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TOPICS: 1) Words commonly misused by lawyers
2) A detailed study on dowry death in India
3) Recent judgement by supreme court on article 21 that is related to fundamental rights
4) Domestic violence: the difference between statistic and real picture



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Part 2 of our series -

The quantum of punishment under NDPS Act depends upon the quantity of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances found. Small quantity means any quantity lesser than the quantity specified by the Central Government and commercial quantity means any quantity greater than the quantity specified by the Central Government. Both small and commercial quantities for various drugs have been notified

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The court recognises emotional distress as a type of damage that can be recovered through a civil lawsuit. This means you can sue someone for betrayal and for breaking your heart and you can provide evidence to get claims.

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Adultery is every married partner’s worst nightmare; it is a betrayal of trust and a break in the bond of marriage. When considering a divorce, however, the law is on your side. Your spouse’s infidelity can be considered by the Court when making decisions at the end of your marriage. You should consult an family attorney.

During your divorce, the Court will take into consideration the adultery of your spouse and modify alimony accordingly. The threshold issues to be determined by the Court will be whether you have the need and whether your spouse has the ability to pay alimony. Once the Court makes this determination, adultery can be considered as well as other forms of marital misconduct. If your financial stability has suffered as a result of your spouse’s adultery, marital misconduct can be cited against your spouse. In this case, your spouse’s adultery may result in he or she paying more alimony.

Your spouse’s adultery can only affect the divorce so much, however. When determining alimony, the adultery must generally have made an obvious financial impact on you and your spouse’s finances. Bearing this in mind, emotional trauma as a result of adultery has affected alimony awards in previous divorce cases. The effects of marital infidelity on your divorce can differ from those on another divorce, making the issues regarding adultery and divorce somewhat confusing.

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Accept Your Current Situation -

The first thing you need to do if you want to get back up and start believing in yourself again is to accept your current life situation. You have to make peace with how your life looks at the moment and what led to this situation that you are in.

Fighting with you situation won’t do you any good. Being resistant is pointless, so we must accept first. Only then will we have enough energy to change our life.

Trust Yourself -
This is one of the most important things that can help you get that belief and confidence back. All the energy, power, courage, strength and confidence is within you.

Spend time with yourself to access it, whether it be through meditation, journalling, or activities that make you trust in yourself again.

Talk with Yourself -

We are the ones who create who we will become. We do that every day by our daily beliefs and self-talk. It’s really important that we talk to ourselves and motivate ourselves.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You-

Fear stands for False Evidence that Appears Real. It is the main thing that holds you back from believing in yourself again more than anything else.

Go with a Positive Attitude -
Having a positive attitude towards everything is the quickest way in achieving that belief and confidence in yourself.

Be thankful for whatever you are and whatever you have. Always have a positive approach and see the good in the world.

Let a Life Coach Help You-
A life coach is a professional that helps, supports, and guides you. A life coach can help you recognize your abilities and skills. They can help you refocus on your goals and remember your past successes.

When you’re full of doubt, your life coach will believe in you and help you to believe in yourself again.

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Dr. K. Jaishankar PhD is the President of South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV). He is presently a Senior Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, MSU & Member of Syndicate (Board of Management), Manonmaniam Sundaranar University (MSU), Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India. He has published more than 101 publications, including articles, books, book chapters and editorials. He is the recipient of the prestigious “National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) – SCOPUS Young Scientist Award 2012 – Social Sciences”.

He was a Commonwealth Fellow (2009-2010) at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, School of Law, University of Leeds, UK. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Cyber Criminology and Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences He is the founder Executive Director of Centre for Cyber Victim Counselling (CCVC). He was a member of the UNODC (United Nations office of Drugs and Crime) Core group of Experts (15 member group) on Identity related crime (2007-08). He is a Member of the Membership and Advancement Committee, World Society of Victimology (WSV), International Advisory Board member of the Center for the Research and Development of Positive Criminology, Department of Criminology, Bar Illan University, Israel, Advisory Board Member of the Center for Cybercrime Studies, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, USA and Member of the International Cybercrime Research Centre, Simon Frazer University, Vancouver, Canada.

