Ex-1995 Willetton Senior High School babies

Ex-1995 Willetton Senior High School babies


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Why? Because Facebook groups are so last decade :)

Photos from Ex-1995 Willetton Senior High School babies's post 24/10/2020

Not sure why I couldn't post here on the page last weekend ... 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, better late than never...

Start planning for the 30th! 😆


Hi everyone, just thought I'd send a quick post to check in on how you are all doing in lockdown. Our mental health is important at at a time like this, and please know that you can post your news and thoughts on here with your fellow classmates x

Photos from Ex-1995 Willetton Senior High School babies's post 08/06/2019

I'd been thinking about this for some time, about getting the 'news' out to our class of '95 … unfortunately we've lost near and dear classmates along the journey and people should feel free to post those notices, but also being inspired by Alex Friedrich on our Class Reunion FB page I wanted to start off again here with happier tidings ...

Two of our bestest mates recently wed and they were kind enough to give me permission to post pics of their nuptials.

Thanks to Renee and Tim with congratulations and best wishes ...

Midlife isn't a crisis: Why you'll only get happier from here 01/08/2018

Ok, with pretty much 95% of us reaching a milestone birthday this year ... this piece from ABC news online on the 'Happiness curve' seems pretty timely ... and happy birthday to all the old farts who have already 'crossed the threshold' ... ; )


Midlife isn't a crisis: Why you'll only get happier from here If you're in your 40s, you might be in a slump. It's the trough of what's known as 'the happiness curve'. But it's not all bad news.


Squirrel Monkey show us what Facebook would have looked like in the '90s

Imagine if Facebook was around when we were all in high school?

news.com.au Ah, the '90s - Hunters & Collectors Holy Grail, the Late Show and... Facebook.


Hi everyone - hope you had a great start to 2012. If you know of anyone who was in our year group from WSHS, please feel free to invite them to our Page.


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2012 goes out with a BANG.


Welcoming more members to the page .. is there anyone we went to school with that you know is still not part of this page on facebook?


If anyone knows of anyone in our year group who hasn't joined, why not tell them to hop on board the 1995 bandwagon?


Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter! Try not to cut sick on all the chocolate ;)


This was our old facebook group .. anyone still there, please also join here ...

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