Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020

Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020

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Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 22/04/2020

Keep those qu pictures and toasts coming! I need them today to include them in the movie for Friday. Are you ready for the big day?
cupcakes. check
ring pops . check
dancing shoes. check

Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing 26/03/2020

Join us today and or tomorrow at noon . See your teacher and classmates via zoom!

Set up account at

Meeting code 112-952-437

We will do a test run in order to prepare for distance learning next week see you there!

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Brevard Public Schools / Homepage 23/03/2020

I hope everyone is fairing well . There has been some confusion on signing in to launchpad.

Go to district website

Click on launchpad (blue globe on right)

Click camera and use scan card sent home before break. OR
Click saml
Use name is their student # (found on front of planner)@
Password is 123456

The apps are already preloaded including focus

You can also do iready math and myon for now more information to come. Just practice using these three for now.

I am missing all the kiddos.

Brevard Public Schools / Homepage The School Board of Brevard County, Florida does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, s*x (including s*xual orientation, transgender status, or gender identity), disability (including HIV, AIDS, or sickle cell trait), pregnancy, marital status, age (except as authorized by....

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 03/03/2020

One of my favorite Dr Seuss books. It really is edible ( just in case you weren’t sure)

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 30/01/2020

We did it! We rescued zero the hero and saved the 100th day of school! We had to become super spy’s and complete a series of math and science missions and figure out the clues to find where devious agent 99 had taken zero the hero. As a reward zero left us our own spy kits! We earned it for sure. It was a super day for super heroes and super spies!

More fun on the agenda for our 100th day and unicorn party ( which the class earned by being so fabulous at activity!)

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 21/12/2019

It is such a blessing to have such an awesome class to celebrate with. Singing, cookies, making whipped cream for our hot cocoa, winning the kindergarten math trophy, watching the polar express and receiving icy cold bells from up north! It has been a special kind of week with a special kind of class! Happy holidays!

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 17/12/2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and that is certainly true in kindergarten! We had a great time at the zoo last week and even more fun building gingerbread houses. Thank you for all your donations. Everything was yummy ! We finished our chapter book Misty of Chincoteague and can’t wait to read about Mistys foal Stormy when we come back in January. We all caught horse fever!

This week we have our concert on Wednesday at 9 followed by cookies in the classroom. Friday will be pajama/ polar express day.
We have early dismissal Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.

Enjoy the magic of the season !

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 07/12/2019

It has been a busy week! We are in the middle of reading several versions of the gingerbread man, comparing and contrasting each one. Yesterday we conducted a science experiment to determine which liquid dissolves gingerbread the fastest with our fifth grade STEM buddies. Spoiler alert it is water! This may explain why he is so quick to jump on the 🦊 back to cross the river.

We also colored a life size cardboard gingerbread house which we can read our stories in! The kiddos were beyond excited!

Next week our zoo trip is Wednesday and we will make our gingerbread houses on Friday.

December 18 at 9 is our Christmas concert and cookie exchange.

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 23/11/2019

Thank you to the Palm Bay fire department, officer Porter and BACA( bikers against child abuse) for telling us about their jobs and sharing the tools and vehicles they need to do their jobs. Community helpers are special and we are lucky to have such a caring community.

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 14/11/2019

We’ve had a couple of exciting days here in kindergarten. Yesterday Jim Sawgrass came to visit us and told us all about native Americans. He even demonstrated blow darts ,spears and bows and arrows! His son performed his world championship winning hoop dance and eagle dance. The kiddos were totally engaged for the entire 2 hour presentation. Today our book angels came early when the Brevard retired teachers passed out books and reading pals to every student in the school ! Such an exciting week.

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 05/11/2019

It’s Election Day! We have been talking about being a good citizen and the rights and responsibilities that go along with being part of a community. Today we read Duck for President and held an election of our own. We voted on a class mascot to decide which animal would best represent our class. It was the re-puppy-can vs the demo-cat. Votes were cast, ballots were counted and meow meow kitty has officially been elected our class mascot!

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 03/11/2019

Halloween fun ! Lots of crafts and mischief, one minute saintly children the next vampires! We will have to write down all of our adventures as pumpkins and vampires. Shout out to our book angels for sending us spookley the square pumpkin! We had just read it the day before. Timing is everything.

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 23/10/2019

Awesome day at the pumpkin patch! Fun continued at school when they all turned into pumpkins. No worries I managed to turn them back! Kindergarten is magical 😀🧙‍♀️

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 07/10/2019

Our Aladdin party was awesome! Student earned 100 points by SOARing in activities so we celebrated by making bejeweled magic carpets, character masks and eating Abu’s special banana cake!

We voted on a unicorn party after we earn another 100 points. We got 3 today only 97 more to go!

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 04/10/2019

This past Monday was book box day! Due to some generous sponsors each student received a free book. Thank you kind book angels!

The book If you give a mouse a brownie was perfect because the class has also earned an Aladdin party. By SOARING in each of our activity classes we earned 100 points! The students chose to celebrate with an Aladdin party on Monday 10/7
They have planned it all themselves and we are looking forward to a good time.

Today our stem buddies from Mrs. Fuentes fifth grade came to help us with a real life science problem. I went to make a cake for the class ( reading the Little Red Hen gave me a craving for cake) and discovered all the labels had fallen off the canisters! Using our 5 senses, observation skills and background knowledge we determined which bag contained flour, which one contained sugar, salt and powered sugar. We graphed our results and analyzed our data. Finally a cake could be made! Monday we will enjoy the fruits of our labor at our Aladdin party! Glad I didn’t use a cup of salt instead of a cup of sugar!


It was the kick off of our Friday dance parties! If you child doesn’t know who Bon Jovi is they will by May. Every Friday after book buddies we grab our air guitars and join Mrs. Bender’s class to jam to Living on a Prayer. The kids were thoroughly amused today seeing their teachers be crazy.

Next week-
Monday book orders due
Wednesday. Breakfast with dad starting at 7:30am
Thursday- curriculum Campfire 5pm-7pm

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 19/09/2019

We work hard and play hard in kindergarten everyday! We are building a solid foundation for all future learning. Attendance matters!

Photos from Mrs. Love’s Kindergarten 2019-2020's post 18/08/2019

We met our book buddies on Friday! 2-3 times month our 2nd grade friends will come to our class and read to a little buddy. They got so excited when they saw each other later in the cafeteria and then again outside of the media center.


It was an exciting, exhausting first day! We spent a lot of time going over procedures and rules. We played some getting to know each other games. We read Miss Mingo and the First day of School. Just like all the animals in the story we talked about how we are all special in our own way and together we have an awesome class! Then we talked about animals because who doesn’t love animals. My true animal story is that I was once on the game show Fear Factor and had 7 emperor scorpions placed on my head for 2 (long) minutes! I survived but it turns out I am allergic to scorpions ! Who knew but that’s a story for another day. My favorite quote of the day was when one of the boys asked if it was time to p**p yet . I explained that I didn’t really plan that for a specific time so he could go whenever he needed to. Too funny! I can’t make this stuff up. Looking forward to a great year!


Looking forward to meeting everyone Friday between 2-4

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It was the kick off of our Friday dance parties! If you child doesn’t know who Bon Jovi is they will by May.  Every Frid...