MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324

MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324

Florida-based FRC team helping students develop a passion for STEM through competitive robotics.

Operating as usual

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 28/07/2023

Congratulations to our student Nate & his first launch photo! Great job Nate!!! We can’t wait to hopefully see more from you! Shoutout to our mentor FdSi Photography for his supporting role with MECO!!
Great job Nate & thank you Daniel! ❤️💙❤️💙

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 22/06/2023

A few of our students were privileged to attend the Honeywell HUG Conference and speak about our team and their experience in FIRST alongside FIRST CEO Chris Moore, Wendy Austin, and FIRST Team 79 Krunch Robotics / Interact Club of Krunch Robotics. We are so grateful to have been given this opportunity and were able to speak to many people about FIRST and the incredible programs they offer!


On June 26th, our team will be hosting a FIRST and STEM trivia night at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop! Admission will be donations-only, and you can participate on your own or as part of a team. 15% of dining proceeds will also go to our team. Come meet our team and have a blast!!🚀

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 01/06/2023

We want to give a big thank-you to Alro Steel for hosting our team for a tour today at one of their facilities! We got to walk around and see all of their equipment in action, as well as tell them about FIRST and our team.

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 18/05/2023

Going along with our initiative, which debuted on our Instagram page this last week, we want to share a spotlight that we posted there about a very special mom of FIRST, Wendy Austin! Help us show appreciation for her by commenting your favorite Wendy memory!

The next incredible is the one and only Wendy Austin! Wendy is a shining example of FIRST Like a Mother. She works tirelessly turning kids’ dreams into reality with her assistance in FIRST programs all across Florida. She exemplifies FIRST core values, Gracious Professionalism, Coopertition, and emphasizes that FIRST is more than just robots! FIRST builds robots, and Wendy builds people. She supports students, parents, mentors, and alumni alike, sees the potential in every single FIRST student, is honest, endlessly enthusiastic and FIRST’s best cheerleader, in addition to being an endless source of information for students and mentors alike. If she had a penny for every time she heard “so it’s like Battlebots!” she’d be the richest person in the world! We and so many others are incredibly grateful for everything Wendy does for FIRST, and we would truly not be the same without her. Thank you so much Wendy for being so amazing! 🖤❤️

Share one of your favorite Wendy memories in the comments to show your appreciation!!❤️👇


Here’s our team’s 30-second trailer! 🚀


We had a great time meeting FTC team 9930 Robo-Knights at an outreach event this past week!

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 05/05/2023

This post is dedicated to Bianca, our solo graduating senior from MECO this year.

Bianca joined MECO during week 6 of build season and immediately fit right in! She was willing to help with anything we asked her to do, and helped us set up an effective scouting system to use during our competitions this year. She’s been in FIRST for four years, and we were privileged to have her with us for her fourth and final season of FRC as a student on our team. She’s looking forward to staying with us for a while and mentoring for MECO, and we are so grateful she chose us.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us— we 💙 you, Bianca!!!


Shout out to our incredible sponsors this past season! Your generous donations allow our team to function, and we cannot express our gratitude enough. We were able to attend TWO regionals, purchase materials, tools, supplies, food, pay for a trip to Tallahassee, and so much more.

MECO Robotics is working hard to provide students from all walks of life to participate in STEM and the amazing programs that FIRST offers, launching them into adulthood with skills they can use for a lifetime.

Your support makes all of these things possible. To all of our sponsors... go for MECO!!!! 🚀❤️💙
Maker Faire
Lockheed Martin
Orange County Academy
FdSi Photography

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 29/03/2023

What an incredible weekend! MECO competed at the second annual Tallahassee Regional this week with our robot Max-Q. We played our best, met so many amazing teams, and made so many memories on and off the field. We were selected to be part of Alliance 6 along with Team 6473 Rockstar Robotics and Team 5816 GRA-V, and ended up being awarded the Judges Award! We are so grateful to all the volunteers, judges, teams, and of course, our sponsors, who made all of this possible for us! For those who've been following our 2023 season journey on social media and in-person... we are so grateful for your support!❤️💙🚀
An additional special thanks to IDaniel Solomon for the incredible photos from both the Tallahassee and Orlando Regionals!

Photos from Robotics Team Suriname - FIRST Global's post 29/03/2023

It was a pleasure to meet the Robotics Team Suriname - FIRST Global at the Tallahassee Regional this year! Evan really enjoyed his time working with the team and was honored to be their human player the first day. We hope to see you again in future regionals and we hope and pray that you make it to worlds! Congratulations again on your Rookie Award!

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 27/03/2023

Orlando FRC Regional photos of MECO. Fantastic photos. Thank you ❤️💙❤️💙

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 18/03/2023

Photo dump from Thursday & Friday from Orlando FRC Regional


Seems like the Orlando FRC Regional field crew was not impressed by our shenanigans 🤪🙃


Our FIRST triple balance!! Orlando FRC Regional

First Updates Now

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 16/03/2023

Max-Q has arrived at UCF!!! Pit is ready ARE YOU!! Come to the UCF Addition Financial Arena this weekend Thur-Sat & see our incredible students in person!

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 15/03/2023

It's almost here....

Photos from MECO Robotics FRC Team #8324's post 15/03/2023

GO FOR MECO!! 8324 took a much needed break to watch SpaceX launch their ISS resupply.

we are so close to being ready for Orlando…but of course you’re never actually ready. BUT boy are we ready to have to fun competing! Come watch our students This weekend at UCF!



Driver training in full swing! Max-Q is doing a fantastic job of showing us all of its weaknesses. Let’s hope this doesn’t continue to become a trend this season.

First Updates Now
teams Orlando FRC Regional


Our students have been working so hard to get Max-Q functioning & today we FINALLY placed our first cone on the upper Node (pole). a lot of bugs still need to be worked out but dang are these students impressive!!! GO MECO!!!




Intake prototype testing!


“FIRST gave me the ability to believe in my ability to learn”
-Katie Gull UCF Mentor & Future Mechanical Engineer


Maybe we'll get to work on this in the off-season!


More drive train testing!

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What is team MECO?

MECO is focused on developing students problem solving behaviors, teaching STEM skills, collaborating with others and expanding interest in robotics while teaching practical skills. MECO designs, assembles and creates a new robot for each yearly FRC competition, improving on previous designs and engaging students by having them build, design and assemble the robot based on specific game challenges created by FIRST. This season MECO will compete in two regional competitions with the hopes of qualifying for the World Championships in Houston Texas.

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ORLANDO T-3 DAYS!!  Driver training in full swing! Max-Q is doing a fantastic job of showing us all of its weaknesses. L...
Our students have been working so hard to get Max-Q functioning & today we FINALLY placed our first cone on the upper No...