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It's not too late to catch the sessions of DepEd ICTS-ETU's Google Training event.

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It's time for our teachers to get supercharged on video creation! Madaming matutunan so tune in on March 25 at 3PM.
Register at

Are you a teacher or a learning creator from the Philippines who wants to get started or accelerate growth on YouTube? Then this opportunity is for you!

Creator Day: Education will discuss the fundamentals and strategies of channel creation and management, content production and programming techniques, and YouTube learning best practices. It will be held on March 25, 2021, Thursday at 3:00PM on the local YouTube channel and page of Google (/googlephilippines). Teachers and learning creators who want to attend must register via:


Set yourself up for success with Google Workspace for Education tools and find out engaging ways to prepare our students to learn the skills they need to succeed.


Learning with Google 18/02/2021

Tune in now! We are ready to be inspired!

At , you will hear from both leaders, and educators around the world, who are using products to reimagine teaching and learning.

Register to attend ⬇️

Learning with Google Register for 'Learning with Google', taking place on February 17th & 18th, to get the latest news and launch announcements from Google for Education.


Join Google's virtual event - Learning with Google, ! Calling all our GEG, GCT and Google Innovators to help invite our teachers to register at

Google Educators Group Philippines Google Educators Group Philippines


Google Workspace is down right now for its core services. For all our clients, please standby for updates or you may check status at: =en&v=status

UPDATE: It's back up.


Join our moderators, Mary Manzano, Rizza Piccio, Liza Requiso and Alfonso Mangubat as we launch a discussion of how COVID & the events of 2020 changed the way we teach.

UP TO 30% CAPACITY: Workshops, trainings, seminars now allowed in GCQ areas —Palace 04/12/2020

Workshops and seminars are now allowed up to 30% capacity. We cannot deny that we have missed the opportunity to do our live classroom sessions so this is good news indeed!

UP TO 30% CAPACITY: Workshops, trainings, seminars now allowed in GCQ areas —Palace The government has allowed the conduct of workshops, trainings, seminars, and other related events in areas under general community quarantine (BI), which include Metro Manila, at up to 30% capacity.


Join us today in The Weekend Habit as we discuss Accessibility & Special Needs. We have a special guest Chris Betcher, to chat with us on the livestream so tune in folks! We will be joined by our hosts: Mary Manzano, ALfonso Mangubat, Rizza Piccio and Liza Requiso.


Join us for another discussion on education on The Weekend Habit at 9:30AM with our hosts Mary Manzano, Alfonso Mangubat, Rizza Piccio and Liza Requiso. Today we will be discussing how to level up in the SAMR model.

See you there!


This week, let's explore connected learning with our crew of educators on The Weekend Habit .

Our questions for this week:
Q1: How do you define connected learning for yourself and your students?
Q2: What are the benefits of fostering connectedness in your students?
Q3: How do we promote connectivity through learning activities?
Q4: What methods do you use to assess connectivity in student work?
Q5: What apps do you often use to explore connected learning with your students?

Join us every Saturday 9:30AM GMT+8 as we tackle educational topics. Make us part of your weekend habit by following our YouTube channel/page so you can be informed when we post a new helpful video.

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Q3: Our third question in Slow Chat Edition is all about school culture. Do you feel supported by your peers or leadership and why?

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Our Tuesday question is up for Slow Chat Edition on school transformation. "What are you doing to encourage "the 4Cs" of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking?"

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Welcome to Slow Chat Edition. This week is all about school transformation. Tag your school administrators! Our Monday question is up! What is your school vision and how does it inspire you to take action?


Watch and join the discussion today at 9:30AM Manila Time as we discuss what we hoped for and what is really happening with online distance learning. Our topic for today is: The Ideal & The Real: Schools, Teachers & Students doing Online Distance Learning

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A little late in our day, but Thank Goodness It's Friday!
Our 5th question for our Slow Chat edition is up. Let us know your thoughts, and tag a mentor!

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In today's Slow Chat Edition, it's Trial Thursday 💪 with our new question: Describe a particularly challenging mentoring session and how you rose to the challenge.


How are you today ? Here is our second question for our slow chat edition. "How would you describe your personal coaching/mentoring style?"


Happy Monday teachers, mentors and coaches! Today is the first day of our Slow Chat Edition. This week we will be tackling Mentoring Experiences. We will be asking one question per day until Sunday. Write your answer in the comments below:

What got you started with mentoring?


Join us today at 9:30AM Manila Time or 9:30PM Eastern Time, as we chat with our very own Liza Requiso on her experience in teaching outside the Philippines. We'll be tackling some questions for our international teachers as well so tune in.


It is amazing to hear the different representatives talk about the following Google educator programs and communities.

