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This page exists to raise awareness about a horrific, yet prevalent form of modern day slavery - hum

We must prevent s*x traffickers from benefiting from the coronavirus pandemic 21/04/2020

This article explains how human traffickers are taking advantage of the current pandemic crisis in our country- many illegitimate businesses in the Dallas Area are not following the shelter-in-place orders.
Then, the article sheds light on how the Dallas Area (and the broader community in general) can prevent these businesses from reopening- examples include landlord engagement campaigns and timely health inspections.
You can read the article for more details!*x-traffickers-from-benefitting-from-the-coronavirus-pandemic/

We must prevent s*x traffickers from benefiting from the coronavirus pandemic To prevent human traffickers from benefiting from a global pandemic, now is the time for Dallas city leaders to act. Over the last year, Dallas law...

AI Is Helping Us Combat The Economic Problem Of Human Trafficking 16/04/2020

This Forbes article brings up the relationship between Technology and Human Trafficking. More specifically, how AI is utilized to help recognize and pinpoint Human Trafficking activity. The primary approach is by finding patterns in the economy that signify illegal business practices and combing through public information online. With this approach, it is easier to distinguish legal practices from illegal ones. For example, if there are frequent check-ins in a hotel, it isn't enough evidence of unlawful activity until you can bring in a public ad by a s*x/labor trafficker in that area. Overall, AI is the future in breaking down Human Trafficking rings, bringing software companies into the scene to help Law Enforcement effectively carry out their jobs.

AI Is Helping Us Combat The Economic Problem Of Human Trafficking When we think of human trafficking, we often think about the despondent faces of women and children who live in slums all over the world.

COVID-19 pandemic making it tougher for human trafficking victims to find help, advocates say 16/04/2020

COVID-19 pandemic is making it difficult for human trafficking victims to find help. Economic instability breeds a type of vulnerability that s*x and labor traffickers prey on, and the shelter-in-place situation makes it difficult for victims to escape. Many shelters helping victims, like Austin based non-profit SAFE, say that its shelters are full because they have to meet social distancing requirements. Employees can also no longer meet victims at the hospital or in-person at all. It is now more important than ever to call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888 if you want to report a case.

COVID-19 pandemic making it tougher for human trafficking victims to find help, advocates say Advocates say the pandemic has made it harder for victims of human trafficking and other types of abuse to escape dangerous situations.

How human traffickers are recruiting in a digital age 14/04/2020

Human traffickers exploit victims by capitalizing on their vulnerabilities. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, populations that were already at risk will likely only become more vulnerable due to job loss, financial insecurity, and lack of health care to name a few.

While certain populations are becoming more vulnerable, and resources are becoming more scarce or difficult to access (such as shelters that are closing down or reaching full capacity), human traffickers still continue to search for victims.

One method traffickers use to recruit is online platforms. The following video shows how traffickers use popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Discord to connect with people in this digital age, especially kids and teens. Now more than ever, young kids are on the Internet and it's essential that we are teaching them healthy boundaries and how to be safe online.

How human traffickers are recruiting in a digital age Experts describe the way traffickers typically target kids or teens as pretty subtle. It can in schools, at the mall, or anywhere. However, nowadays, it most commonly begins with just one click, like, or friend request.

What's Being Done to Stop Human Trafficking? 12/04/2020

One of the greatest tools we have towards ending human trafficking is legislation aimed at hindering traffickers and protecting victims. Give this article a read if you want to learn more about legislation regarding human trafficking in various countries, inclduing the U.S., Sweden, and South Korea.

What's Being Done to Stop Human Trafficking? In the final part of our series on human trafficking, learn more about the international efforts to put an end to human trafficking—and the challenges that countries around the world face in the battle.

Human Trafficking in Houston, Texas: #1 Worst City in the U.S. 10/04/2020

Texas is one of the states where human trafficking is most prevalent. Specifically, Houston is a hub for human trafficking...but why?
Houston’s proximity to the Texas-Mexico border is a major reason why there are so many human trafficking cases. Migrants are more likely to be struggling economically or financially when coming to a new area and are preyed upon by human traffickers.

To learn more about the specifics of human trafficking in Houston, take a look at the linked article!*x-crimes/human-trafficking-houston-texas

Human Trafficking in Houston, Texas: #1 Worst City in the U.S. Houston ranks as the nation’s worst city for human trafficking — or the illegal trade of humans — largely for s*xual exploitation or forced labor. Texas as a whole ranks #2...

Stop human traffickers from profiting through U.S. banks. 07/04/2020

In order to end human trafficking, we must be able to identify victims and perpetrators. Patterns in financial data can help identify human trafficking rings, but requires cooperation and coordination between financial institutions and NGO’s, however nonprofits currently lack liability protections. To support the passing of a bill that allows nonprofits to share critical information, sign the form linked below!

