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Timeline photos 05/11/2020

✨DIY Christmas Tree Craft✨

Not educational, but super fun and simple! I shared this one last year with a full step-by-step blog post tutorial. All you need are: styrofoam cones, assorted felt pom poms, and hot glue!

Swipe up in my stories or visit to check it out!

I know we’re all still anxious, distracted, maybe temporarily demotivated-but let’s focus on the good and the positive! That means nature, crafting, baking, books, music, the holidays, friends, family, and each other! Anything that sparks joy!

Stay safe and stay merry!! ♥️

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✨DIY Alphabet Match✨

A super simple and almost free way to teach littles to match uppercase and lowercase letters!

I created this ice cream alphabet board a few years ago for the Art Of Reading class I hosted in one of our local co-ops. All of the children LOVED playing and matching all of the letters! I got a little fancy using my cricut, laminator, and velcro, but you could achieve this without the bells and whistles as well!

How I made it:
1. Cut 26 triangular ice cream cones and write or adhere 26 uppercase letters-one on each cone. (I laminated and glued to display board because so many children were using it, I wanted it to last!)

2. Cut 26 round scoops of ice cream and write or adhere 26 lowercase letters-one on each scoop of ice cream. (Again, I laminated)

3. Hot glue matching velcro squares-one half on the back of each ice cream scoop, and matching half onto display board above each cone.

Play and have fun! You can pull all lowercase letters down and place in a basket for children to match. You can mix and match and place the lowercase letters in the wrong place, then have a race to see who can spot and correct the mixed up letters! This is perfect to leave out on display as an open invitation for independent learning through play. Folds up nice and thin to place in a closet or storage when not in use. Super lightweight to transport if you’re hosting an early learning class somewhere!

Hope you enjoy this one! Tag me if you try it!

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 03/11/2020

Boy oh boy, I really feel like I want to say a lot of things. Hopeful things. Encouraging things. Helpful things. I know these words may fall on deaf ears with all that’s going on, but I feel that we all need GOOD to focus on. Although what’s going on in the world is important and deserves our attention and action, we must not let it consume us, and we must delight in constructive and wholesome things!

With that being said-the holiday/shopping/gift-making season is swiftly approaching. As a small shop, I want to encourage you to shop small! When you do, you TRULY make a difference in people’s lives! You help support families, you lift others up. BUT-please don’t buy if it’s not something you’ll truly use. This week, I’d like to share some DIY’s and fun ideas to craft and learn with your children WITHOUT breaking the bank...

Today, I’m sharing our DIY Skip Counting poster. We made this several years ago to help reinforce skip counting by 5’s up to 100. Each of my children took turns stamping their handprint in paint onto craft paper. Once dry, I wrote the numbers 1-100 on each of their little fingers and multiples of 5’s in each palm. We hung it up for a few weeks and voilà: Skill mastered!

Guys, this is interactive, beautiful, and 100% FREE! I want to encourage you to simplify, get creative, and bring the kids in on the fun of mastering skills and creating resources and activities without taxing your pocket book.

If you give it a go, tag me and I’ll re-share! 🎉

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 30/10/2020

🎃Reminder: Don’t forget to grab all of my Autumn/Halloween FREEBIES to enjoy this weekend!🍁

Hope you have a fun and safe weekend! Whether you’re dressing up, trick-or-treating, staying in to watch The Mandalorian, staying up to glimpse the Hunter’s Moon, or sleeping in (because boy it’s been a WEEK!)...I hope your days are filled with togetherness!

Tag a friend who would enjoy these FREE activities or share to spread the word!

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 21/10/2020

Is your child ready for letter formation, sounds, and introduction to handwriting? Are you seeing the pull, the interest, the yearning for learning? Are you overwhelmed by where to start, what to use, how to begin? Are you looking for a change or shift in methodology or approach?

Have you tried Kinder Nature Beginnings?

