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This is me.

On my Birthday in New York at Ellen's Stardust Diner.

Having a great time.

The two years before that were not so great.

Trying to start my new career as a teacher and it then coming to a halt due to illness.

Illness that never seemed to end.

And mentally it led me to a place of not wanting to be here anymore.

Today, I'm so glad I am here!

It's amazing how your life can turn around.

The people you have around you can help you in more ways than you'll ever know.

Be those people if you can.

Because whatever you're going through, together is better.


Hello October!

Looks like we're back to summer.

How are you making the most of it this weekend?


Just like that tree..

Things take time to build.

Start now with where you're at, whatever goal you're working towards.

Lay those 🧱

Photos from Ajay Sidhu Coaching's post 24/09/2023

Sunday reminder...


First heard this on the Chris Williamson - Modern Wisdom Podcast.

We are all guilty of not doing the thing.

But when you truly look at doing the thing is what ticks you over week on week.

You reflect back years from now and if you did the damn thing you'll be much further along than where you are now.

What's the one thing you're doing this week?


PT's who wear glasses...

Keep a good 👀 on you

Look out for you 😉

And are always 🔍 to improve!


Half term magic!

Happy half term to all education staff out there.

I hope it has been a good one.

It was only today catching up with a friend we realised how quick these weeks can pass us by.

If you feel like you've done far too much work over the week.

It's time to have a chilled weekend.

Reset, before the working week returns.

Have a gooden 👌🏽


Photos from Coached By Ajay's post 21/06/2022

Ever wondered what it was like to work with a coach like me?


You're wondering what happens when I message?

That's ok.

I was apprehensive the first time I ever reached out to a coach myself.

I thought here we go another automated series of messages to sign me up to something I'm not really sure of.

But, I was wrong.

I actually spoke to a human being.

Who truly understood my goals and worked with me to achieve them - running a half marathon!

Sorry if you ever been hit by someone's automated response before.

But, you won't get that from me.

I'm human just like you.

And I still teach, probably just like you too!

I just want to know how I can help you.

For me, the problem was finding the time to workout and complete my training.

Because, I was honest I got the best from working with a coach.

So next time you see a message as just spam, please think again.

If you truly want the help and you're worried and confused about where to go next then just be honest.

You have a right to be confused as our world's are filled with daily confusion just from scrolling through social media.

It's important we are both comfortable working with each other and we will only know that by being social, on social media.



Fed up of being stuck on a crash diet?

Feeling like you barely have any energy.

Like you always just want to eat more.

And ultimately crave everything else so much that you end up giving up?

As teachers, being busy and often not even getting time to sit down and eat in peace can be exhausting.

Always consciously eating whilst multitasking.

Working through marking books.

Preparing for the next lesson.

Dealing with students behaviour.

You know exactly what it's like.

You barely get any time to just sit and eat and actually enjoy your food.

This continuous cycle over time only leads one way.

You end up snacking.

Snacking everything and anything because this is the way you have become conditioned to eat.

Tiredness and stress play a big factor in hunger levels.

And this often means you never really get a chance to prepare accordingly.

The reality here is though.

It's ok to eat a balance diet.

To give yourself a treat.

To enjoy the food you love.

But in moderation.

Yet, you never get the time to do that.

Because everything else is taking up your time.

This is something I work carefully with my clients on.

Understanding there life balance (or lack of).

And helping them to regain it.

I am no miracle worker and this will take time.

But, I'm sure you would rather someone else hold your hand through the process.

Just a thought...


Photos from Coached By Ajay's post 25/05/2022

Ever wondered what it would feel like to work with me?

Swipe through and see how my client progressed 💪🏽


Who's mask do you put on first?

Yes, the analogy is often used on the airplane.

We are told to see to ourselves first before attending to others.

But how often are you found attending to others first.

In a many different occasions.

And off course being in a busy and demanding job you will always put your students first.

But, what are your true boundaries?

Do you even set them?