✔Level 1/Level 2 Certification
✔Certified Trainer
✔Certified Coach
✔Certified Innovator
✔Google Educator Groups

Watch the replay here:
Want to know more about the certification programs? Visit


Are you ready to be Google Certified?

A lot of teachers have been asking us what Google Certification options are available to them. The below gives you a quick overview:

Google Certified Educator Level 1
For educators who have learned the fundamentals of using Google tools in the classroom, the Level 1 certification validates standard technology implementation skills.

Google Certified Educator Level 2
For educators who are super users and enthusiasts of Google tools in the classroom, the Level 2 certification validates advanced technology integration skills.

Google for Education Certified Trainer
Certified Trainers empower educators to learn and use Google for Education products to make their classrooms more efficient, improve student outcomes, and foster leadership skills.

Google for Education Certified Coach
The Certified Coach program empowers instructional coaches to work 1:1 with educators and drive impactful technology use in their schools. Coaches get access to research-backed strategies and tools -- so that new and veteran educators alike can transform instruction across every classroom.

Google for Education Certified Innovator
The Google for Education Certified Innovator Program recognizes and supports top educators who are excited to grow professionally, advocate for impactful technology, and innovate to improve classrooms, schools and local communities.

Interested in getting a Google for Education Certification of your own? Check out what opportunities are available and right for you:


Catch our very own Mary Ann Manzano in the Subaru Cares Series tackling "Adaptability and Sustainability in the Midst of COVID". Tune in on October 21, 3PM for the livestream.

If you are a small business owner or thinking of opening a small business, this next webinar is for you!

Know how to prepare and improve your business model to adapt, sustain and survive the changes that comes from COVID-19. Our guest Speaker, Ms. Mary Ann Manzano, Founder of Gtech.Guru, a Certified Trainer and Innovator of Google for Education will give us insightful ideas this October 21, 2020, Wednesday at 3pm!

Join our FB Live stream and let us learn together!

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This looks like a week of congratulations - this time to our new Google for Education Certified Level 1 educators from different TESDA regions:

R1: Kristoffer John G. Ambueguia
R2: Alain C. Gallarde
R4A: Allan T. Pastrana
R9: Romee A. Tamsi
R9: Ronald P. Alvarez IX
CAR: Anthony Clyde S. Menis
CARAGA: Consuelo T. Destacamento
NCR: Ma. Cynthia D. Sevilla

EDIT: Adding Ms. Connie V Arcenas of Region V to our list of passers.

Thank you to TESDA for trusting Gtech.Guru for your Google Training.

Timeline photos 11/10/2020

From all of us at Gtech.Guru and The Weekend Habit , congratulations to graduating today! I'm excited to see great things come out of this group, especially in my region. Kudos to you all for your hardwork and awesome ideas!
Google for Education

Timeline photos 10/10/2020

Today is and now more than ever, the health of our teachers and students are of utmost importance.

Teachers, you made it and continue to make it. You are strong and you can do it. Take your time and give yourself and your students time to adjust. We are learning so many new things all at the same time. Breathe. Give yourself space.

It is ok to feel overwhelmed. Be kind to yourself. You matter.

2020 has been a real challenge. You can check out the World Health Organization's guide called "Doing What Matters in Times of Stress: An Illustrated Guide" - a stress management guide for coping with adversity. The guide aims to equip people with practical skills to help cope with stress. A few minutes each day are enough to practice the self-help techniques. The guide can be used alone or with the accompanying audio exercises.

Informed by evidence and extensive field testing, the guide is for anyone who experiences stress, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.
Download it here:


This weekend, we are on to our second season of The Weekend Habit and our chat will be all about Enhancing Student Learning with Online Discussions. How do we make them effective? What strategies can we employ? What are the benefits when using them in Online Distance Learning?

We will be joined by a great team of teachers and will be welcoming your participation and thoughts as we do our broadcast.

Join us on Saturday 9:30AM GMT+8 as we tackle this topic. Make us part of your weekend habit by following our YouTube channel/page so you can be informed when we post a new helpful video.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

If I cannot be a scientist...

There was a time when I thought that I was going to be a scientist. I believed it with all my heart. But life happened and upended my best-laid plans. It came to a point where I had to ask myself, “If I’m not going to be a scientist, what can I be?” And the answer was simple.

I can be anything I want to be.

Moving through different industries, I came across working in technology 10 years ago, and even without any know-how or educational background on using tech, I managed. Because of this, I consider myself a model of what can happen when you open yourself up to what is possible.

Gtech.Guru is a small idea that sprouted from a larger experience of working with Google on education projects in the country for 8 years. We are at the tipping point now, and there is no time to waste, so we aim to equip teachers with the necessary skills to cope and rise above the tech challenge.

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