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#linking words: addition - purpose

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#linking words: addition - purpose

*** #FUNCTIONS***1- *Asking for and giving advice*

Phrasal verbs + Revision

#Expressing cause and effect#

#National exam ratt 2014 correction#*****Comprehension part*****

أجي تفهم كيفاش تانخدمو Relative pronouns

#past perfect (Simple and Continuous)

كيفاش نخدم ف الامتحان الوطنيComprehension and Functions

Passive Voice تتمة

Passive voice

Formal letter + Revision

ممهجية كتابة Informal Letter or E-MAIL


Present modalsأجي تفهم

Lesson N°3 :Conditional type 3If onlyI wish

اللايف الثاني : conditional type 3