Stop human traffickers from profiting through U.S. banks. The financial services industry is one of the best allies we have in the fight against human trafficking. Banks, credit card companies and others in that sector can sift data to find patterns that indicate human trafficking and help to shut those networks down. Don't wait - send a letter directly to...

Policy & Legislation 03/04/2020

This short article mentions all the relevant legislation and the accountable institutions pertaining to Human Trafficking in the United States. The legislation can provide a framework on how it could improve or be better enacted. Have a good read!

Policy & Legislation Congress has built on the TVPA, honing and expanding the U.S. strategy to combat s*x trafficking and labor trafficking through a holistic, multi-agency approach.

More than 970 labor violations self-reported in Houston in 2018 02/04/2020

Amidst the many s*x trafficking cases in the Houston area, there are, unfortunately, even more Labor Trafficking cases.

This article by the Houston Chronicle sheds light on how prevalent this issue is in the Houston area, with cases ranging from jobs paying less than the Texas minimum wage to employers threatening their employees by holding their immigration status against them.

More than 970 labor violations self-reported in Houston in 2018 The Fe y Justicia Worker Center received and documented 975 worker complaints between February 2018 and March 2019, according to a report released by the nonprofit on Wednesday. Of these complaints, 623 were workplace abuse claims that could be referred to a labor agency or court. They ranged from w...

Intersectionality and Human Trafficking Survivorship - Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking 30/03/2020

This article studies the intersectionality within human trafficking and how it is unfair to generalize the stories of all survivors since each story is more layered and complicated than traditionally viewed. If you have the time, please give it a read!

Intersectionality and Human Trafficking Survivorship - Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking By employing an intersectional approach to working with survivors, specific needs can be better understood, and systems of oppression can be more readily challenged.


Below is an online quiz that tests your knowledge on the presence of Human Traffickers on the web. After taking the quiz, some may realize that they are highly underestimating the efficiency of traffickers online. No one is safer in the real world than on the web. They will target anyone with an internet connection through catfish accounts or their own personal accounts. Thus it's essential to never meet up with an online "friend" or "romantic partner" because, at the end of the day, they're still a stranger. Young children and youths are especially vulnerable to this as they browse through different websites on the internet. Children may be more trusting and easier to lure. Therefore, it is important to educate the youth on the risks of playing games online and social media.

Hotels are hubs for s*x trafficking. There are ways to fight it. [Editorial] 26/03/2020

Hotels, a location synonymous with relaxation and vacations, aren't as safe as you think. As mentioned in this article, hotels serve as hubs for human trafficking in Houston, Texas. S*x trafficking especially is conducted in places like the Comfort Inn & Suites on the 6600 block of Southwest Freeway. A 15-year-old had to, unfortunately, experience this nightmare. That's why it's important to know the ways to fight it.

Hotels are hubs for s*x trafficking. There are ways to fight it. [Editorial] Texas should join other states in requiring hotels to train staff, post signs urging awareness.


Misinformation is common in the methods traffickers use to traffick others. With the availability of social media, these misconceptions can be easily spread, which is the case for this scenario.
This is especially dangerous because the Human Trafficking business is more sophisticated than how the rumors spell it out to be. Believing that traffickers zip tie windshields to lure victims to the side of the road to just sn**ch them or just sn**ching them in broad daylight is beneficial for the trafficker's cause. As a result, the community would be blind to the more sophisticated methods traffickers use.
Read this article for more details:*x-trafficking-in-houston-is-real-but-many-of-the-viral-posts-are-false-heres-what-to-know/285-4b54b11a-7b10-4e32-869c-ffaf67131039


Knowing self-defense will equip you with knowledge to protect yourself and others in vulnerable situations. We understand that many trafficking cases involve emotional restraint, but learning how to physically protect yourself and how to observe and assess your surroundings will be beneficial in many situations.

Our team was going to hold a self-defense workshop for Rice University students in April, but due to the current situation we have cancelled the workshop for health and safety reasons. We've linked our presentation below. The presentation goes through common misconceptions of self-defense, avoidance tactics, assessing your environment, pressure point fighting, and offensive and defensive techniques you should learn.

If you are interested in learning self-defense, please reach out to nonprofit organizations who hold self-defense workshops or contact a martial arts studio. There are also C.O.B.R.A. self-defense programs around the US that are more in-depth (



How You Can Be *The One* to Help Stop Human Trafficking

Make sure you pay attention to the people in your community and report behaviors that might be evidence of human trafficking. Call as soon as possible after making observations, but do NOT approach the traffickers. There are two steps:
1. Call 911 — Please alert the authorities if you believe someone is in immediate danger. Mention that you think it might be human trafficking and share all the actionable information you have. Descriptions of cars and people, location, and take a picture if you can safely do so.
2. Call the National human Trafficking Hotline — After contacting law enforcement, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-3737-888. You can also text “Help” or “Info” to 233733. You can also reach the hotline by email: [email protected]

Source and Additional Information from
There are additional instructions if you are unsure and you can download a training video for more information and training.