He was a Discussant in the “Opening Discussion: Focusing on victims of crime – Comparing crime patterns and improving practice. Researchers’ advice to policy” of the Stockholm Criminology Symposium held during June 11-13, 2012 at Stockholm, Sweden and responded to questions of Beatrice Ask, Swedish Minister for Justice, and Paula Teixeria da Cruz, the Portugese Minister for Justice. He was a Keynote Speaker at the 14th World Society of Victimology Symposium held during 20 – 24, May 2012, at The Hague, The Netherlands and Stockholm Criminology Symposium held during June 11-13, 2012 at Stockh


ADA JUKE is known to anthropologists as the "mother of criminals." From her there were directly descended one thousand two hundred persons. Of these, one thousand were criminals, paupers, inebriates, insane, or on the streets.

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in the case of Yahoo! Vs. Akash Arora, the Court held that the principle of passing off under the Trade and Merchandise Marks Act meant that if a defendant was conducting his business under a name that was similar to the ‘well-reputed’ and ‘distinctive’ domain name of plaintiff, and both the parties were in the same line of business, the similarity in two names could mislead the public into believing that the defendant’s good or service belonged to the plaintiff.

The plaintiff, Yahoo Inc had established credibility and goodwill around the name ‘Yahoo!’ and the Court found that the defendant was attempting to misuse this goodwill and pass off his services as that of the plaintiff’s. This case, thus, made the common law principle of passing off applicable in cases of domain names as well and thereby making the judgment an important precedent for other internet-based trademark related cases in India.

Further, the judgment in this case is succinct in stating the law of passing off for infringing trademarks and domain names in cases of services as well. Most importantly, this case highlighted the concept of cyber squatting and laid down the remedies available to plaintiffs in such cases. The case is also considered a landmark judgment as it was the first time a domain name was equated to a trademark and provided equal protection from passing off in India. The court by upholding the aforementioned points established lucidly that domain names, on passing the test of distinctiveness, are entitled to protection from passing off and infringement.


1981 – Cybercrime Conviction — Ian Murphy, aka “Captain Zap,” hacks into the AT&T network and changes the internal clock to charge off-hour rates at peak times. The first person convicted of a cybercrime, and the inspiration for the movie “Sneakers,” he does 1,000 hours of community service and 2.5 years of probation.

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Key Points 👇👇👇👇
In registration guidelines of Hajj for domestic pilgrims, ministry highlights, women do not need require a male guardian to register, and could do registration along with other women.
Women wishing to perform Hajj will have to register individually.
India had announced same rule in 2017 when Modi government declared that women could go on Haj without a male companion. Muslim women were exempted from mahram and also from lottery system.

Data on number of Hajj
Following the rule of 2017, number of women who performed Hajj without mahram was 1,171 in 2018 which increased to 2,230 in 2019. Pilgrimage was stopped in 2020 because of rising number of coronavirus cases.

How Indian Government is working to empower Muslim Women?
There are several factors suggesting central governments’ efforts towards empowerment of women. On August 22, 2017 triple talaq was abolished putting gender equality as the first place. In 2018, Hajj subsidy was abolished following which in 2019, two lakh Indian Muslims had performed Hajj without subsidy. Removal of Hajj subsidy has helped in saving Rs 700 crore. This money was used to empower women from minority communities by educating them. This effort has resulted into reduction of dropout rate among girls has to 30 per cent from 70 per cent.

The Hajj
It is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which is considered as holiest city for Muslims. Hajj is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims which is must to carry at least once in their lifetime by all adult Muslims.

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Key Points 👇👇👇👇👇
Indian Navy is procuring 24 of MH-60R helicopters manufactured by Lockheed Martin.
Helicopters are being procured under foreign military sales from US at an estimated cost of USD 2.4 billion.
Indian Cabinet had cleared purchase of these helicopters from USA in February 2020 before historic visit of then US President Donald Trump.
First batch of Indian crew is currently undergoing training in US.
These helicopters are considered as world’s most advanced maritime helicopter.
Significance of Procurement of MH-60R helicopter
Induction of MH-60R helicopters would enhance three-dimensional capabilities of Indian Army. Helicopters would be modified with several unique equipment and weapons. It will provide India with capability to perform anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare missions. India would also be able to perform secondary missions like vertical replenishment, search & rescue and communications relay. India will use enhanced capability as deterrent against regional threats and to strengthen its homeland defence.

