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Well, depending on your level of myopia (nearsightedness), these concepts are relative.

As the images are clear in their meaning, I will tell you some words closely related to these concepts. Look! 👀

1️⃣ 🇪🇺 Aquí (here) = acá 🌎

2️⃣ 🇪🇺 Allí/ahí (there) = Allá 🌎

3️⃣ What is the difference between "allí" and "ahí"?

Well, in theory, things that are "allí" are farther away.

But I'm going to leave it up to you whether that difference means anything. 🤔



You probably already know what "frío y caliente" means.

But I'm sure you make the same mistake as all my students.

They tell me "me gusta la comida caliente". Thinking of 🌶️🍲

But when they say that, what I think is 🔥🍲 (imagine a microwave instead of the fire, come on).

So, where do we stand?

🌶️🍲 ➡️ comida picante
🔥🍲 ➡️ comida caliente



See how many words we can learn from a verb.

💸 Vender = to sell
💁 La vendedora / el vendedor = the seller
🤑 La venta = the sell
♻️💸 Revender = resell
😼 La/el vendehúmos = fraudster / chatterbox.

~ Limonada para el calor ☀️ ~



I am going to take the liberty of paraphrasing Mr. Isaac Newton ⚛️ and say that everything that goes up must come down.

That's why this image is so accurate!

You call it seesaw but in my country 🇻🇪 we call it "up and down".

¡Sube y baja!

Or well, at our normal rate of speech.... ¡Subibaja! ↕️ 😆


Okay, maybe it's not Vincent van Gogh's girasoles (🌻), pero creo que tiene talento 🎨 😆

I think he can paint for a living.

¡Puede dedicarse a pintar!


Today we bring you a complex one.

What is H1 doing?

He is holding something. In this context tomar is used as grab. But that's not always the case!

👀 This verb has several uses, take a look at it:

- Tomar un trago. / Having a drink. 🍹
- Tomar una merienda. / Having a snack. 🍿
- Tomar un taxi. / To take a cab. 🚖
- Tomar algo de la nevera. / To take something from the fridge. 🧊


This is one of the funniest mistakes you can make in Spanish.

When you want to say it's hot outside you have to use ➡️ Hace calor ☀️ or tengo calor for I'm hot (meaning your body temperature is high due to factors such as weather, clothing, etc) 😅

And save spicy 🌶 statements like "estoy caliente" for other occasions. 😏


What are they doing?

Speaking? Talking? 🙊

In Spanish they están hablando.

We have only one word for these two verbs.


H1 está escuchando 👂

Or maybe está oyendo?

Do you know the difference?

Well, the RAE tells us that escuchar is to pay attention to what estás oyendo.

And sadly, oír is a rather irregular verb.


Not exactly flamenco pero me parece que le gusta pasar el tiempo bailando 💃🏼

¿Hay alguna persona aquí a la que le guste bailar?


Do you want to know what not to do in your conversational Spanish class?

Answer only with monosyllables! 👀

I know that at first it is not easy to express yourself the way you want, but that is why you have to practice!

Are you guilty of this? 😏

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What do a 🦋 (mariposa), 🦇 (murciélago) and an ✈️ (avión) have in common?

They can fly!

¡Pueden volar!

And so does H1, it seems.

¿Quién no querría poder volar?

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What is H1 doing?

H1 está sosteniendo… ¿algo?

🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏾 Sostener means:

1️⃣ Hold
2️⃣ Support�
3️⃣ Sustain�
What a versatile verb!

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What is H1 doing?

H1 está saltando.

And since we are learning new things, also learn the word BRINCAR. 🐸

Which means the same thing. Synonyms! 🦘

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What is H1 doing?

H1 está cantando. 🎤

Maybe good, maybe not so good.... But he seems inspired! 👩‍🎤

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What is H1 doing?

H1 está manejando. 🚘

O conduciendo… ¡Depende del país! 🗺️

The word car also depends on the country... Sometimes it's carro, sometimes it's auto and sometimes it's coche. 🤔

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What is H1 doing?

H1 está leyendo. 📖

And this verb is a bit of a tricky one.

Because all the students get confused when they conjugate it.


1️⃣ Infinitive verb ➡️ Leer
2️⃣ Stem ➡️ Le…
3️⃣ Then you add the corresponding ending.

Many students are confused because they do not believe that the stem cannot be so short. It is!

And worse the gerund, because many people think it should be LEIENDO ❌ But no.

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What is H1 doing?

H1 se está duchando… ¡o bañando!

La ducha 🚿

La bañera 🛀

I know that taking a shower (ducharse) and taking a bath (bañarse) are very different things in English.

But in Spanish we sometimes use "bañarse" as the action of pouring water and soap over ourselves, even if it is in a shower.

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What is H1 doing?


¡Qué suertudo H1!

Está comiendo 🤤

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What is H1 doing?

Or rather, what should H1 keep doing?

As our dear Dory 🐟 would say.

Just keep swimming 🎵
Just keep swimming 🎵
What do we do? 🎵

¡Nadar, nadar!

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What is H1 doing?


¡Qué suertudo H1!

Está durmiendo 😴

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What is H1 doing? 🪜↖️🚶🏼‍♂️

This one will seem easy, but there's still a lot to learn.

Yes, H1 is going up the stairs.

Pero, sabías que...

1) Subir = upload
Ejemplo: subo archivos a Google Drive. / I upload files to Google Drive.

2) Subir = turn up
Ejemplo: no subas el volumen del televisor. / don't turn up the volume on the TV.

3) Subir = increase ⬆️
Ejemplo: las ventas subieron este mes. / sales went up this month.

4) La escalera = ladder 🪜
Ejemplo: H1 no está subiendo la escalera. / H1 is not climbing the ladder.

5) La escalera= stairs
Ejemplo: H1 está subiendo la escalera. / H1 is climbing the stairs.

If you google CLIMBING it will tell you that it means TREPAR 🐒 or ESCALAR 🧗🏾‍♀️

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What is H1 doing?

Do you know how to say 🏃‍♂️ in Spanish?

I don't know why he runs, but all I can think of is that ....

¿Dónde están sus 👟👟?

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What is H1 doing?

Do you know how to say 🪑 in Spanish?

Not chair! That is “silla”.

H1 is sitting down.

And don't make this common mistake:

Sitting in Spanish is not "sentando", it is SENTADO.

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What is H1 doing?

Do you know how to say “cook” in Spanish?

¡Cocinar! Se dice "cocinar".

- But you probably already knew that... What I think you didn't know is that the word "cocer" also exists.

- "Cocer" is supposed to be a way of "cooking", but I invite you to check out the RAE and let me know in the comments what you think the difference really is.

- 👀 Don't confuse "cocer" with "coser", I know they sound the same but they are not.

Cocinar = cook
Cocer = cook
Coser = sew

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What is H1 doing?

Do you know how to say “get up” in Spanish?

Well, here's one of the ways ➡️ pararse

"Pararse" is used as "get up" mainly in America and in Murcia, according to the Dictionary of the Spanish Language.

Also "ponerse de pie" or "levantarse" can work.

And maybe you're thinking that "parar" has another meaning... And you are right! It also means "to stop".

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What is H1 doing?
Do you know how to say "drink" in Spanish?
Sure you do. So, I'll tell you a couple of fun facts:
- "Beber" and "tomar" can be used as synonyms.
And, do you know what he's drinking?
I'm not sure, but I think it's a soda.
- In some countries they also say "la soda", but you can also find "el refresco" or "la gaseosa".

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A starfish is a starfish in Spanish. Would you know how to say it?

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