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We love local farm fresh ingredients and now you can enjoy them too! 🌟 Stop in and grab a sample pack today, scan the QR code or visit for more details. #KBN #Greenelandingky #Nannysland #Sharethelex #lexingtonky #farm #fresh #fruits #vegetable #garden #farmersmarket GreeneLanding KY
Fall Harvest before the first frost comes 🥶 DM if you would like some green peppers, green beans, and/or green tomatoes !!

#NannysLand💚 #winteriscoming
Yesterday, we joined FCS Extension and toured GreeneLanding KY in Historic Cadentown. We enjoyed learning about Black Soil: Our Better Nature and the work they do in the community. And thank you to Pastor Leon Slatter for giving us a history lesson on Cadentown!
Green beans picked tonight at Nanny's Land
Did You KNOW!!!

A notable difference between Horticulture and Agriculture is…

Horticulture is a branch of plant agriculture and is both a science and an art. Horticultural crops include the vegetables, fruits, and nuts which are directly used by man for food, the flowers and other ornamental plants for aesthetic uses or visual enjoyment, and those used for medicinal purposes

Agriculture is done with extensive crop cultivation. Agriculture is the science of growing food crops and rearing animals for farming.
Great selection of "starter seeds" for the student to select from and/or the students can bring their own eight (8) starters to plant. The Farm Site has over 1800 sq ft for "Social Distances" and each student will have their own area to work and hand tools.

Family-ran and Woman-owned. We have two (2) growing sites: one in Cadentown, Fayette Co., KY and the other in Anderson Co., KY dba "Nanny's Land"

Our Family wants to show the vitality and viability in Horticulture/Farming!
#BlackFarmers #KentuckyProud

Operating as usual

Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 25/05/2022

Delivered a gallon of strawberries 🤗🍓

You can get a gallon for $17.50 or 2 quarts for $10

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Mixed greens now available 🥬 Collard and Mustard Greens

We’ll also have Radishes (French and Easter Egg) by the end of the week

Message us for ordering or go to our website


Our strawberries are for sample in Lexington KBN 🤗🤝

We love local farm fresh ingredients and now you can enjoy them too! 🌟 Stop in and grab a sample pack today, scan the QR code or visit for more details. GreeneLanding KY

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We’ve still got Fresh Strawberries for Sale! Available for pickup or delivery , $3 per 1/2 lb
We’ve also got mixed greens bundles available now: collard and green/red mustard greens

DM your order or order through our website

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We’ve got our first crop that has grown together, separately 🍓💞🤝 at Nanny’s Land we grow our crops with LOVE 🫶

Order Strawberries now!

Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 05/05/2022

Things are really coming along at Nanny’s Land! We have planted beets, corn, radishes, tomatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers, Kale, peppers and more! We already have Collard and Mustard (green and red) Greens coming up. Should be ready to sell Fresh Strawberries starting next week! and We also have Cilantro available (right now) if you would like some 📲

Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 25/04/2022

This past week we have been busy 🥵
Our strawberries are flowering, we have been planting a variety of seeds: beets, basil, cilantro, parsley, tomatoes, kale, french and easter egg radishes, two types of corn, and more! We are really excited and hopeful that we will be able to produce “Carl’s Glass Gem” rainbow corn which is great for popcorn or cornmeal/flour

Like, follow, and turn on notifications we are doing it BiG this year🤗


Earth Day: April 22, 2022 🌍


Hey Everybody!

We are excited to announce our grant was approved for our Summer Gardening program @ Cadentown, Lexington, KY 🎉 This year we are doing things different than past years, by allowing All Ages to participate! Reconnecting with the land is important and food security is even more important. This year we also are having a special focus on Autism Spectrum individuals, providing them a quiet, secluded area to garden - new studies have been showing the benefits of ASD individuals being in nature!