India-U.S. Defence Relations
India-U.S. Defence Relations has increased steadily since 2008. Defence trade has increased from U.S.$ 1 billion to U.S.$ 18 billion. United States is the second largest arms supplier to India, after Russia. India has procured- C-130 Hercules aircraft, P-8 Poseidon aircraft, C-17 Globemaster aircraft, AH-64 Apache helicopters, CH-47 Chinook helicopters and M777 Howitzer guns. USA also granted “unique Major Defence Partner (MDP)” designation to India in 2016 and Strategic Trade Authorisation-1 (STA-1) status in 2018. India became 37th country globally and third Asian country (after South Korea and Japan) to acquire STA-1 status.

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Highlights 👇👇👇👇
Under the new framework, credit rating agencies are required to provide expected loss-based ratings for projects and instruments which are associated with infrastructure sector.
SEBI introduced expected loss-based rating, divided into a scale of seven levels, from lowest to highest expected loss.
This new scale will be used by credit rating agencies to rate projects or instruments associated with infrastructure sector to start with.
All provisions in latest circular, except those related to standardisation of rating scales, will be applicable for Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs) with ‘immediate effect’.
Circular was issued by exercising powers under Section 11 (1) of Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992.
Seven level of losses
Seven expected level of losses on new scale prescribed by SEBI include-
Lowest expected loss
Very low expected loss
Low expected loss
Moderate expected loss
High expected loss
Very high expected loss and
Highest expected loss.
Instruments rated ‘EL 1’ (Expected Loss) will be considered to have lowest expected loss while those rated ‘EL 7’ indicate highest expected loss.
Standardisation of rating scales
To standardise usage of rating scales, rating agencies have been asked to align their rating scales with rating scales prescribed by financial sector regulator or authority. In case guidelines are absence, rating scales prescribed by SEBI will be followed. CRAs are required to comply with guidelines by March 31, 2022.

Credit Rating Agency
Company that assigns credit ratings and rate a debtor’s ability to pay back debt is known as “credit rating agency”. Agency can rate creditworthiness of issuers of debt obligations, debt instruments and of servicers of underlying debt. But creditworthiness of individual consumers is not rated.


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Section 128 of this Motor Vehicle Act limits the maximum two riders on the bikes. This law also says that if the traffic police officer snatches the key from the car or motorcycle, it is illegal. You have the full right to launch a Legal proceeding against the officer.


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🐐Research shows that goats are socially aware of the environment they’re in. They can “differentiate between other goats’ happiness or displeasure by listening to their voices,” according to National Geographic

🖐️Your palm reader might not be too far off when they say that finger length and ratios suggest facial attractiveness in men. If a man’s ring finger is longer than his index finger, then he’s more likely to have a more attractive face, per the Atlantic.😎

🐐🐏You goat-ta believe it: Mountain goats are not goats, but are goat-antelopes, according to National Geographic. These curious creatures can also jump about 12 feet in one jump.

🏔️Nearly 70 percent of Earth’s freshwater is stored in the coldest spots on the globe: in glaciers and icecaps.🧊🧊🧊

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Police-officers always on duty and may be employed in, any part of district.
Everypolice-officer shall, for all purposes in this Act contained, be considered to be always on duty, and may at any time be employed as a police-officer in any part of the general police-district.

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Part 2 of our series - The quantum of punishment under NDPS Act depends upon the quantity of narcotic drugs and psychotr...
Read the caption 👇👇👇The court recognises emotional distress as a type of damage that can be recovered through a civil la...
Adultery is every married partner’s worst nightmare; it is a betrayal of trust and a break in the bond of marriage. When...
Accept Your Current Situation -The first thing you need to do if you want to get back up and start believing in yourself...
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Wanna know more read caption below... 👇👇👇👇🐐Research shows that goats are socially aware of the environment they’re in. T...
Police-officers always on duty and may be employed in, any part of district.....Everypolice-officer shall, for all purpo...
FIR stands for First Information ReportIt is a document providing the basic information that a cognizable offence has be...
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