Quality Talent/Model According To Frederick Demong

Quality Talent/Model According To Frederick Demong

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Photos from Quality Talent/Model According To Frederick Demong's post 27/02/2020

A foreign student studying here back then. A runway model & a fashion model. Always likes to keep herself fit. She's a model & pro. Of course she has to be in good shape. Discipline. It took me some time to contact her & finally managed to photo shoot her. With payments of course.

March. This coming month the event I remember is Women's International Day. She's one of the models in the event. Shooting a Caucasian is rare for me here. That's why it's a memorable shooting/event

I'm a Photographer that shoot based on themes. The themes that I like. At times for public viewing & at times for private viewing. And I won't mind paying. If they can't, move on. No forcing. No making a scene/drama because a talent/model refused. Only someone obsess with a certain talent/model would be angry when rejected. In a photo modelling, the talent/model can accept or refused. It's normal.

Of course if a person doesn't know or still new they might feel odd when approached or be such a drama queen. But the ones that knew about photo modelling, it is a lot of types. From casual to nudity. Google, read & do your homework. It all depends on whether you can or cannot.

This model is one I enjoyed shooting. 2020 will be a different year shooting. It's not going to be the same all the time.

Model: Leila


Providing a Photography service as Talent/Model for hire still depends on the clients taste. It doesn't mean that if you're a plus size or chubby etc you will have no clients. The taste of clients vary. But to be safe it's always the height, long legs & good figure which tends to get more clients. Including age. You can check on the net about these type of models.

Then there is a budget issue. Some clients based on their budget. If the fee for engaging a talent/model is reasonable to them, they might engaged their services. If not, no

Another factor which is important is the ability. If a talent/model limit their ability, then limited also the clients. Because clients based on themes as well. If you can't do certain theme, then the potential client will look for others that can

Market. This is the area where the talent/model needs to know. Is the tendency in this country/area willing to hire & pay or win-win. That is one important thing a talent/model needs to know before venturing into being a talent/model

Photos from Quality Talent/Model According To Frederick Demong's post 15/02/2020

This model at times or quite frequent being seen in Catwalk & Fashion shows. Runway. Foreign Model studying here. Couple of times I engaged her service. And not without any payments. It's worthy.

I don't shoot all talents/models & pay. If I do that I might be bankrupt. And that's why I'm selective. I assess first. I don't mind to pay because I understand the rule. If I approach a talent/model, she has the right to ask for payments. Of course I can try to do win-win but if she refuses, it's still her right. No Photographer can force any talent/model. And to cut things short, I proposed a payment. If she accepts, the shooting is on. Simple. No argument etc. I don't waste my time & hers. If a talent/model approach me, I might ask for payments. If she wants to do a win-win shooting with me or collaborate with me, no harm to propose to me but still I have to check or ask what's in for me? Pictures only? If I find it's worthy, sure win-win then. If not, I prefer some payments. My gears, petrol, time etc not cheap.

Info: If you want to be a well known talent or a model, besides joining a beauty pageants, who you connect with is important. Of course you have to know what you've got. If you have the height, Catwalk model/talent will be good for you. Therefore, importantly, connect yourself with the right people.

Model: Taty

Photos from Quality Talent/Model According To Frederick Demong's post 12/02/2020

Photo shoot wedding dress. I will remember this event. It came out in papers. One is Utusan Borneo & the other one Sarawak Tribune (if not mistaken). I put into frames the newspapers.

Organizing it is not cheap. I asked permission from the relevant authority to use Waterfront & James Brooke Cafe. I even paid James Brooke cafe few hundreds for the light refreshments. Of course the two (2) models I paid for their services. In this picture is Miss Earth Fire Kuala Lumpur. Another one is a foreign student model that always being engaged in runway & fashion.

It's quite some time I didn't organize. Need budget for that. One of the reasons I paid for the event, light refreshments & models because I intend this event to come out in papers & I don't want it to be some kind of cheap publicity. That's why I use the two high ends models, a tourist spot cafe & tourist spot place. At the same time enjoying Photography bringing Kuching Photographers together especially those that willing to come without asking them any form of payments, duties or collection. Just come shoot & enjoy.

Info: I'm a Photographer that at times assess talents/models for the purpose of photo shoot. It can be for the events I organized or personal photo shoot. At times I see who my fellow Photographers shoot or see who won beauty pageants. If I'm interested to shoot them I will DM them. Very seldom I asked who to shoot this weekend or any talents want to shoot for free (win-win). I think as far as I can remember, I never asked any talents for win-win. Some talents might feel offended but I have to informed that I don't mind shooting any talents be it when I'm invited etc, but are you asking for payment? If you expect or ask for payment from me definitely I put my requirements on you. As I don't like to spend money unwisely. But if you're not asking for any payment of course you can approach me or DM inquiring whether I'm available to shoot you. If you want win-win situation I will see whether the themes etc I can accept. If I can why not. If I can't don't worry. Kuching has a lot of Photographers. You can DM them to inquire.