Workers in the Healthcare Industry and Police Officers are likely to be the first to encounter a human trafficking victim. In the Healthcare Industry, systems should be implemented to help professionals working in health care settings, such as emergency departments, hospitals, clinics, and school based health centers, to develop a protocol to respond to potential victims of human trafficking who are present in their facility. Furthermore, s*x trafficking victims are often mistaken for s*x workers. Therefore, there must be extensive training for the police force to distinguish between these two groups. Protocols for identification, assessment, and intervention need to be set in place so that victims may be brought to safety and be protected.

Interesting Reads:
Evidence Assessment in Public Health Environment —
Systems in South Texas Emergency Departments —

Graphic Source:


Through our recent interview with Jonathan Jeter, Home of Hope's Chief Operating Officer, we were able to learn more about the organization and ways to get involved:

Hope of Hope Texas has been around as an organization for 12 years. Their initial focus was on educating and bringing awareness to Human Trafficking, and they were heavily involved in helping craft state-wide and national laws. In 2018, they opened their treatment center where they began to focus more on serving survivors directly. Currently, they provide comprehensive care and long-term treatment with 24/7 service.

Jonathan cited awareness and information as the biggest hurdle to overcome. He encourages us to get as much education as we can and make educated decisions with what we learn. Additionally, he urges us to take an active interest in the issue and seek out reliable sources to differentiate between true facts and misinformation.

Educational resources:

He also emphasizes the value of collaboration and developing relationships with other organizations. Some organizations he mentioned include Elijah Rising (, Redeemed Ministries (, and Continuum of Care.

Whether through educating ourselves, raising awareness, volunteering with or donating to these organizations, we can each play an important role in fighting human trafficking.


**The number of minors under 18 who are victims of human trafficking around the world is 5.5 million.**

This statistic presented on Home of Hope's website remind us that we cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the horrific crimes and suffering that is taking place around us.

To address this alarming social problem, various non-profits have been established to raise awareness about the issue and provide healing for victims. Among these is Hope of Hope, a non-profit dedicated to providing a place of refuge and safety for adolescent victims of human trafficking. Through long-term care and rehabilitation, they are able to provide healing for victims of modern-day slavery and s*xual abuse.

To learn more about this organization and how you can help visit:

Human trafficking questionnaire 05/03/2020

Hi everyone! Thanks to those who took our questionnaire, today we'll look at some of the commonly missed questions.

- S*x trafficking is NOT the most common form of human trafficking in the U.S. It's actually labor trafficking - a form of modern day slavery where individuals are forced into working, often without pay.

- Most of you thought traffickers kept control over their victims though emotional abuse. However, it's usually through ISOLATION/CONFINEMENT that they do so. This prevents victims from reaching out and getting help. It also makes them feel like they have nowhere else to go.

- The most prevalent risk factor for human trafficking is RECENT RELOCATION! Traffickers often target newcomers looking for better jobs and living situations. Traffickers lure in their victims with promise of a better life.

Again, thank you all for taking our quiz and if you haven't, the link will be down below! We hope you've learned more about human trafficking.

Human trafficking questionnaire Some questions may have multiple answers

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free. 27/02/2020

Hello Everyone,
We have a questionnaire linked below with two questions exploring the idea of ending human trafficking. We would appreciate it if you could answer the questions for us. The questionnaire is anonymous!

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free. Create a new survey on your own or with others at the same time. Choose from a variety of survey types and analyze results in Google Forms. Free from Google.


Information about the struggles of truly "ending" Human Trafficking from multiple Academic Papers


A few days ago, we talked to Timothy Palmbach, a fellow and instructor from the University of New Haven. His research interests involve the applications and development of new technologies for crime scene analysis, particularly in Human Trafficking cases. He shared not only his work but also his opinion on a preventative approach towards Human Trafficking.


Based on our interview with United Against Human Trafficking, we collected some red flags that can be used to spot a potential case for Human trafficking.

Photos from Humans Against Human Trafficking's post 25/02/2020

Data collected by the National Human Trafficking Hotline from Dec. 2007 - Dec. 2016 shows Houston, TX to be the #1 city in the US with the highest number of calls regarding human trafficking.

Human trafficking is happening around us, and the first step in addressing this problem is understanding it. The following infographics are taken from Polaris, a non-profit organization that seeks to spread awareness through data & research, provide long-term solutions, and respond to human trafficking.

For more information visit:


Human trafficking is modern day slavery.

To begin the fight to end this, here are some basic facts about what is human trafficking.

Source: UNITAS, an international humanitarian organization that works to prevent human trafficking through education and awareness and support survivors.

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