For you and others?

In the society we currently live in we are always looking for speed.

We are expected to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE.

We are often achieving most of these tasks from one device too.

And yet.

You have forgotten YOU!

YOU are the most important.

YOU have to put yourself first.

YOU need set your own boundaries.

YOU need to stop feeling guilty.

YOU need to look after you before you completely burn out.

It's true we all want to be the superhero.

Going 100mph all the time.

Spinning all the plates.

But, that can't last forever.

Start putting down the things in place for you now.

Practice by writing one thing down that you will achieve every single day.

Something that you know you will be able to stick to and build upon.

That's exactly what I do with my clients.

I put them first.

By utilising their fun.

Their inner child.

And building upon positive habits to success.

If you want to know more about how this works message me "YES" and I will share some more details.


Half term is round the corner.

The time for a well deserved break.

A chance to put your feet up.


And reset.

Resets are important.

100mph all the time only leads one way.

When I am in the zone I keep going and ultimately only leads me to being ill or burnout and stress.

That was exactly like me when I first started teaching. Going all in all the time.

By the time half term came round, I was absolutely shattered.

And inevitable ended up being unwell.

Once my body had learnt to switch off its defense mechanisms kicked in and I'd spend most of my half term trying to get over a cold.

I have now learnt to reset when needed.

Not just waiting for half term.

I know when to take time off. That doesn't mean not going into work it means not having to fullfil every other need.

Taking time off training preventing burnout and not stopping my progress.

Balance in life is the most important thing. We only get one after all and we must cherish it completely.

My clients are no different.

I ensure they have time for them.

That they are not given a strict program.

Although I know they could easily achieve the results they want within a much shorter amount of time. 6 - 8 weeks results of rapid fat loss and smashing the gym 4 times a week is never going to be sustainable.

The goal should never be a QUICK FIX for summer. So you can pile it all back on again over the winter.

And my coaching experience doesn't just look at your body.

We look at you as a whole and aim to improve multiple aspects of your life.

That's why working with me is a complete experience.

I'm a human being who understands your needs. And works towards them.

Everyone is different, so I coach that way.

If you're looking for a coach and one who isn't a robot. Feel free to be social on social media and drop me a "Hi"



Keep going, keep showing up.

Remember it is better to be consistently good, than occasionally great.

Sunday reminder.

Let's have a great week ahead!


The school week is over.

It is officially Friday!

What are you doing for your wellbeing this weekend?

Make sure you set some time aside for you.


Tuesday we posted an epic result for my client

If you haven't seen it, I recommend you check it out.

Running into this feature length video - we have Chris who has dropped 10kg so far ready for his holiday!

On top of that Chris is ready to add muscle 💪🏽 after the holiday he deserves.

He's already a new man but we're ready to take things to new levels.

Only more to come!

Ready for me to help you feel and look your best and take the stress of it all away from you?

Hit the link in my bio now and fill in my pre-application from.

From there we can book a discovery call in to work out the best plan for you.


P.S Watch this space - Chris' next results will be amazing! 🔥


So yesterday you saw the amazing transformation of our client

Now you get to hear from him about how the experience has been for him.

If you're feeling ready to improve yourself and want a coach who is not only there for you but keeps you accountable.

Head to the link in my bio and fill out my pre-application form.

We will then work through a discovery call to see if the service is right for you!

Let's go 💪🏽


What's the one thing holding you back from getting you to where you want to be?

For my rockstar client there were a few things.

But, the most important was to just get going.

With a coach.

🔵 A coach, who cares.

🔵 Keeps you accountable.

🔵 Listens to you.

💥And creates the best plan for YOU!

Life is already too busy as it is.

Let someone else ease that pressure for you.

Here's a few words from the man himself.

"The solution you provide in my life is supporting me in my decision to make a lifestyle change in a way that keeps me motivated.

I know as an individual that my change was needed but you provide me with the missing pieces of the puzzle - keeping me motivated and on track, whilst providing me with workouts that are both challenging and fun!