If you are in the Lexington-Fayette County area or do not mind traveling a little, Register Now 🤗


Delicious Fresh Strawberries coming 🔜 ‼️
(3 rows @ Nanny’s Land and 2 rows @ Cadentown)

Will be available for pickup, to be announced,

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A year later and we have finally “gated”
This year we are selling our crops in a variety of ways: CSA, as available, and our “stop-by stand” so we had to make sure to protect our precious produce 🤗 check out our website to see what we (will) have

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In honor of owner JoJuana’s, sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho, we planted 100 sunflowers 🌻 Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. was organized on November 12, 1922, in Indianapolis, Indiana, by seven young educators. The group became an incorporated national collegiate sorority on December 30, 1929, when a charter was granted to the Alpha chapter at Butler University.

Thank you Tracy for the help 🤝💙💛


This week is Agriculture Week and today, March 22nd, is specifically National Ag Day! The Greene Family for the past 2 generations have not been agricultural folk, but with Family Land going unused, grandson James Leavell-Greene found new purpose (in himself) and for the land! Check out our website to see All that we have to Offer 👍 💚

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Happy Spring Y’all☀️
We have had some beautiful days in the Commonwealth to kick off Spring!
We have excess Sunflower seeds and want to help you start your own lil Sunflower field ➡️ go out to our site to order yours 🌻

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We had the opportunity to try our hand at landscaping and have planted some of our daffodils for several customers 🪴🌱🌼


Some of the Daffodils starters are blooming! Go to our website to buy yours, 2 plants in 1 pot for $2.50 🌼🪴

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Well today we wrapped up the 2022 KY Black Farmers Conference and my was it something! I won’t ever be able to meet George Washington Carver but i was able to be in the presence of and share conversations with living legend @jim.embry.186. There were @kentuckyffa members there wanting to bridge the gap between old farmers, new farmers, and upcoming farmers. We had discussions, connections, and proclamations! Farming is healing, farming is spiritual, farming is reconnecting with the Land and Earth. Anyone can be a farmer, all you need is some land: owned, leased, public. And farming is not just cows, pigs, goats, chickens, tomatoes, greens, peppers, corn, to***co, etc. Farming is about stewardship. Whatever you grow, raise, produce on your land is farming!

I encourage everyone to support your local farmer, grower, producer regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, whatever because if they are providing you something grown from the Earth, a natural, less chemical, no-GMO, raw product I guarantee You it is going to be GOOD!

Thank you again to @jazzy_ashley @blacksoilky and @thefloatinglotus19 @farmallianceky @kentuckyproud

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Hello 👋🏾 to kick off Spring we are offering cute, lil, Daffodils starters🪴Perfect for your front porch, window sill, or garden! You will receive 2 plants per pot - you can order now on our website

USDA - National Agricultural Statistics Service - 2017 Census of Agriculture - Volume 1, Chapter 1: State Level Data 10/02/2022

USDA - National Agricultural Statistics Service - 2017 Census of Agriculture - Volume 1, Chapter 1: State Level Data

Proud to be

“In Kentucky, 401 of 75,966 total farms have a Black principal operator.

According to the USDA, the farm operator is the person who runs the farm, making day-to-day management decisions.

Both the number of Black-operated farms and the total number of farms in Kentucky declined from 2012 to 2017. Taken every five years, the Census of Agriculture will collect data once again this year (2022). To ensure your farm is counted this year, sign up here:

To learn more about Kentucky agriculture according to the 2017 Census of Agriculture, visit here:”

Information from Kentucky State University


USDA - National Agricultural Statistics Service - 2017 Census of Agriculture - Volume 1, Chapter 1: State Level Data The Census of Agriculture is a complete count of U.S. farms and ranches and the people who operate them. Even small plots of land - whether rural or urban - growing fruit, vegetables or some food animals count if $1,000 or more of such products were raised and sold, or normally would have been sold,...

GreeneLanding KY updated their business hours. 22/01/2022

GreeneLanding KY updated their business hours.

GreeneLanding KY updated their business hours.


Congrats to our owner, JoJuana, being featured on the 2022 kickoff e-Newsletter for @americanfarmlandtrust 📰
She is truly a “Woman of the Land, for the Land” 👩🏾‍🌾



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Our cover crop is coming along!

