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Remedial & Thai therapist

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Oh wow! This is a great depiction of distribution from !

What we're seeing here is a common visual showing how the nerves coming from our spine innervate our body.

On the left side, we have - these are basically the region of skin innervated by the sensory nerves at a specific level of the spine.
On the right side we have the peripheral nerves - these are bundled and responsible for transmitting signal between a region of the body and the brain.
If you have say, , , or in these patterns, or altered sensation or muscle control in any of these regions, it can be an indicator of some form of nerve trauma, or irritation.

If you're experiencing any of these , it can be important to see a professional and get things checked out. The vast majority of the time it's nothing serious, but it's always helpful to be certain!

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Ely's Test

Patient/Athlete lying prone, AT is standing beside patient..

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Timeline photos 18/07/2021


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* Ankle Sprain* The ankle joint has three bones that are precisely shaped to interlock and give stability. Strong bands of connective tissue called ligaments reinforce the joint and help hold the bones together. These ligaments prevent too much movement of the joint.A sudden movement or twist, often when the foot rolls in, can overstretch the supporting ligaments, causing ligament tears and bleeding around the joint. This is known as an ankle sprain.Immediate treatment includes:R = RESTI = ICINGC = COMPRESSION (with bandages or stockings)E = ELEVATION (of foot above the body level)R = REFERRAL (for expert opinion & proper diagnosis)

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*Shin Splints*Shin Splints is a common term for shin pain which usually occurs during or after activity. It can be a misleading term and most sports medicine professionals try to avoid using it. Thisis because shin pain and ‘Shin Splints’ can be dueto several different conditions. One of the mostcommon shin conditions that is frequently labeled ‘Shin Splints’ is Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome. (MTSS)Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome occurs frequentlyin distance runners, dancers, football, soccer, hockey, basketball players and gymnasts. MedialTibial Stress Syndrome has been classified into two distinct types, which affect specific tissues on the inside of the tibia.>>>>> Type OneThis is characterised by a stress reaction on the medial border of the tibia bone. This stress reaction is a preceding stage to a stress fracture.>>>>> Type TwoThis is characterised by irritation of the periosteum of the medial tibial border at the insertion point where the Soleus and Tibialis Posterior muscles attach.Regardless of the type, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is largely caused by over-use, with those who run regularly on hard or uneven surfaces being particularly affected. However, there are a number of factors, such as altered foot, knee and hip biomechanics, which can make a person susceptible to the syndrome. The accurate assessment of these is critical in appropriate management of the condition. The most common contributing factor to developingMTSS is over pronation of the feet and increased training load.Most patients respond well to non-operative treatment. The physiotherapy approach involves active rest, biomechanical analysis to determine those structures which need to be stretched and/or strengthened, appropriate softtissue work and specific exercises and education. Then a graduated return to sport or activity can be started.

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