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Tomorrow we'll be looking at the black consciousness Movement and role of Steve Biko in the Liberation struggle

Emzamweni high school
Time: 13:00


● The TET offensive of 1968.
> it was Agreed that during the holiday of TET there would be a Ceasefire.
> During this day the vietcongs Lauched a Surprise attack to the US and occupied many towns in South Vietnam including Saigon where they even captured the American Embasy.
> The US was Shocked by this Attack but they Fought back.
> This offense changed the way the American Public viewed this war. They saw that the US wasn't winning this war and L.B Johnson promised
> The American Public then started the Antiwar Campaigns.

●The Mailai Massacre
>The Americans Angered by the incidents of the TET offensive then went to the city of Mailai( they've been told that was the Vietcong's stronghold).
>when they got there they killed an estimated number of 400+ people including women and Children only to find out there were only a few Vietcongs there
> The Mailai Massacre made L.B Johnson so unpopular in the US as the Antiwar campains intensified
● why was it so hard for the US to identify the Vietcongs
> it's because the vietcongs had no uniform
>they travelled in small groups and carried a few weapons
> the Asian people look alike so it was hard for the US to identify the Enemy


Please Note the most important points you shouldn't forget in your Vietnam essay
● why was the USA involved in the vietnam war?
> it's because the USA feared the spread of Comminism
>it's because the USA was under the Policy of Containment (to stop the spread of Communism by any means necessary)
> it's because the USA feared the Domino Effects( if one country falls under Communism the Neighbouring countries will follow
● why did the USA became fully involved in the Vietnam war
> it's because the US president Lyndon Baines Johnson believed that the war could be won easily with the US full involvment in the war
> the US torpedo boat was attacked at the Gulf of Tonkin and L.B Johnson used that to convince the US congress that the US should be fully involved in the Vietnam war.
● how did the US fight in vietnam
> USA believed that they could win the war easily without even bringing their troops on the Ground.
> they launched their first Bombing offence called Opeeation Rolling Thunder
> The aim of "operation Rolling thunder" was to bomb the Supply route( Ho chi minh trail) to cut the supply that the Vietcongs got from Russia and China
> Operation Rolling thunder wasn't successful because aftet the Bombing offence the Supply route was still in use
> The second bombing operation was called operation Ranch Hand
> Here the US used different Chemicals to fight againts the Vietcongs.
> The first one was called "Agent orange" this chemical destroyed the vegitation and the land went infertile for years because of it
> The second one was "Agent Blue" this one destroyed crops to deprive the guerillas for food
> The third one was called "Agent Na**lm". A thick Gel which attaches itself with the skin and burns through muscles and Bones.
● why were was operantion Ranch hand not successful?
> it's because the vietcongs used the underground tunnel complexes to hide from such bombing offenses.


Today ⏳ Emzamweni high School
Time; 11:30


1st day of the program was a success ❤


Tomorrow Emzamweni high school
Time: 12:30❤


This week friday I'll be High school from 12:00- 14:00🚨


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