The best thing for me personally is the support which you give me in acknowledging me as more than just a robot but in a way that feels like I am being supported by a friend - not only is it professional it makes me feel comfortable and always me to be honest with myself and yourself whereas I have never felt that way with anyone else!"

Chris is going places! In more ways than just his amazing body.

So here's the game plan I want to put into play for you.

Message me the word "YOU" and let's get the blueprint set for YOUR goals!


P.S - Keep your eye out for Chris' playbook of how we reached this amazing result.


Your weekend reminder...

Don't wait until you're retired for YOU time too.

Photos from Coached By Ajay's post 13/05/2022

Your mental health matters more than anything.

Don't forget that.


Life feeling like an uphill struggle?

I know the feeling at this time of year when work is getting on top of you and deadlines are coming.

Not to forget the impact of COVID19 and extra pressure on schools.

When we see an obstacle it is often believed that we have two options.

1️⃣ Head straight towards it and attack it.

2️⃣ Turn back and give up.

Personally, I prefer number 1...

However, it depends on the circumstance.

Let's be real.

Is it realistic to treat every obstacle this way?

No, off course not.

Your students wouldn't believe you and deep down you know you wouldn't respond that way.

So what's the solution?


Yes more planning.

But not in that sense.

Map out the path that is comfortable yet challenging.

Ensure that you have you're own self care along the way.

For me, knowing I have lots of work to do can feel overwhelming.

But, spending 5-10 minutes, mapping out the best way to attack everything allows me space and time for my needs too.

Put yourself first.

Your job role could be replaced tomorrow, but you couldn't!


Ok I don't mean jetting off to Paris and back in time for work tomorrow ✈️

I mean embracing the hour in the day for you. 💆

Use it to your advantage.

Whether that's some time in the car listening to your favourite music or podcast. 🎶🎧

Perhaps even going for a walk. 👣

Whatever it is, make sure you switch off from everything else during that time. 📴

Have that mini holiday every day and your stresses will ease.

No, they won't go away.

You'll still have marking to do, meetings to arrange and lessons to plan.

But you'll be able to approach those with a much healthier mindset. ☺️

Make this a non-negotiable! 👍

P.S I know this isn't an easy and off course not a quick fix but it's certainly better than waiting for half term.


Are you always waiting for the weekend to come or half term?

Create your own mini holiday every day.


Calorie count all the time but still not losing the weight?

Sound like you?

Feel like you've been doing this for far too long and not seeing results?

Well, that's similar to my client Emma.

She felt like she has been trying really hard to be consistent with her calorie counting for a while. ☹️

She was worried because she had a holiday coming up and didn't want to feel like she did last time.

She had spent a long time saving up and paying for this holiday. 💸

And she wanted to be able to enjoy it.

Enjoy it, feeling her best.

We had a conversation a few weeks before we initially started working together.

Emma was unsure 😕 and a few weeks later she reached out and wanted to get going.

She knew the countdown to the holiday was on and couldn't wait any longer. 🕓

I explained to Emma, that our coaching process is not about quick fixes. ❌

And although I can certainly help to make good progress in 6 weeks.

💥Well in fact she dropped 7 pounds in 6 weeks! 😮

Education and playing the long game are what I am all about. 👍🏽

And we worked on slowly developing positive habits.

This included understanding calories.

They actually increased! ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Understanding protein and how effective it can be in fat loss.

And developing the best training program for Emma, working towards her needs and what she also enjoys.

And most importantly I kept Emma accountable.

She showed up and commited! 💪

But even more importantly she reached out when she needed help. 📩

She ran to me not away from me. ☺️

The best news...

This is only the beginning.

I can't wait to see what we do after her holiday. ☀️


Happy Monday (Bank Holiday Monday to those in the UK)...

Have you ever wondered what a difference a few hours in nature could make?

Getting out into the open air worked wonders for me yesterday.

