knowledge base of eco-social approach, which they get to know and further on use the model as the game progresses, The player has to solve tasks related to the theme. In addition to the knowledge base of eco-social approach, it is utterly important for the player to try applying the knowledge to their own work and environment and to take over the expertise of eco-social education as a teacher. The process of playing can also be seen as a transformation of ways of doing things, which challenges the goals and methods of learning and education. From this model it is possible to develop, for example, an online pilot course of eco-social approach and continue the further development of modeling with the help of its feedback.

Ludodidaktiikkaa ekososiaalisen sivistyksen periaatteiden opettamiseen | Opekorkeassa tapahtuu 05.06.2023 Toimittaja Jätä kommentti Ludodidaktiikkaa ekososiaalisen sivistyksen periaatteiden opettamiseen Ludodidaktiikka on oppimisen ja oppimiskäyttäytymisen kehittämistä pelillisen ajattelun kautta. Tämä tarkoittaa pelillisyyden periaatteiden hyödyntämistä oppimisen ja oppimiskäytt....


💡 Hoe educatie boeiend en beklijvend maken? Als daar internationaal ideeën over worden uitgewisseld, zijn wij van de partij! 🌏 We stapten mee in het Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND. Vorige week leerden we in Finland alles over ludodidactiek: leersituaties ontwerpen op basis van spelprincipes om actief leren te stimuleren. We ontdekten hoe we elementen van deze theorie kunnen integreren in onze bestaande methodiek, die de volle focus legt op de persoonlijke groei van ons publiek.


Closing of a two-day transnational meeting in Jyvaskyla (Finland) hosted by JAMK the university of applied sciences. A meeting that consisted of presentations by the partners about their ludodidactic concept and the progress made so far, But also through a workshop organised by Floreshuys and HKU to discuss the results, expectations and objectives with each other. giving the opportunity to each partner to have individual contact online with Evert Hoogendoorn from HKU, an expert in the field of Ludodidactics for questions and advice But also discussions on how ludo didactics as a methodology can go together with applied arts education, didactic theories and different target groups within the various organizations of the consortium. What everyone agreed is that ludo didactics is mainly about the experience and feelings of the end user. That is the added value. Consideration was also given to what the profile of the trainer/teacher should be. All in all, an enlightening and enriching meeting that enables us to further shape our ludodidactical design.


Relaxing after an intensive working day with the partners of MOVE YOUR MIND


Transnational meeting at JAMK university of applied sciences in Finland. Partners sharing their ludodidactic concepts made during the training in Utrecht organised by HKU and the further development.

Photos from Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND's post 22/05/2023

Dear project partners, Jyväskylä is waiting for you.

Photos from Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND's post 20/05/2023

Workshop Ludodidactics for teachers

On the morning of Wednesday April 18th 2023 trainers from all our consortium partners gathered at the School of Creative Transformation of the Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU).
Some of them already participated in other parts of the project. Some were new.
22 people, 6 nationalities, all different backgrounds and targetgroups (stakeholders), but what they have in common is the urgency to make a difference to young people in vulnerable positions. To get them back on the wagon so to say. Give them access to society, work, or education.
They are all experienced trainers, teachers or educators in some form and they are here to learn about ludodidactics.

Ludodidactics is a design methodology that applies game principles, -patterns and -processes in developing education or transfer situations. It starts, like many design methodologies, from the perspective of the end-user, and then develops a concept in different phases, to a prototype and eventually to a product. This product can be a game or some kind of gamification, but not necessarily. The core idea is to take the perspective of a gamedesigner, and then design good education.

To train this in only three days is hard work. All participants have been preparing by reading a book (ludodidactics, designing for didacticians), and choosing a problem they would like to solve in their own daily practice.
The training is facilitated by Evert Hoogendoorn, representative of consortium member HKU and one of the developers and authors of Ludodidactics and project coordinator Ina van der Brug. They are assisted by five HKU students of the Master Arts Education, and the Master Crossover Creativity who are trained in Ludodidactics.

After a short introduction and a keynote lecture about the theoretical foundations, the participants start their designs individual or in small groups. For this we use the designtools provided in the ludodidactics workbook.

Working from the intended experience of the enduser the participants worked their way through the provided tools in small groups, assisted by the students of the HKU. In two full days all participants ended the workshop with a presentation of their prototype. Most projects where already playable, others still in need of content or technical development. But all participants left the workshop with a design that they could test and develop further in the coming weeks.


LUDO - Vorige week begonnen we rond deze tijd met een 3-daagse training Ludodidactiek van Evert Hoogendoorn en zijn guardian angels (studenten Master Kunsteducatie aan de HKU). Samen met de verschillende internationale partners die zich hebben aangesloten bij het Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND.

Het waren fantastische dagen! Bedankt voor de fijne ontmoetingen deelnemers van Weener XL, Mooss, Jamk ammatillinen opettajankoulutus, AIEM - Associazione Italiana Educatori Museali, Fondazione Guido d'Arezzo, VUC Storstrøm.

Benieuwd naar ludodidactiek en wat deze ontwerpstrategie voor ons aanbod betekent? Neem contact met ons op!


The European participants in Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND attending the training Ludodidactics at HKU Utrecht


The Senior Lecturers of Jamk jumping and skipping of joy at the ludodidactics workshop in ☺️


A little inspiration. Re-designing an escapevan session (mobile escaperoom). The last time it was used in Hongaria the players where to wild and didn't listen to the storyline (importend message). In three weeks the Escapevan will go to Moldavia so whe have to re-design the game to avoid damage to the Escapevan but most of all build in the need to listen to the story (audio file). The thinking model canvas helps me to do this. Next step is to fill in the MDA canvas. One of the design away aesthetics will certain be 'anger'. Martijn (Kunsteducatie Nederland)

Photos from Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND's post 29/03/2023

28th of march Simoni Rizzi and three collegues visited Zwolle in the Netherlands to experience our Escapevan and working on a escaperoom experience for there Van wich will ready soon. The next day they visit Evert Hoogendoorn in Utrecht to be inspired by the fine arts of ludodidactics. Combine the information and inspiration of these two days and there's a good fundament for a new educational escaperoom experience.


Erasmus+ project MOVE YOUR MIND
Setup for a playtest with 100 staffmembers of a school. The goal was to crack the code of the safe. Meanwhile learning to work together and getting to know each other. The use of ludo didactics helped.


MOVE YOUR MIND is going on: working together means sharing not only the goals of the project but especially sharing who we are as professionals, how we work and why we work in art education. In this period we are sharing theories and pedagogical methods to use them in this project: a very inspiring opportunity!


LIke to share the assessment and result ( 91/100) of the submitted final report of the previous project entitled 'MOVE BEYOND'. The precursor to our current project MOVE YOUR MIND.

Project MOVE BEYOND focuses on supporting young adults between the ages of 16 and 27, with the risk to drop out of school, have no appropriate minimum qualification and no prospect of work. Website of project MOVE BEYOND:


There are more then one way to teach and learn: check it out here about Pedagogy of play!

Pedagogy of Play | Project Zero Play is central to how children learn: the way they form and explore friendships; the way they shape and test hypotheses; the way they make sense of their world. Much is known about the importance of play in children’s development, yet little empirical research has explored what it might mean to p...

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