Barb Handley-Miller for Delta College Trustee

Barb Handley-Miller for Delta College Trustee

I have the leadership experience and internal knowledge of Delta College after teaching full-time for seventeen years to be an effective Trustee.

Please vote for me on the non-partisan ballot on November 8th.

Operating as usual


Hi everyone,

I have not posted here for a while and as we begin a new year, I want to update you on great things happening at Delta College!

This Fall, there were 7,637 students attending Delta College, a substantial increase in students. The admissions, counseling, financial aid and faculty/staff all worked very hard to enroll each of those students and help place them on a career path. Among our top ten programs are the Associate in Arts, Nursing, General Management and Dental Hygiene. We have a very large grant from the state toward improving an associate degree in the semi-conductor industry. And Delta is always improving transfer programs to universities, such as the newest pre-education major transfer agreement with Central Michigan University.

Delta is also addressing student needs for better access to mental health resources, with additional counselors on campus and a new program for free mental telehealth for all students. More community resources are being provided campus space to help students with issues like rent and food.

Delta College remains strong academically, and just received continued accreditation this Fall from the Higher Learning Commission. Delta has a very strong faculty and staff to support students, and students enjoy the small classes and feel they help them learn.

Delta is strong financially; the college received a clean audit this Fall. The Foundation plays an amazing role in supporting students, through scholarships and the Student Financial Assistance fund. Scholarship applications are open to future and current students. Check them out here:

We are a community college with a strong commitment to democracy. Delta College President Mike Gavin recently met with Campus Compact and higher education presidents at the White House to discuss the link between higher education and democracy.

And don’t forget athletics! Delta’s women’s soccer team finished second in the country and the women’s volleyball team finished sixth in the nation! Delta athletes and the campus community have a new mascot, the Delta Duck, a fun addition and also a tribute to our three communities: see the three indentations on his webbed feet? The college will still be the Pioneers honoring our heritage, and the Delta Duck mascot is modelled after the ducks who visit our courtyard ponds.

And finally, please talk to people you know about the ReConnect program. Students 25 and over without a college degree can attend Delta College for free. That program this year is also extended to 21 to 25 year old Michigan residents. It is not too late to sign up for Winter semester courses that begin January 8th. And there are always late-start courses.

Here is the link for more information:

Please like and follow my page for more updates in 2024.

Happy New Year and thank you for giving me the privilege of serving as a Delta College trustee.

Barb Handley Miller
Delta College Trustee
Representative, Bay County


Applications are now being accepted for the President’s Honors Scholarship, a full-ride scholarship that covers two years of tuition, fees and books for incoming Delta College students. The academic-based scholarship is for high school students in Bay, Midland and Saginaw counties who will graduate in 2024.

Michigan Reconnect - Delta College 24/07/2023

Delta College is a great place to start or continue your education.

As a Trustee, I am always talking to people about the diversity of programs and scholarship opportunities. Michigan has scholarships for high school graduates for college, and Delta College has a large scholarship program too.

And, are you aware of Michigan Reconnect? This program provides total tuition to those 25 and over without a degree. This year, the Governor and legislature have expanded this to 21 and older. A little detail from the Detroit Free Press this morning:

State officials estimate an additional 350,000 Michiganders will be eligible to attend community colleges tuition-free, because the 2023-24 fiscal year budget expands the Michigan Reconnect program to residents 21 and older.

The expansion, for now, is a temporary one: Lawmakers have earmarked an additional $70 million in the proposed budget heading to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s desk for the Reconnect program, but the funds are a one-time allocation. The program, launched in 2021, has provided scholarships for qualifying Michigan residents 25 and older without postsecondary degrees or certifications to attend an in-district community college or tribal college tuition-free, or cover the in-district rate for students attending a school outside of their resident district. The state also offers a Short-Term Training Program to cover up to $1,500 in tuition costs for skills training programs with similar eligibility guidelines.

So, if you or someone you know could benefit from this wonderful opportunity, please tell them about it. Michigan Reconnect. Here is the link to Delta's webpage about it. Thanks for listening!

Michigan Reconnect - Delta College Michigan Reconnect provides tuition free access to community college for Michiganders 25 or older without college degrees to pursue Pell-eligible associate degree or occupational certificates.  


We are down to the last days before the November 8th election. Please look for me on the non-partisan part of your ballot for Delta College Trustee. Bay, Saginaw, and Midland Counties will all vote in this race.

I am hopeful about the opportunity to work with other board members, Delta President Dr. Mike Gavin and faculty and staff, to keep Delta growing and strong. As a faculty member who taught for 17 years at Delta, I understand the college: the employee groups, curriculum and internal processes, and most of all the challenges our students face and the opportunities they have in Delta. I am committed to keeping Delta College financially strong and well-connected to the communities and employers we serve. Students deserve an academically rigorous and affordable education where they can go directly into the workforce or transfer to a University.

I am pleased to be endorsed by the Michigan Education Association, the Delta College Faculty Association, and the Mid-Michigan Labor Council.

Thank you to all who SUPPORT my candidacy, including:

--Mary Lou Benecke, who is currently the Bay County representative to the Board. If elected, I will take the seat she has now. Mary Lou Benecke has contributed greatly to Delta College, most recently as Chair of the search committee selecting Delta College’s new president, Dr. Mike Gavin. Mary Lou has decided not to seek a second six -year term. She has graciously endorsed me in this race for the Bay County seat she holds through this year.

“Barb is devoted to Delta’s students and their dreams. She will be a partner in the college’s success and dedicated to our mission from day one.”

