Fermat: A PreCal Series

Fermat: A PreCal Series

Video presentations of 11-Fermat students from MSHS about the practical application of an ellipse.

Operating as usual


EPISODE 3: The Fermats: Scientifica's Greatest by Group 3 - Fermat


EPISODE 2: Ellisu in Conicland by Group 2 - Fermat


EPISODE 1: Push or Pool by Group 4 - Fermat


Still have no idea kung ano pwedeng ma-binge watch sa Netllipse 💆‍♂️? Tama na kaka scroll bestie kasi 'eto na ang SNEAK PEEK titles 👀 para sa Fermat PreCal series 🤩.

🎞Episode 1: Push or Pool
🎞Episode 2: Ellisu in Conicland
🎞Episode 3: The Fermats: Scientifica's Greatest
🎞Episode 4: Focus

There you go besties✨, make sure ready na ang devices 🤳💻📱 and popcorn 🍿 niyo for tomorrow ha? Sure na sure na mag e-enjoy kayo 😊😌 and stay tuned for more updates 🤚 !


Bestie wala ka na bang ginagawa? Tara, NETLLIPSE and chill tayo! 🥺👉👈

Get ready to binge-watch Fermat’s first season on ellipse premiere here on NETLLIPSE 🤩. May inihanda kaming mga bagong palabas para sa’yo! Takot ka ba kay ellipse? Aba’y meron kaming thriller movie para sayo. Mahilig ka ba sa mga crying ellipse 😩😭, don’t worry, we gotchu fam 😉✨. Lahat ng gusto mo nandito na, mystery😱, survival🏃‍♀️, sci-fi🤖, comedy😂, drama😔 at iba pa.

What are you waiting for, Bestie 👯‍♀️? Get yourself some popcorn 🍿and mag chill with the surprises brought to you by the students of 11-Fermat ✨.

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