Fighting for ADHD through Education - FATE

Fighting for  ADHD through  Education - FATE

- To inform individuals of ADHD's symptoms for awareness.

-To inform individuals of the possible ri

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Good day everyone, we are FATE, here to inform you about ADHD, its symptoms, and possible conditions that an individual with ADHD may acquire if left untouched.
Here is the link as to where we got the information from:

Additionally, here are some Groups and Societies you can consult with if ever you feel the symptoms presented. Please, check out their pages for more information.

Here are the links to their pages:
AD/HD Society of the Philippines:
ADHD Support Group - Philippines:

Discrimination towards those diagnosed with ADHD 22/01/2022

Discrimination against individuals with ADHD is quite common in this day and age, which lead us into creating this video to help spread the word and help in lessening this discrimination even if it is just a tiny bit.

Discrimination towards those diagnosed with ADHD Created by Kenneth Kristian Salvador (F.A.T.E representative)Disclaimer:We do not own any rights to any of the audio clips where we gathered evidences from m...

Adhd | ADHD Archives 22/01/2022

Having ADHD doesn't mean one is subpar over those who don't have it. In fact, it can be their strong point! Here are some stories of famous individuals who became very successful despite having ADHD. So don't feel down if ever you are one of those who have it. Be confident and strive for your dreams!

Adhd | ADHD Archives ADHD Archives The story of this campaign focuses on breaking the stigma around ADHD. It compels individuals to take a stand with equality and that people who are struggling with ADHD are just as valuable and great as those who do not have ADHD.

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