Model: Yvonne


Now this talent also I give her some payment even she's not a beauty queen. She's industrious. That's good about her. She has other ways to make money.

The reason I engaged her talent service because my favorite model was not available on that day which happened to be weekdays & I wanted to test my new lens. She agreed to do so.

I shoot her alone. I'm thankful for her co-operation. Nothing happened. You can ask her yourself. After short shooting, I gave her the promised payment according to the deal we made. The reasons I'm willing to pay her are

1. I need her service. I took into consideration her time to meet me, to be my talent, petrol, make up & others. And it's only fair that I pay her. I remember a relative or a close friend told me about one family where her daughter went to a photo shoot. He said after the daughter returned from outing, the mother asked her daughter did she got anything from the photo shoot. The daughter replied her mother, nothing. The mother replied her what a waste of time going to be a talent gaining nothing. No money given & so forth. Only pictures what for said the mother. Since then after listening to my relative or my close friend ( I can't remember as it happened way back then), I started to appreciate a talent willing to be photo shoot by me by giving some form of payment. In this case, it was this talent. I don't want to be labelled as a Photographer that doesn't appreciate a talent/model works/time/co-operation & so forth especially I'm the one needing a talent/model service.

2. I wanted to test my new lens. And since she is available to be my subject, I reward her for the reason same above.

Talent: Amiey


This is also my most favorite model/talent. She's a Degree holder from a refutable university. Miss Sarawak Earth Fire in 2017 & Miss Malaysia in Miss Earth Malaysia 2017 in some of its categories. Very pretty.

This model is modelling part time & she is true to her goal & that's making money out of being a talent/model in Photography. This model I won't mind paying her service because I believe she's worthy. Like Ennette, she too I find worthy. She is a model that knows what she is doing. She most of the time only accept photo shooting with some payments. If no payments she won't allowed herself being freely to be photo shoot. I can understand her as her reason to be part time talent/model is making money. If no money is being made from being a talent/model, she won't mind to stop. She doesn't too dependable on being a talent/model in Photography. That's because she has a career & other means to earn money.

Frequently I photo shoot her due to her meeting my requirements. She's pretty, has the figure & able to do certain themes except Nudity. Therefore I don't feel there is a need to look out for new talents. I'm a Photographer that shoots during weekend or when I'm on leave. So spending my weekend/holidays when I can & have the budget I shoot talents. Shooting talent/model is not my priority. My work & family are. However, each time i do photo shooting a talent/model, it's worth my time & money. And that's why I'm selective in talents/models. I look for quality.

Tips: If any talents wanting to make money from Photography, one of the best ways is to join a beauty pageant. By joining, a talent add value to herself. If she wins, definitely adding value to herself

A beauty pageant winner will have the exposure. Might know about the Photography scenarios in a place. This gives her understanding. Seldom I met a beauty queen that would want to shoot freely unless the collaboration is profiting her. Beauty queen from Miss Earth or Miss Universe or Miss World are examples of worthy to be photo shoot with payments. Other beauty queen winners depends on what pageant & meeting my requirements.

Model: Marzella


This is a photo shoot I surely pay the talent/model. It's simple. I can't find a tattoo lady doing bikini or allowed to be photo shoot. She met the requirements. It was worthy. This is not America or Latin America countries where you can find tattoo ladies willingly to be photo shoot.

It all happened when I asked her. She is ok with it with payments. That's what I do. Follow what's agreed upon. As a Photographer, I am unaware which model/talent able for a photo shoot that's higher than casual shooting like bikini/lingerie or even n**e/boudoir. The only way to know is by asking them. In asking them, be polite. If the talent says she only do up to bikini with payments, if I agree then it's on. If she says she doesn't do bikini or more than bikini, then the conversations stopped there. Say thank you for her time, noted & move on. That's a gentleman way. If gets angry or scold the talent or worst curse her, that's what the world community described as a Creepy Photographer. A Creepy Photographer is someone who can't take No for an answer. Don't be it but talents must understand that there is nothing wrong in asking or inquiring.

Info: If you're a talent & expect to be paid, look at other talents. The talents that are being paid mostly are pretty, beauty queen winners, good figure, fashion/catwalk models & definitely the daring ones.

If you're not anything above, you ought to look at yourself first & your capabilities. However, if you're not expecting any payments & just enjoy being photograph just connect or ask any photographers. If a Photographer ask for some payments from you, since you engaged them, then you pay. This is because Photographers too intend to make some money from Photography just like talents that wants or expects payments from a photo shoot


This kind of theme surely I will pay the talent/model. This is a challenging Cosplay. It's sexy. The talent/model is able to do it with ease. Psylocke, X-Men.