This supplemental curriculum is gentle, Waldorf-inspired, nature-themed, and spans over 3 years of skillsets and learning. For just $20 you receive over 700 pages of learning material that you can use with multiple aged children, or use year after year with your child as they grow! Start with preschool and end with 2nd grade grammar with this fun and engaging collection. There are games, activities, drawing prompts, and original poems by yours truly that you won’t find anywhere else! A perfect way to supplement alongside your main curriculum or use as a stand alone program to introduce new topics and ideas in language. Your child will absolutely love it! (As will you 😉)

Let me know if you have any questions below! I’m always here for support!

♥️ Lauren

Photos from ChickieandRoo's post 14/10/2020

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Best of luck!

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 05/10/2020

🕷 S A L E 🕷

Today only, scoop the 20-page Spiders Prep Pack for ONLY $1! Share and tag a friend who might be studying nocturnal or spooky creepy-crawly animals this month! 👏🏻

Do you celebrate Halloween? Does your family dress up? Is this year’s circumstances changing your typical plans or celebrations? I’m thinking we’ll stay in, bake some spooky treats, and watch some spooky movies. What’s you’re favorite spooky family-friendly movie? I’d love some suggestions!⬇️

Happy Monday! Hope you have the best week!

Timeline photos 04/10/2020

Last Autumn, I released this freebie: Pumpkin Expressions. It’s back and permanently in the shop for FREE for you to enjoy this season!

Explore feelings and emotions with a seasonal twist: Pumpkins! These 3-part cards explore 6 main emotions with visual representations on jack-o-lanterns. Includes 6 extra cards with synonyms for each expression to broaden vocabulary and encourage more useful and specific terms for how a child may feel.

Swipe up in stories or visit the front page of my website to download today!

Happy Autumn 🥰

Timeline photos 30/09/2020


The Missouri Nature Guide is here!

This is the 6th state nature guide I’ve released and each one is truly a labor love. Research, care, consideration, creativity, and planning are poured into each and every guide! And this project was made possible by the creative contributions of my dear friend Laura 👏🏻

Explore the natural environment of Missouri with the ! This is a 48-week curriculum aligned with cyclical nature cycles and flora and fauna in Missouri. Each week’s lesson is broken down into 5 categories:

Introduce (Nature Journal)
Read & Discuss
I encourage you to complete these steps in any order you choose and at your own pace. These lessons can be completed in a week or a single day; this curriculum is gentle and flexible. There are weekly nature journaling prompts, living book suggestions, further resources (websites), field trips, handcrafts and experiments.

In addition, there are 61 pages of anatomy posters, cards, matching activities and more! As well as 48 vocabulary cards + definitions.

Swipe up in my stories or visit the front page of my website at (under New Releases) to check it out. Tag and share with a Missouri friend who wants to explore the nature and beauty of their state! 🎉

Let me know if you have any questions and happy exploring!

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 24/09/2020

🍁FREE Autumn Leaves Bingo🍂

Today is the LAST freebie of my Month of Back-To-School Freebies event 😱

Let’s celebrate the season and learn to identify leaves through play with Autumn Leaves Bingo. Truly Montessori-inspired, the Bingo cards and calling cards all contain real photographs of leaves instead of artwork. This set includes 5 different variations of Bingo boards featuring a collection of 24 leaves.

Thanks for following along, sharing, and downloading all of the new free resources I’ve released. I hope it has brought you as much joy as it has for me to create them!

Swipe up in my stories or visit the front page of my website to scoop the latest one (or any you’ve missed)!

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 21/09/2020

✨ The Magic of Handicrafts✨

Charlotte Mason says: “Again we know that the human hand is a wonderful and exquisite instrument to be used in a hundred movements exacting delicacy, direction, and force; every such movement is a cause of joy as it leads to the pleasure of ex*****on and the triumph of success. We begin to understand this and make some efforts to train the young in the deft handling of tools and the practice of handicrafts.”

What does she mean? She is telling us to give a child an opportunity to try and to learn, to allow a child to create, to build skillsets that will last them a lifetime, to give them the gift of enjoying the creative process and allowing them to see the fruits of their labor.

