Males voice matter in the era of GBV

Males voice matter in the era of GBV

This page aims to be the platforms for males to talk about GBV against male. Bring in scenarios for

Operating as usual


The world is faced with the huge challenge of Gender Based Violance (GBV). The killings of our mothers and sisters are a daily routine lately and there is a man behind it always. Despite all the effords by the RSA government to calm the situation, the status core remains.

What seem to be of concern though is that, what really exacerbate this behaviour. Then question arise, are we as a country focusing on remediation of the behaviour or do we really want to know the root cause.

I personally feel that, males are left out in the whole thing because they are seen as perpetratos in many cases. What do we say about the ones who are also victims, do they have anywhere to go or any thing protecting them because clearly the system is not catering for such. Lets engage and talk more about inclusivity of males in the fight for GBV against males

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