It's no ordinary cosplay. The talent is someone who loves Cosplay. Has the costume & many costumes. Knowledgeable in Cosplay. Has her own shop in renting costumes & other hobbies. I used to rent from her. She is also able to be the talent. She is a businesswoman & talent/model. She's educated. A Degree holder from a refutable university. Her passion took her to overseas if I'm not mistaken. She's tall, good figure & good looking too.

Because she has the speciality & uniqueness, that's why I pay. I don't think she wants to do it free. And it's worthy. You can't find a cosplayer daring like her. This is not America or Japan.

Tips: If you expect to be paid, you must be unique or daring. You must have what it takes to cause others or Photographer like me to pay you. If you only daring to be casual and a very minor sexy that depends on how many had photo shoot you. If quite a lot photo shoot you & it's based on win-win, when it comes to me you charged me, I won't shoot & pay you.

What's the point for me to photo shoot & pays you when it looks like quite a lot shoot you for free or win-win as it is called. I don't like to waste money anyhow. However, I might photo shoot you if you're daring enough for other themes.

That's one tip I give you. If you loves to be photograph & win-win, go ahead & connect yourself with Photographers. Enjoy yourself being photograph. But if you expect to be paid, that will be a different story. Nobody wants to pay if the pictures are a lot in social media where they can get it for free. Daring, Unique & Different

Model: Lisa


This is a veteran model. Senior. She's been modelling a long time. She is one of my most favorite talent/model & last year till now became my most favorite model.

I never engaged her without giving her any form of payments. She don't work for free whether my gears are expansive or she doesn't know how to pose certain posing. If she becomes a talent/model there must be a form of rewards. Agreed.

She is also a beauty queen. Winning some beauty pageant including the Kumang Bidayuh. She has the look. She has the figure. She takes care of herself. She exercises & knows martial arts. Co-operative model/talent. She is a model than can model anything except N**e Photography.

That's why I won't hesitant to pay for her modelling services. She is pretty, slim, able to do bikini photo shoot & she's not just any talents. She's a beauty queen. Apart from that, I can shoot her in a comfortable atmosphere. Most of the time after trusting me, she came alone to shoot with me. Just the two of us. Nothing happens. You can ask her yourself. I'm not against models/talents bringing someone to a photo shoot but if you ever ask or read about modelling, it's best you bring another female friend to accompany you especially you don't know much about the Photographer. It's dangerous to just go alone unless you are familiar with the Photographer. Google about it. Read. What the world community considers as Creepy Photographers. But definitely it is not a good idea to bring your BF. The reasons are a lot & one of them is your BF might be not liking you to be talent/model or he is jealous etc. Since we Photographers always shoot talent/models like me, I always knew if the BF is not ok with the shooting. By looking at his face/eyes & reactions. That at times causes me to feel discomfort when shooting knowing that I give my back to the talent BF. My eyes are on the camera. That's why the best advice I can give and what other web advice can give to a talent/model is to bring another female friend.

Tips: If you want to be a talent/model that expects to be paid, be versatile. Not only you can do casual photo shoots but others. Get yourself in shape. If you can't do n**e, it's ok but can do swimwear etc. General speaking, be versatile.

Model: Pamela


This was my favorite talent/model. Since she stopped modelling due to some reasons, I had to find talent as worthy & valuable as her. Not easy.

This page of mine is about talents expecting to be paid for their services as talent/model in a photo shoot. And because of that my page is my experiences & personal opinions on why I paid those talents & my preferences

This talent is still new & no major experience in posing besides winning Miss Sarawak Earth in 2017. Some photographers might not want to pay talents which are new & not much knowledge in posing. I too the same. But what makes me pay her?

1. She has the look. She's pretty. She's not everyday girl. I don't come across this type of girl/lady/beauty everyday. She's not an average looking. I am willing to pay because she's an interesting person. In this case she's very pretty. After all she won Miss Sarawak Earth and some National beauty titles.

2. And even she was new, she wouldn't allowed me to shoot her without some form of payments. That's smart of her. By the way she's educated. And because I find her valuable & worthy, I pay her for her services in becoming my talent/model. It was worthy.

There you go. One of the reasons I pay is a talent has the beauty I required. That's because I'm not a Photographer that just simply shoot talents or any girls and pay or wanted to be photo shoot. I like to shoot talent/models but I'm not too obsessed. I can shoot other subjects like animals etc. I'm selective when it comes to talents/models.

Tips: If any talents wants to be talents for a photo shoot, take care of yourself. Your face. Get rid of those pimples. Do your hair. In other words, learn to groom yourself. If you can groom yourself properly you add value to yourself. Especially you're expecting to be paid.

Model: Ennette

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