Nothing worldly that is worthwhile is usually easy. It takes determination, perseverance, and work. I am happy to teach my children to work. Work feels good when you enjoy the work you do. Or when you see the outcome come to fruition. Not only do I lay before them the invitation to work and create, I also show them in what I do. They watch me learn new things. They watch me try and fail. And this teaches them that you are never too old to try something new, it instills in them the idea of work ethic and not giving up.

So what is a handicraft? It is something created that is useful using real life skills. offers these tips from Charlotte Mason when choosing a handcraft:
1. The end product should be useful.
2. Teach the children slowly and carefully what they are to do.
3. Emphasize the habit of best effort.
4. Carefully select handicrafts and life skills to challenge but not frustrate.
In all rewards, first comes effort. The sooner a child learns this, the more fulfilling their life will be!

Head over to my friend .j.hwang to see how she incorporates handcrafts in her home!


Come see what we carry with us on hikes and for outdoor nature study. Some things are for safety, and some are for observation, but all are helpful!

Let me know if you have any questions!

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 10/09/2020

Good Morning! Today is the 3rd week and release of my month of Back-To-School FREEBIES! 🎉

Today’s freebie is a math bundle of templates. These span a wide age range and are helpful for any math work or any curriculum.

Included are:

+ Pie Chart Template

+ Bar Graph/Line Plot Template

+ Tens Frame

+ Number Line Template

+ Hundreds Board (filled in and blank)

+ Times Table Grid (through 10)

Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, let me know!⬇️

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 07/09/2020


I just wanted to pop in to let you all know that Missouri Nature Guide will be released later this month after a big event! So excited!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! If you would like a sample week of any of my currently available nature guides, shoot me an email and I’ll send one over!

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend 🎉 We have had a crazy busy weekend and have a crazy busy week ahead of us, but I love it! We are thriving! Enjoying friends, family, and life 👏🏻

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 03/09/2020

🎉The CandR Month of Back-To-School Freebies continues...

Today’s FREEBIE is an entire year of CandR Nature Calendars! Each month lists celestial events (solstices, equinoxes, meteor showers, and more!), environmental holidays, species awareness days, with notable national and international nature and advocacy days!

My hope is that you utilize these FREE calendars to loop into your nature & unit studies and learn more about being stewards of our earth! This 12 month calendar runs from September 2020 through August 2021.

If you have any questions or comments for me, drop them below ⬇️ Tag a nature-loving friend who would love to download these FREE nature calendars!

REMEMBER: There are only TWO DAYS left to scoop the Kindred Gathering-a $100 collection of nature resources for ONLY $10! 👏🏻

Happy Thursday!

♥️ Lauren


The first free release of my month of back-to-school freebies is the Book of Centuries. Curated to help guide, add extra sustenance, and design elements that differ from other history journals: this digital book is color-coded for main time periods (Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern) with timelines, summary pages, and a History Overview of chronological kingdoms and events.

I polled current book of centuries-users to find out what would speak best to them, what they felt was lacking in current models, and how I could create a product that is different and served the needs of families. This journal can be used for all ages and includes TWO FREE versions: a BC/AD version and a BCE/CE version.

If you have any questions or comments, drop them below! ⬇️



Starting this week, every Thursday for the next month, I will be releasing a NEW Freebie for you to download and use!

I had originally wanted to do a week of freebies (like my annual 12 Days of Christmas Freebies event), but my schedule is filled to the brim and I simply don’t have an entire week available to release a new freebie everyday. So, instead, we’ll be hosting a month of freebies 🎉 Every Thursday there will be a brand new and completely free resource for you to enjoy!

As always, my freebies are no-strings-attached; you don’t need to subscribe to my blog, follow me, or do anything at all in order to use C&R freebies. They’re just completely FREE and available to anyone and everyone. Tag a friend or share to help get more free and affordable resources into the homes of more families!

I’m so excited to share what I’ve been working on with you! These free resources span a wide age range, so there’s something for everyone! They will be added to the main page of my website at so they’re easy to find. Be sure to check out the other free resources available in my shop library when you hop over :)

Happy Sunday!

