Effective Study Skills

Effective Study Skills

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If there is one problem that many students face in their studies, it is the methodology they follow. They know what they want and what needs to be done, but they lack guidance about ‘how’ to get it done.
I receive hundreds of messages from my students saying, “I am regular in my studies, I work hard, I have goals, still I am lagging”, “I know I have the capability, but I am not able to hit my target” … In this age of technology, students have excellent access to information through internet - social media, blogs, vlogs, and many dedicated websites. It’s easy, but ultimately using the information, technology and data to your advantage still needs your skill. You still need to master the core area of your studies all by yourself if you want to achieve your goals!
The theory is simple. A “system” is something that works for anybody if followed diligently. If a particular system works for ‘X’, it must work for ‘Y’, with few modifications or customization, of course. A system is something that is fool proof. You must have a system that works for you. If that is done, you are sure to hit your target.
We must understand that the magic is in the “system” that you follow; it is not individually dependent on the books you read, workshops you attend, your role model, etc. Which means – it is important that you read a success story, it is crucial to attend life changing workshops; however, you must consolidate all of that and create a system, adopting all those thoughts and actions into your life. You need to create a system and work with it. Only then, all the books, workshops and stories will start working for you.
The beauty of having a SYSTEM that works for you is that it helps you locate where exactly you are in your life. It will pave the way for you to reach your target. You will know if you are moving in the right direction, you will know how close or far away you are from your target. Based on this information, you can take corrective steps. This method of using a dynamic SYSTEM is tried and tested and is already working wonders for others! If it works for all the successful people in the world, it must work for you. Following a system of your own or a system with which you are comfortable, will get you focused. You can concentrate better; you can avoid distractions and you can literally see improvements every day!
Read below feedback from few of my students. I had asked them to come up with a system, later trained them to modify it to make it work for them and thoroughly monitored to ensure it works. They were able to bring huge changes in as little as one hour. I wanted to share it with you here. Read on:
1. “Good afternoon Sir. This workshop is a huge step towards overcoming procrastination and perceiving life from a new aspect. It enriches many souls and acts as fuel to the fire in their hearts. This workshop personally helped me in many unbelievable ways and encouraged me to become a better version of myself. It taught me HOW not to spend time but to invest it and become productive in the long run. I will forever be grateful for enlightening me, Sir. I thank you with my heart and soul for helping me to discover myself that was hidden within me from all these years.”
- Pragathi.M | CMS CA College, Hyderabad.

2. “Your class was amazing today! Really proud to have a man like you in contact Sir. Your words make an impact on my brain because your words are very certain and are most probably easy to understand and inculcate. Your talent and speaking skills are really extraordinary Sir. Many of my friends were appreciating your speech, Sir. It really made an IMPACT on all of us. Please come one last time to our school before the Board exams Sir. Please!”
- Parikanksha Venkatesh |Class 10 SJR Public School, Bangalore.

3. “Hi Sir, This workshop of yours has brought a change in the way I think and approach different tasks. This session pulled out a different person inside me, who was sleeping all these days. This session is a jerk, push to all the great thinkers, destiny designers, etc., Thank you, Sir, for a wonderful session on Positive Thinking.”
- Nikitha. V | Class 10th Vagdevi Vilas School, Marathhalli, Bangalore.
So, what you need is a system which works for you.
Remember, first you build the system, then the system builds you!
Try to build a system that works for you; else, find a system that is already tested, and working effectively. But ultimately, have a system, follow it with discipline and diligence.


Few years ago, I was conducting a survey to find out the problems faced by students. Common complaints were: they are unable to focus, they are getting distracted, feeling bored, unable to memorize, unable to comprehend, etc. They also came up with issues like, “I am weak in a particular subject”, “I am not confident”, “I don’t know what to do!”, and the list goes on and on!
Confidence building, problem-solving techniques, decision-making skills, time management or personality development will not solve the above problems. I am not saying that it is not required, it is of course vital. But, it only works if you have a strong academic foundation.
After a careful study, I understood that, what you need to address is "WHY" rather than "HOW". Once you have a strong reason for "why" you need to improve and grow, your brain will come up with various ideas of “how” to fulfil the same. For example, ‘How to improve performance?’ or ‘how to score more marks?’ will not fetch you much answer. Whereas, if you have a valid reason and specific answer for “Why you need to improve performance and score more marks?", your brain will tell you how to do it. It comes up with hundreds of ideas. It is well said that, “There is no secret to success, but there is always a system for success”.
In my 30 years of experience, training thousands of students, what I found was, we need to superscribe on strengthening the foundation, because, a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Tallest buildings will have the strongest foundation!
Also, you need to work on your mindset. Mind reorientation will help you to avoid distractions. In turn, it also helps you to focus on your goals. Such a system will make learning fun and interesting rather than a burden. You will love to study and improve in your academics, but you just need to change your perspective about performance.
Of course, you need to plan, prioritize, work towards it, and track. All of this comes under one basket - and I call it “SYSTEM". Building an effective system that works for you is the first and foremost step towards reaching your target. If you build a “SYSTEM” that works for you (and not against you), and follow that system A$AP (as skillfully as possible), you will have a strong foundation to build on.

