Roxanne Kar Piano Studio

Roxanne Kar Piano Studio

Roxanne specializes in teaching neuro-typical, atypical, and exceptional students.

She implements best teaching practices, technology, and an innovative and customized approached to teaching her students. Roxanne is available for weekly and bi-monthly lessons, remote learning, consultation, as well as lectures and conferences.

Operating as usual

Photos from Roxanne Kar Piano Studio's post 26/10/2023

Last year's June Recital with all my young adults and teens. Such a privilege to teach them! A huge thank you to Tricia Wardell for the gorgeous cookies. A highlight for the students is that audience members receive compliment cards, and by the end of the recital each student is blessed with a stack of comments on their performances.


Congratulations to students who received HIGH HONORS in their Theory Exams in May. Levels 5 through 9!

Photos from Roxanne Kar Piano Studio's post 22/10/2023

Piano hands

Photos from Roxanne Kar Piano Studio's post 20/10/2023

Every year, from March to May, studio students participate in a Music Literacy Program intensive. For 8-10 weeks we drill old and new concepts in preparation for the Musicianship Festival Edmonds Music Teachers Association . Each student receives packets with the 5 literacy areas, specialized for their level in every category. Tons of work, but SO worth it!

Photos from Roxanne Kar Piano Studio's post 18/10/2023

Adding much-needed studio pics from last school year! Some highlights from the Music Artistry Program. These are only some of the students with Dr. Colleen Hunter, the visiting artist who adjudicated my studio. A wonderful experience!


Congratulations to all of my students who successfully participated in the Music Artistry Program this past March 4 though Edmonds Music Teachers Association. Tobin Kar and Ian Kinsella, both Seniors, were selected to perform today in the Honors Recital. Well done!


My happy place!

Photos from Roxanne Kar Piano Studio's post 22/12/2022

Roxanne Kar Piano Studio Christmas Recital 2022 was a festive delight thanks to my wonderful piano families! Thank you for braving the snow and ice to have a memorable evening!

Photos from Roxanne Kar Piano Studio's post 15/09/2022

2022 Piano Studio Kickoff is almost complete! Every year my students fill out questionnaires, get new resources, binders (or binder refresh!), cheat sheets and more! Year number 19 is underway and I can genuinely say that I HAVE THE BEST PIANO FAMILIES AND STUDENTS! My heart is filled with gratitude. I can't wait to work of Chopin, Joplin, Bach, Schubert, Beethoven, Meir, and more....

And, my newly created sticky board makes me strangely happy 😁 Nothing like sticky-ing a score!

Photos from Roxanne Kar Piano Studio's post 22/06/2022

My favorite recital of the year! Summer-themed for the first REAL day of summer in Seattle. I love these students and their families. It's such a joy to be a piano family. Tremendous performances all around, and lots of fun.


Music Artistry Program 2022

What a fabulous opportunity to have my students evaluated by Carissa Pitkin Cox, M.M., M.M. from Whitman. I'm so proud of all my students whom played with beautiful artistry and clean articulation


Sometimes things do not go as planned... After hundreds of ⏰hours practicing, I biffed a performance today. 😠 I admit, it didn't feel great. Actually it was super annoying! BUT, here's what I learned today:

As an adult, I realize that it's not the end of the 🌎
Performing the 🎹 helps me face my anxiety
One flawed performance doesn't define my identity
It helps me have more empathy for my students 📚

So, here's to flaws that keep us humble!!!


Chamber Chorale Performance day!


So grateful to be recognized by my EMTA colleagues!

EMTA Teacher Scholarship Winner
Congratulations to EMTA member Roxanne Kar for winning the Piano Technicians Guild Foundation Scholarship! Since 1982, the PTG Foundation has given an annual scholarship to members of the Music Teachers National Association. This scholarship is presented to a certified piano teacher for advanced studies. The Music Teachers National Association has a standing committee to select the recipient for the Foundation scholarship. Roxanne has been featured in American Music Teachers Magazine, you can find the article on page 40 under the 2021 Virtual Conference Awards.

Why I Practice the Piano for One Hour Every Day 02/04/2021

A FABULOUS article on why us ADULTS should pull out that dusty old music, or the instrument in the closet, or open that piano lid and start playing music again! If you need some encouragement, or are interested in adult piano lessons, contact me!

Why I Practice the Piano for One Hour Every Day If you used to play an instrument, get it out of the closet. If not, start now. It’s worth the effort.

Haydn Sonata in C# Minor, Hob.36 G.32 Moderato 19/03/2021

Today I'm bringing you a piece I bet you've NEVER heard before! I wanted to play a Haydn Sonata, but my criteria was that it had to be one I had never heard, AND a piece with a ridiculous amount of ornamentation. This is deceptively difficult! It's SO naked; lots of space, clarity of sound, room for error!

*Bonus Question*, put your answer in the comments: which famous pianist did Haydn teach, and can you hear his influence in said pianist's works?

Haydn Sonata in C# Minor, Hob.36 G.32 Moderato Do not be deceived, these ornaments mean business! The best way to execute the turns is to give a fresh strike of the key, and enter the turn not quite so ra...

Refrain du gondolier, Op. 109, No. 14 Burgmuller 26/02/2021

Today's video is courtesy of MTNA Music Artistry Program. I recorded this piece as an example for one of my students whom will be playing this for MAP.

Pardon my workout clothes 💪🏼 😂. Thanks, COVID for lowering my standards.

Refrain du gondolier, Op. 109, No. 14 Burgmuller Ena's Music Artistry Program Piece 2021


Jensina Oliver Angela Michael Cathy Baylor Naoko Noguchi Mary Beth Rogers Brandi Marie Childs Bassett what do you think? This has Edmonds Music Teachers Association written all over it! Who's in (post COVOD, of course)?


Another moment of musical Christmas joy. My own improvisation. If you're wondering what's playing in the background, it's my own duet part. I'm reading a lead sheet and playing from the heart! O Come Emmanuel is the cry of my heart: "O Come, Thou Day-Spring, come and cheer, our spirits by thine advent here. Disperse the gloomy clouds of night and death's dark shadows put to flight". That's Jesus for me.

Sailor's Song Op 45 No 14 Heller 17/10/2020

Today's casual musical moment is brought to you by Stephen Heller. His little etudes are easy to master and fun to play! Music students... Watch for the difference between rubato and rushing! I had both. What's the difference?

Sailor's Song Op 45 No 14 Heller


Getting ready to kick off school year lessons at the studio! Student packets, resources, and customized assignment journals are ready to go!

Photos from Edmonds Music Teachers Association's post 28/06/2020

Thinking back to the fall, and missing my colleagues at Edmonds Music Teachers Association!


I love this!

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#bringjoythroughpiano Schubert Impromptu Op.142 No. 2 in A flat Major. Enjoy!
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Another moment of musical Christmas joy. My own improvisation. If you're wondering what's playing in the background,  it...
Welcome to my Piano Studio! I'm excited to share my love of piano, classical repertoire, and teaching students of all ag...


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