One Woman's Fight

One Woman's Fight

An independent body fighting for the rights of all women and children. No political/religious ties.


Thank You!!!!

More than 30 artists including Rosie Kay, Denise Fahmy, Magi Gibson, Jenny Lindsay, Claudia Clare, Jess De Wahls, Tasleem Mulhall and Louise Distras have signed an open letter in support of FREEDOM IN THE ARTS! Kick against the pricks and sign the letter here🤘


It was great seeing the very funky Laura Becker at the Bigger Picture conference this weekend. What an amazing weekend. Congrats to and the whole Genspect team!

Photos from TERF is the New Punk's post 06/11/2023



Finally got my hands on this and met Dr Hakeem!

Don’t miss out on his book (I wrote a tiny bit don’t ya know) link in comments.

(And check out our shoes!)


Earlier in the week this page ran a poll with the question

The results were
NO 113

We are all well aware that this is just a quick facebook poll. It is not a random sample of voters and was a small sample. However, it is interesting that of the 113 people who voted, 100% did NOT think men should be allowed to play in women's sport.

What is Q***r Theory? with Derrick Jensen 06/11/2023

What is Q***r Theory? with Derrick Jensen On this week's episode, Derrick Jensen joins the show to explain exactly what Gender Q***r theory is, where it came from, and how it's affecting our society ...


🚨 HUGE WIN: Wisconsin Assembly passes transgender sports restrictions in schools and a “gender affirming care” ban for minors! This comes on the heels of our chapter leader testifying in support of the bill.

We are not done yet as the bill now heads to the state Senate and then to desk. We remain hopeful!

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Meet “Kobe,” a young man who was scared of his sexuality and sought refuge in gender ideology. He learned about transgenderism on youtube at the age of 11. At 13, he was coached by older men online and began puberty blockers. At 16 he started estrogen. And by 19 was castrated.

He lost sexual function, has signs of osteoporosis, and severe back and joint pain due to puberty blockers. “I was expecting it to help me help my mental health, and it didn’t do anything. I just wasted so much time and all I did really was become a medical patient for life.”

Transgender ideology is homophobic. It teaches effeminate boys to be ashamed. It teaches girls to hate the bodies they’re in. It seeks to eradicate natural puberty. This ideology is an atrocity. (2genders1truth on Twitter)


🚨Actor & comedian Rob Schneider is spot on...

"It is no longer safe to raise your children in California. Children are not old enough to drive,drink, vote,smoke,get a tattoo, but the Democrats in California think children (who are naive and easily manipulated) are old enough to make decisions that permanently remove sexual organs and take castration drugs and risk becoming infertile FOR LIFE!"

Photos from icons_women's post 14/09/2023
On the Double Standard in Library Collections — Genspect 14/09/2023

On the Double Standard in Library Collections — Genspect If you want to read pornographic fiction at the British Library, you have to find the Private Case—perhaps the world’s most comprehensive collection of indecent material throughout the ages. Until the 1990s, the thousands of books housed there were locked away lest they corrupt the morality of t...

WPATH has discredited itself 14/09/2023

WPATH has discredited itself As mental health professionals, public health scientists, and allied organizations and individuals, we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the current Standards of Care released by WPATH (the World Professional Association for Transgender Health). We hold tha...

Court reverses injunction on Alabama transgender health care ban 22/08/2023

Another victory for our children! We are winning in the courts!

Court reverses injunction on Alabama transgender health care ban A federal appeals court Monday reversed an injunction against Alabama’s law banning gender-affirming care for people under 19, allowing enforcement of the ban to take effect in the state. A three-j…

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Oh California 😥
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