Do you know where you are? Are you in the right direction? What course of action do you need to take?
You will get clear and very specific answers to all these questions when you work with me. It is a very rational approach.
Are you ready to get A$AP on WhatsApp? Let me know if you are interested to learn more. Tell me in the comments below:)


“Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.”
On 17th October 1998, I purchased the book “YOU CAN WIN” by the renowned author-trainer Mr. Shiv Khera. I was totally moved and in awe of his writing. I read the book several times and recommended it to all my students. It's a thought provoking and highly effective book. It has a step by step tool for top achievers, as rightly said by Shiv Khera himself.
There is a section in the beginning of the book which suggests how to read the book, which I found to be most interesting. The author says that the book is not for casual browsing, but it is a workbook and a construction manual. It describes the tools you will need for success, and offers blueprints to help you build a successful and rewarding life.
He also says it is a cook book. It lists the ingredients – the principals - you will need to follow, to become successful and give you the recipe for mixing them in the right proportion.
The topics he has covered are general in nature, yet very important. The book has stories, illustrations and examples, which is easy to understand and put into action. Topics like Attitude, Success, Motivation, Goal setting and Values are covered. Every page and every topic has a story followed by a great lesson to learn. The beauty of this book is, you don’t have to read it cover-to-cover in sequence. You can pick and read any topic or page at random.
I have suggested this book to thousands of students, employees, entrepreneurs and home makers; I have received an extremely positive feedback.
Regarding importance of human resource in an organization, the author talks about "TQP" - TOTAL QUALITY PEOPLE. People with character, integrity, good values and positive attitude are referred to as TQP. He says, an organization may need various training programs, but they will only work when you have the right foundation; and the right foundation is TQP.

Benefits of positive attitude in an organization: increases productivity, fosters team work, solves problems, and improves quality. Makes for congenial atmosphere, breeds loyalty, increases profits, fosters better relationship with employers, employees and customers, reduces stress, and makes for a pleasing personality.

Other interesting topics include: Education without Values, Education does not mean good judgment, Develop the attitude of gratitude, Looking for the Gold, Winners Vs Losers, and many more. It’s worth buying, reading and practicing.
When I started building my personal library, this was the first book I purchased. And now, I have a collection of about 600+ titles.
Do you want to be a winner, do things differently and be ready to take action and realize your dream?
If yes, please comment “I Do” in the comment box below.

You can win!


The most successful students will have following 5 skills and traits.
I have worked with more than 10,000 students - from high school to Undergraduates and Post graduate students in the past 30 years. After carefully observing them, I have found 5 most common skills and traits these successful students possess:
1. Burning Desire - They have a strong burning desire to grow. Either they want to get out of the present problems, or don’t want to get into such problems in future. They can foresee the consequences of not achieving their desired goals. (i.e. pains which they don’t want). Burning desires push them to work, it makes them take action, and help change themselves.
2. Commitment - They have a strong commitment towards their target and words. Their GOAL is the highest priority for them. Therefore, they never compromise. They do not procrastinate. They are very good in managing time. They have good self-control.
3. Decision - They are good decision makers and they take right decision at the right time. They know the importance of decision making. Before deciding, they weigh and prioritise.
4. Goal - They have a definite goal in life, which is clearly defined and written in a book. Hence, they know the direction and they constantly make sure that they are going in the right direction. They often monitor their progress. If you don’t have a target, you can’t hit one.
5. WHY - They have a big WHY in their mind, i.e. PURPOSE. 'WHY I need to score well?'. Their answer for "WHY" is very powerful. They know the consequences of not reaching the goal. Therefore they define their goal by giving several valid reasons WHY they want to achieve the specified goal.

I would say, we must follow successful people, because they have already achieved and defined the formula for success. The wheel is already invented, you don’t have to reinvent it. Simply adopt those strategies, follow through, make your own improvements, and you shall succeed.
I have spoken to thousands of students who are still struggling to improve performance. Students suffer because of poor performance even though they have the capacity and capability.
I would like to ask all the students here - which of the above skills do you want to acquire and master in the next 3 months? Leave your replies in the comments below.


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