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I teach teachers how to teach online and how to market their online courses to maximize profitabilit

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...Because you are charging crack head prices!


Listen, I ain't even gone play with it, the reason you ain't making no money as a TeachPreneur is because you out here charging crack head prices.

Aye, Ima dive deep into this topic tonight at 7 at Teach Scholars Online! Hope to see you there!


Reason #1: Waiting for Permission


Aye, it is time we have the conversation!

Over the next two weeks, I will be going live at Teach Scholars Online to talk about, why folks ain't making no money as an online teacher. And believe me, there are 101 reasons as to why folks ain't getting paid!

Tell ya teacher mama and ya friends that I am going live, bc this is a conversation that you don't wanna miss!


A live interview with STEM Expert, Dr. Connie


An interview with Felicia Malloy


An Amazing Interview with Journei Bimwala!


Interview with Iman Iman Cassells Alleyne


I get it! You have been a craftswoman for years and you love crafting! And somebody told you that is you teach online, that you can make a lot of money teaching your craft online.

But the problem is, no one is registering for your course! The only time that registered is when you were offering it for FREE.

And so what now???

Meet me at 7:00 p.m. est on Facebook LIVE, and let's talk about that crafting course you got going on.


Whew Chile! You did it!

Over the summer, you taught online, and it was really easy, all you had to do was post a zoom link and people registered with the quickness.

But now, that zoom link registration ain't working like it did before...what happened Cletus???

Aye, meet me on Facebook at 7:00 p.m. est and let's talk about the problems that you are having with that zoom registration funnel.


So you have started this online school, and them students just ain't rolling in like you thought they would, right?

I know! I have been there too chile.😏

Aye, meet me on Facebook at 7:00 p.m. est for a LIVE Q&A, and let's talk about how you can get more scholars in your virtual seats!


Listen! I get it! Returning back to the classroom did not work out as planned, and now you wanna try your hand at teaching online. Butttah!!!!! You are still not sure about this whole teaching online thing.

So here is what we are going to do, join me every night at 7:00 p.m. est on Facebook, and allow me to answer your questions about teaching online. How does that sound?


See you tonight at 7!


Get Beyond the Hustle!!!

Kids and money 20/07/2020

Easy Economics for Scholars

Ages and how to discuss money with children....
Preschool- delayed gratification
Elementary- grocery shopping with parent
Middle School- volunteer, income disparities
High School- college, paying for their own necessities


Kids and money From delayed gratification to distinguishing between “needs and wants,” Reporter Sharon Epperson has tips on money lessons your kids should be learning at each stage, from pre-school to high school.


The only way that I know how to teach is to the culture... !

I don't know nobody named Sally or Sara, but I do know a few girls that go by the name of Shondra...and that is who I am teaching to!


It is an honor to publish an Amazon bestseller with three other amazing homeschool professors!

Did you get your copy? Go get it today at bit.ly/theprofessorsbook

Georgia seeks waiver of Milestones tests again next school year 23/06/2020

Listen! Georgia realizes that the whole state has failed this past academic year, and there is no need to test our children!


Georgia seeks waiver of Milestones tests again next school year The pandemic has caused a crisis for schools, and Gov. Brian Kemp and state school Superintendent Richard Woods say requiring the tests would be "counterproductive"


This weekend was totally EPIC!

Dr. Quinn released her 3rd Amazon bestselling book on African American Homeschooling, titled on:

"African American Homeschool Master Teachers and Professors"

Did you get your copy?

Get it today at bit.ly/theprofessorsbook


Did you miss the Master Teachers and Professors EXPO? Catch the Day 1_Part I replay here!


***Read This Post****

So what is my next book you?

Well, I just got the vision and title while I was jogging this morning.

It is a reference book, titled: “BLACK MEN Teach Scholars Online.”


Because BLACK FAMILIES are looking for BLACK male teachers!!!!

This book will highlight BLACK MEN that have social media platform and offer educational instruction and videos to kids online.

I am looking for at least 10 BLACK MEN to highlight.

-Professional Color Photo (a full page color photo will go in the book)
-Professional Bio
-Social Media Following
-Willing to do a live interview

No fee to be highlighted
Last Day to submit: June 30th

*Also accepting nominations*


We are LIVE in ☝🏾 hour!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

Teach Scholars Online

I teach teachers how to teach online and how to market their online courses to maximize profitability!

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