Thank you, and please vote, turn in your absentee ballot now in person, or see you at the polls! Barb


Hi good people,

As you fill out your absentee ballots or soon fill out your ballot at the polls November 8th, please look for me on the non-partisan part of your ballot. If you live in Bay, Saginaw or Midland Counties, you can vote for me in this race, and I so appreciate your vote. As a former Delta College faculty member and leader at the college, I will work hard to keep Delta strong academically and affordable for students. I have the endorsement of the Michigan Education Association, Delta College Faculty Association and the Mid-Michigan Labor Council.

Many of you are texting me privately asking about the other Trustee races.

Here are my recommendations:

1. In Midland, Michael Wood is a current member of the Board and an important voice, as Delta's former Institutional Research director. I will vote for Michael.
2. In Saginaw, Arshen Baldwin is a current trustee and brings the critical experience of a K-12 teacher. I will vote for Arshen.
3. Also in Saginaw, in a second seat that is open, Alex Clark is a finance manager for an automotive dealer who understands the burden of student debt due to college. He is a strong promoter of Delta College's trade programs and the affordability of all of our programs. He has run a bipartisan campaign and has the backing of the Delta College faculty. I will vote for Alex.

Thank you, with your help we can elect four committed trustees!



Hello friends,

Soon many of you will be turning in your absentee ballot and others will be doing in person voting November 8th. Just a reminder to look for me on the non- partisan part of the ballot, Barb Handley-Miller for Delta College Trustee. I am running to be the Bay County representative, but Saginaw, Bay and Midland counties all vote for this position.

I am honored to be endorsed by the Michigan Education Association, Delta College Faculty Association, and the Mid-Michigan Labor Council. I am a former Delta faculty member and will work hard to represent students, faculty and staff and all of our communities. Delta College is a gem and I will help ensure it’s continued and future success!

I would appreciate your vote!

Barb Handley Miller


Hello everyone, I am happy to announce another important endorsement. The Mid-Michigan Area Labor Council is supporting me for Delta College Trustee. I am proud to have the support of these hard working unions, along with the Michigan Education Association and Delta College Faculty Association.

Delta College will remain academically strong and innovative with diverse voices at the table. I intend to make sure all voices are heard. Please vote for me on the non-partisan part of your ballot for Delta College Trustee. Voters in Bay, Saginaw and Midland Counties vote for the Trustee position. Thank you so much for your support!


Great news to share with you! I have earned the endorsement of the Michigan Education Association representing K-12 teachers and many college faculty. I am so honored to have this endorsement as well as the Delta College Faculty Association.

And my other great news is that the filing deadline has now passed and I have NO competition! I believe the good showing in the last race and all of your support made that happen, so thank you!

As long as YOU vote for me, and barring a write-in candidate against me, I will be elected Trustee for Bay County on November 8th! I know that my longtime teaching experience will serve Delta College and current and future students well.

Delta College is a treasure for our region. I will collaborate with my fellow trustees, President Michael Gavin, faculty and staff and our community to keep Delta moving forward with academic excellence. And I still need your vote in November. Please vote!

Thank you!
Barb Handley-Miller


It is great to be supported by these two dynamic women in my bid for Delta College Trustee: Rosa Holliday, a tireless Democratic
strategist, and Kristen McDonald Rivet, Bay City Commissioner, a candidate I have a deep respect for and who will be a TERRIFIC Senator for all of us in the new 35th State Senate district.

I will not be on your primary ballot for this race in Bay, Saginaw, and Midland counties in August. Look for me on the non-partisan part of your ballot on November 8th. All three counties will vote for the Delta College trustee opening. And vote for Kristen McDonald Rivet. Thank you!


Campaign endorsement, June 28, 2022: I am pleased to announce the Delta College Faculty Association, (DCFA) has endorsed me for Delta College Trustee. I was a proud member of the Delta faculty for seventeen years, a professor of Communication, so this endorsement from my colleagues means a lot. I will work hard to keep tuition affordable and Delta academics strong.

Other key endorsements:

-Mary Lou Benecke, a current Bay County Delta trustee who is not running for a second term

-Marcia Thomas, current Saginaw County trustee

-Bob Emrich, current Saginaw County trustee

There is no primary in this race, I am on the non- partisan ballot in November and Bay, Saginaw and Midland voters will vote in this race. Thank you, DCFA!

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Candidate Statement

So many students say they would not have gone to college were it not for Delta College. Delta changes lives. I have seen the thousands of students I have taught benefit from the excellent faculty and staff, and extra-curricular activities.

Growing up in Saginaw, and living in Bay City, I understand the impact of Delta on our region. As a former reporter and news director for WNEM-TV, I covered the growth and impact of Delta College. When I left WNEM to earn a graduate degree, my first teaching experience came in the Broadcasting and Communication Departments at Delta. I understand the partnerships Delta has with employers and transfer universities. I taught full-time for ten years at Northwood University and then had the opportunity to come back to Delta College.

At Delta, from 2002 to 2019, I taught full-time in the Communication Department. I also became deeply involved in work to benefit students. I led the President’s Speaker Series committee for nine years, and the Graduation Requirements Committee to revise the Associate of Arts and Science degrees. I led the General Education Assessment Committee, to revise and assess the general learning outcomes for our students. I am a collaborator and an innovator.

I believe strongly that Delta College would benefit greatly from having a member on its Board with a career in higher education and internal knowledge of Delta. I look forward to working with Board members and the President, Faculty and Staff to continue to strengthen Delta College. I ask for your vote in November!