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 11/08/2020

🌿Chickie & Roo Nature Guides🌿

Have you checked out any of the state nature guides yet? Do you have any questions I can help with?

I have received a few inquiries, and I’d love to share! A few Q + A below ⬇️:

Q: “How do these guide differ from ENWC?”

A: These nature guides are created specifically for each state based on the state tree, flower, bird, blooming seasons, nesting season, animal migrations, animal mating seasons, flora, fauna, landforms, climate, and more! These guides are nature/earth science-based and include 65+ pages of anatomy printables, cards, craft templates, and more! You will not find weekly themes that are in ENWC, and for that reason, many families use both nature curricula side by side.

Q: “My state is big, does the guide cover the entire state?”

A: YES! 🙌🏻 I have worked hard to collaborate with residents of each state to ensure the guides represent the state as a whole and offer nature cycles and phenomena that can be enjoyed and studied no matter where in the state you live!

Q: “Does it matter when I start?”

A: No! These guides are full-year curricula and are cyclical. They are intended to be purchased once and used again and again, year after year. There is no start or stop date, no beginning or end; you can jump in whenever!

Q: “What ages are these guides for? Can I use them with my preschooler and middle schooler?”

A: These guides are for all ages! I have designed them to be highly adaptable for all families and all ages. There are suggested books, activities, and further resources for elementary and middle grades.

Q: “Do I have to complete each activity everyday?”

A: No! There is a monthly calendar overview with weekly themes and a gentle suggested daily approach, but many people choose to complete their nature study all in one day. You can choose to complete the activities in any order you’d like and even skip something if it doesn’t fit in your family rhythm.

Q: “When will my state be released?”

A: I am completing these in order of most requested states (by the public). I have my next 3 states planned to release due to the high amount of requests. Eventually, I plan to make these for all 50 states!

Timeline photos 07/08/2020

Today was our first official day of ♥️

I’ve decided to follow this curriculum gently with little practice throughout the week and a ‘main lesson’ on Fridays. I love how life-giving this program is AND how flexible and adaptable it is for any family.

If you are someone that thrives on a daily lesson plan with step-by-step questions and activities, Lisa has completed all of the work for you and offers you a full and well-rounded approach to learning.

If you are someone who likes to adjust, move slower or faster, incorporate extra resources and activities, or cater a curriculum to your specific children, you can do that with AYOT also!

We do A TON of reading and quite a bit of writing in our home. So, we are easing these studies into our week so that I don’t overwhelm my daughter. She needs lots of repetition and support in reading, she really needs to go slow, and that is ok! We will be soaking this up slowly and intentionally for a long time.

Today, she read the first half of the Tale of Peter Rabbit (with my assistance), wrote her spelling words, we discussed homophones, and she matched up the word cards to her copywork page. Then, we finished up with the picture study for week one. Today, we talked about the artist, I asked the prompted questions, and she observed the painting. (You can pop over to my stories to see us in action) The next time we revisit this, she will recreate the painting! We will slowly review the homophone words all week until she has mastered their meanings, uses, and the phonics.

Such a great way to end Week 1 of the new school year! 🎉 Hope you have an amazing weekend! ♥️

Timeline photos 06/08/2020

Our first week ‘back-to-school’ has been a breeze. I debated when to start, it never felt like the ‘right’ time, but what I didn’t realize is that we all missed our rhythm and longed for this time together.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, starting school has been a breathe of fresh air. Surprisingly calming and centering and relaxing.

I seriously hit the sweet spot with this Waldorf Form Drawing book; my kids NEVER want to stop! We have been working our way through it together for the last 3 days and what a joy it is! We save it for the end of our daily studies as something to look forward to and a positive way to wrap up the school day. I can’t wait to share more of our progress as we move forward. 🙌🏻

What are you most excited for this school year?

Timeline photos 30/07/2020

I shared this over on the acct, but it’s an important message and I wanted to reshare it here so more can see it. ♥️

Are you subscribed to the Kindred Learning Collection homeschool magazine? It’s chock full of encouragement like this:

The most important thing is that a child is safe, and healthy, and nourished, and LOVED.

