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US schools failing in fight against youth mental health crisis, new report card finds 17/02/2022

Most schools are not supporting your kids mental health. El Batey is offering a Social Emotional classes that will support your child during this difficult time. Reach out to Beatriz Flores to get your kid signed up today!

“Nearly 1 in 3 parents say their children’s mental health is worse now than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll.”

US schools failing in fight against youth mental health crisis, new report card finds A new report card from the Hopeful Futures Campaign grades all 50 states on how well they're supporting students' mental health amid COVID-19.

Photos from Empoweredu's post 15/02/2022

In our first Level Up teens Social Emotional Learning class students learned that what we say or do either pushes or brings people closer to us. Here we have students drawing a Giraffe to represent connecting relationships habits and a Jackal to represent disconnecting relationship habits. During practice the guiding question they asked themselves was: Will what I am about to do bring me closer to this person or move us further apart?

Disconnecting Relationship Habits:
1. Nagging
2. Threatening
3. Punishing
4. Criticizing
5. Complaining
6. Blaming
7. Bribing/Rewarding to Control

Connecting Relationship Habits:
1. Supporting
2. Encouraging
3. Trusting
4. Listening
5. Accepting
6. Negotiating Difference
7. Respecting

Homework: At the end of each day, think through the 7 Connecting and 7 Disconnecting Habits and see which habit matches what you did. If you practiced a Connecting Habit, think how it felt and how it was received; and could you do it again. If you practiced a Disconnecting Habit, recall how the other party received it and then think how you could rephrase or reframe what you said. Overtime, practicing the habits will become easier like second nature.

***To get your kid signed up for this Saturday class contact Beatriz Flores ****


My students created this poster today. When students understand the needs that motivate our own and others behavior, they can relate to themselves and others much better.


Teaching Nonviolent Communication to my students today. Watch how I build these kids up.

Info & tools for teachers 19/04/2020

We need to find creative ways to keep our students engaged. This is an excellent resource to start from.

Info & tools for teachers Helping teachers keep teaching

Timeline photos 17/04/2020

My exact message to parents ❤️

📷 Maria Karaiskos

Social-Emotional Learning Should Be Priority During COVID-19 Crisis 16/04/2020

“So we have to work on relationship skills and how to talk to each other the right way. It’s more important than ever right now.” Wendy Turner, Teacher

Social-Emotional Learning Should Be Priority During COVID-19 Crisis Experts say teaching and learning during closures is unrealistic if SEL for students and educators is left out of the conversation.

Timeline photos 13/04/2020

Interestingly true now



A practical way to strengthen your relationship today!

Five Basic Needs 06/04/2020

The five basic needs that motivate all behavior. If we teach students about their needs and to express their needs, they have a better chance of getting them met.

Five Basic Needs In this module you will discover the five basic needs identified by Doctor William Glasser and understand the importance of establishing a connection between...


A Family Ritual That Will Make Your Life Easier During Lockdown!


There is a better way. I choose nonviolent communication. Join me as we explore a language of life.


I'm on the side of "must be loved in order to behave" When we realize this relationship building becomes our foremost priority.



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