First time getting on a tractor and breaking up the ground, and then coming behind and seeding. A lot of learning lessons 📝📓


Trying out some MicroGreens from BearFruit & Grow, LLC 🤗

Here is owner, JoJuana’s, morning concoction:

On toasted wheat bread
Microgreens: sunflower and peas
Bacon and hard boiled egg
@greenelandingky Green and Yellow Peppers
Drizzled with Greenelandingky Strawberry jam
and Topped with Cranberries

It sure was Yummy 😋🌱🥰👩🏾‍🍳

Thank you Leticia - reach out to her to order your Microgreens!

Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 09/11/2021

Owners JoJuana and James are now Tractor (riding) Certified thanks to Uncle Paul - Nanny’s Land Caretaker. 👨🏾‍🌾🚜✅ We’re breaking the ground up so we can plant our cover crop for the Winter

Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 05/11/2021

Sigma Gamma Rho Life Members Brighten Up Nursing Home 💐🏠

Sorors JoJuana Leavell-Greene (Owner) and Tracy Curtis carried @greenelandingky flowers to Lexington Premier Nursing Home, Lexington, Kentucky

Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 03/11/2021

Delivered a bucket full of green beans and greens yesterday night. They’ve already reached back out wanting more !! These GreeneLanding crops don’t play 🤗👨🏾‍🌾🤌

Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 23/10/2021

Excited to get to prepare another Birthday Box for an unsuspecting customer 🤫🤗 This one features one of our special peppers (green and red), some cilantro, and a bag full of mixed greens!

Reach out to order a Birthday surprise for yourself or a loved one 🎁💚


Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 05/10/2021

Thank you again to Mr. Chavous @ KYSU for coming to and helping us plant over 200 strawberry plants. We filled up Two (2) 70ft rows🤗We cannot wait to provide you all with delicious, fresh 🍓next year!

Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 25/09/2021

Delivered another Birthday Surprise the other day! This time we surprised the recipient with a bag instead of a box, including a bouquet of Red Russian Kale! Also included was a big ole yellow squash, cucumber, and green peppers (bell and jalapeño)

Reach out to Us to order a Birthday Surprise for yourself or a loved one🤗🥰🙈🎁


Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 03/09/2021

Place Your Order(s) for Zinnia Bouquets!! 💐 DM or email [email protected]

We offer them in sizes:
Mini = 3 flowers
Small = 5 flowers
Full = 9 flowers

And there could be surprise flowers added🤞🙈🌼

Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 01/09/2021

Delivered another Birthday Box today🥳 This one came with a squash, cucumber, big ole zucchini, two peppers, and a special surprise😋

(Also, if you’d like some Kale please reach out)


Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 23/08/2021

Delivered a Birthday Box of Veggies today🥰🎁🥒
(Green beans, green peppers, and a beet were in the bags!)


Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 23/08/2021

Super glad we could welcome the Lewis Family out to 💚 They got to leave with vegetables, flowers, and inspiration for the future👍


Photos from GreeneLanding KY's post 19/08/2021

to our inaugural year of GreeneLanding and our first group of Summer (youth) Students ! We hope to have some come back next year🤞 #2020

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Pt. 5 - We’ll close out with our Giant Sunflowers (They are over 6ft tall)🌻 and our remaining crops inside the fence. In...
Pt. 4 - showing our students’ in our Summer Youth Program crops that they planted a couple of weeks ago. There were some...
Pt. 3 - featuring some of our other crops. Pepper plants are trying to remain strong and resilient and stay upright🌱 Som...
Pt. 2 - highlighting our strawberry plants that produced late Spring and will hopefully produce again mid-late Summer🍓An...
Wow! Is it Friday already?This time we’re checking up on our growing site in Cadentown, Lexington, KY. In our makeshift ...
Introduction to 2021 Youth Summer Program
Laying Black Plastic
Student Sawyer explaining the tool he’s using (a Cultivator) and the plants he has planted on the Farmsite.
Brooklyn also helped us water all the plants before leaving!
Last Night we had one of our students at the Farmsite to plant her seedlings from home. She’s planted Lettuce, Collard G...


Fresh Produce: Strawberries; Green Beans; Greens: Collard, Kale; Tomatoes; Peppers; Squash; Cucumbers; Zucchini; Radishes; Beets; some surprise Herbs, and much more!

Flowers: Zinnias; Marigolds; Mums; Sunflowers