It allowed me to reset a little and be truly present in that experience.

I will be forever grateful for what nature can bring.

For context and perhaps you are wondering why I have not been present on here lately...

I have had a difficult week with family issues going on and needed to take a little step back.

A step back such as spending time away in nature during a hike is the perfect step.

Although it can often feel like a step back. It is an important step back that then allows for further steps forward.

As a teacher it can often be stressful continuosly running from lesson to lesson with barely a break in between.

We often then find ourselves on autopilot.

And treat that autopilot as if it is the norm.

Well it's not!

So this week or even today.

Go and spend time on you, guilt free.

And although you've got that pile of marking or planning to do.

It will have to wait, because you come first.


Segwaying straight into Monday? 🛴

Sometimes this can feel like the case.

The weekend just goes by too quickly.

Spent most of it partying away 🎉

Catching up on sleeping 💤

And nursing that hangover. 🤢

The BOOM Monday comes around. 💥

And the cycle continues until the next weekend.

That endless cycle of just getting through the week.

Getting through to party time and binge to feel terrible after it.

There's only a matter of time before then penny drops and you realise you can't continue living like this.

You're not as young as you use to be.

And it is definitely starting to effect your fitness.

You've started to notice you just can't keep up like you used to.

You have two options...

1) Continue the way you are and end up feeling like rubbish. 👎🏽

2) Taking action! 👍🏽

If you're #2 then don't go it alone.

I am currently working on using a new application and I would love to offer you the chance to help me test it out.

If you're still reading and genuinely want help with your fitness and nutrition goals DM me "YES PLEASE"



As a thank you to everyone who has recently followed or has been following for a while I am running a giveaway.

The prizes are...

1️⃣ 4 weeks online coaching

2️⃣ 2 weeks online coaching

3️⃣ £10 Amazon gift card

To enter...

🔵 Like this post

🔵 Follow this page

🔵 Share this post to your story and tag

🔵 Tag two friends in the comments

Last chance to enter will be 10am Sunday 24th April.

Winners will be announced on Sunday!

Good luck 🤞🏽


Comparison is the thief of joy!

YOU are unique!

Never forget that.

P.S Excuse the guard dog barking 😂


Is it always about the physique?

I hear people mention that they are looking to get ripped because they want to look a certain way.

But what they don't wan to do is commit.

Be accountable.

Show up daily.

And love their craft.

Instead they just look at the others that do and slate them.

With loads of excuses.

To be honest.

I don't believe that is has to all be about the physique.

COVID-19 changed that for many.

Health and fitness are a foundation of every day life.

But, so is having fun.

Being real, my training has been pretty sporadic lately.

I could easily make every excuse under the sun as to why that's the case.

And those of you that know me well will know how difficult the past few weeks have been.


I still show up.

Even if it's getting in my garden and doing a quick workout, whilst my dog wants to play.

Why though?

Because I know I want to.

It makes me feel great!

It is only improving my health and overall well-being.

And best of all I get to bring my inner child.

Just like the young people I teach.

This is my playground!


"It's been such a long time since I was down to the 10 stone mark!"

This was a comment from my client after a catch up call at the weekend.

The initial goal for my client was lose weight and tone up in specific areas! But also looked at working on her confidence in and out of the gym. As she has a holiday coming up and wants to feel her best for it.

We worked on.

1. Setting small goals, initially working on gym confidence and a food diary.

2. Built this up to a greater level of consistency at the gym and a calorie deficit.

3. Support, encouragement and accountability throughout. Just as the graph shows weight loss is never perfect.

If you're feeling in a similar position, perhaps you have been trying it alone but getting no where.

Feel free to reach out to me and we can book a call to see how we can map out the plan for YOUR goals.

Just message the word "Goals" now.


Monday reminder!

Today in the UK is bank holiday Monday.

Which means another day of rest and more family time for most people.

If that's you, awesome!

If it's not, amazing!

It doesn't matter what you do or don't.