Every family is different, every child is different. Everyone home educates in a different way. What one family enjoys, another may not. Where one child excels, another may not. You must do what is best for you, and your child, and your family!

That may look like desks, or the floor. The table, or the couch. It may look like inside, or outside. It may look like digital devices, or not. It may look like a lot of bookwork, or little bookwork. Tons of free time, or structure and scheduling. Sports and groups, or personal at-home time.

Only you know your child and your family. Only you know your life. Of course, it’s helpful to seek advice, be open to suggestions, and research. But, at the end of the day, it’s your choice what you can handle and how you can handle it. Embrace the uniqueness of your situation. And as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 27/07/2020

Curriculum Add-On Part 2:

Burgess Birds! 👏🏻👏🏻

We have been long anticipating the release of this amazing study and CANNOT WAIT to get started! (I’m inclined to complete the Seashore Study first, but my kids have other plans...😂)

I scooped this version of Burgess Bird Book For Children 2 years ago not even knowing what it was! My daughter saw Peter Rabbit on the cover, and it was only .25 at our local library book sale, so I snagged it and set it aside. Fast forward 2 years, Crystal told me she’d be creating a study around this book and I was so excited to finally use it to its fullest potential! We have TONS of bird study resources we’ve collected over the years, but we’ve never had a full comprehensive guide or curriculum to use them with, so I’ve always just set our bits and pieces here and there with no consistency. We are beyond excited to use all of our resources with Crystal’s new study!

We’ll likely wait to Autumn/Winter to start this study as that’s the best opportunity for bird watching in Florida. So many northern birds fly south and we get to witness the kindly visitors that aren’t native here. It’s a precious time of year for investigating and observing! 👏🏻

I’m so so so impressed with this guide! It’s the most detailed and largest thus far! In addition to narration and coloring books, it includes a HUGE picture book list, chapter book list, outdoor review prompts, poetry, kids and mother culture recommendations, and bird expansion ideas for activities and websites and more! 👏🏻🎉

I have chosen this year to keep main curriculum non-consumable pages on my iPad for viewing and reading in order to save paper. I am only printing consumable pages so I can reduce my prep time and waste. You don’t need to print and bind every little thing! Be easy on yourself, your wallet, and the environment, by choosing what you will use and what you actually need a physical copy of.

I am beyond excited for this school year. It keeps getting better and better and it hasn’t even begun yet!

♥️ Lauren

Timeline photos 26/07/2020

Have you heard of the Digital Homeschool Convention?

Last year, I was a speaker and I talked about bringing Charlotte Mason homeschooling philosophies into the modern day. This year, we’re discussing homeschooling through the pandemic. Instead of pre-recorded segments, I will be speaking LIVE on August 3rd at 2pm EST. AND, I will be participating in a Q&A to answer all convention attendees’ questions! If you want to be inspired and consoled on your homeschooling journey, swipe up to follow the link in my stories! There are many wonderful hosts and speakers this year who are sharing their hearts and experience 👏🏻

If you have any questions, let me know! Can’t wait to see you there!

♥️ Lauren


I am SO excited to use AYOT from with my daughter this year! 🎉 Did you know AYOT comes with incredible Art AND Geography studies? Today, I’m sharing a little flip through of these and a wonderful resource from .education to accompany our studies. Hope you enjoy, and do let me know if you have any questions! ♥️


ChickieandRoo Homeschool has finally got with the program and created a page! Here you'll see all of the latest projects and products available and coming soon. Thank you for being here and supporting the Chickie&Roo shop!

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Come see what we carry with us on hikes and for outdoor nature study. Some things are for safety, and some are for obser...
The first free release of my month of back-to-school freebies is the Book of Centuries. Curated to help guide, add extra...
BRAND NEW “Back-To-School” FREEBIES!.Starting this week, every Thursday for the next month, I will be releasing a NEW Fr...
I am SO excited to use AYOT from @ayearof_learning with my daughter this year! 🎉 Did you know AYOT comes with incredible...