Just remember to be you!

As it is only you that is accountable for where YOU want to be.

Have an amazing week everyone 🙂


Want better sleep?

Try this!

The phone in bed is probably the hardest habit to break.

Don't forget, the majority of us never grew up having electronic devices in bed.

So it's a habit we have learned to accept as the norm.

Buy yourself an alarm clock if you have to.


Worried about all the 🍫 over Easter?

Well, to be straight with you I have a real 🍬 tooth myself.

Will I be cutting chocolate out this weekend?

Absolutely NOT!

Will I be binging it until I am sick 🤢?



Enjoyment in moderation.

Everyone needs it. 👍🏽

Without it, you will only end up falling off the plan.

So cater for it.

Allow it. 👌🏽

Know that you may not be as consistent this weekend.

But remember, once it's gone it's gone! 👋🏽

Don't be running to the shops for marked down Easter eggs 🤣



Progress isn't just how we look.

Progress can form in many different ways.

Starting small and building up those habits over time will only help that progress.

My client is smashing everything set for her.

Despite not been perfect 100% of the time.

It is important to ensure we celebrate the small wins.

Remember that, the next time you beat yourself up because you struggled to fit your gym session in.



Fail good, fail again, fail often.

In life we either win or learn.

Remember that this week.

You've got this 👊🏽

If that first hurdle hits you get back up and go again.

No one ever got anywhere without failure.

Don't just accept it.

Learn from it.

When you learn from it.

True growth happens.


This is something I have really needed to share for a while.

I appreciate if you could watch it and understand and respect my current situation.

I will be back on here soon.

But for now, I need to focus my energy and time on the most important things.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything and I will get back to you ASAP.


This is your reminder!

Have a great weekend.

Got a social event to attend?

Fun and enjoyment is all part of the process.

Just remember two words...

Moderation and Balance.

Have a great one.


Do you meet the criteria?

Ok, the word criteria sounds scary right?

Well it's not and I'm really not that strict.

And I'm certainly not a drill Sargent 🤢

But what I will do is ensure I understand YOU.

How I can gain the best from you.

Following the 5 key principles above.

We both need to be in the same page.

Essentially, if you're thinking this will be a quick fix.

You've come to the wrong place.

But if you're willing to invest your time and effort into gaining the best you.

Bit just from a training standpoint.

But a total holistic approach.

Then come on board.

1. Do you have a growth mindset? Do you set yourself goals that will challenge you and not give up because of the first bump in the road.

2. Are you ready to be reflective upon your growth? This is all about YOU Vs YOU. Beating the person in the mirror every day.

3. Are you ready to bring your inner child? The one you've almost forgotten about because it's been that long. Exercise is fun and it certainly was when you were younger so why change now.

4. Are you ready to create small positive habits towards lifelong success? And no you don't have to meditate every morning. It's all about building on what works for you.

5. Are you ready to learn from your failures? Failure is your friend. We gain little from winning all the time. That's why you seem the same faces pumping bicep curls in the mirror every week.

If this sounds like you.

And you're ready to take the next step to becoming the best you.

DM me "NOW" and let's do this.

And if you're like "Ajay! I'm all in!" Head to the link in my bio and let's get this show on the road!


Want to know how to get your transformation?

Listen up 👂

This is how coaching works, it's all about you.


Are you a teacher in need of improving yourself?

Just like my client Tom here.

He was stressed at work and never found time to work on himself.

He had trained before and got into really good shape.

But with buying his first house that needed a lot of work doing, new work demands and stresses within the family.

He lost his way a little.

We worked together on finding his enjoyment.

Working on a schedule that worked around his needs and goals.

To make him feel his best again but without losing out in the time he needed.

For the things he wanted to do.

If you're feeling a bit like Tom.

And you know you can't do this alone.

DM me "NOW"

And let's have a conversation to see how we can work together to get you back on track.


Want to know what it's like to work with me?

Check out this testimonial from my client Chris.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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