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Minas Common Level 1 is the #1 Training Program and Community, for city shaking Kingdom Crypto Entrep

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What's common between Joshua, Caleb, and the Minas' servants?


Welcome Baby Maiai (means warrior), Azmina Datoo Garcia was amazing!

Baby Maia is also asking for you to join her mommy and daddy's challenge at www.supernaturaltransfer.com


post-ETF approval rally to $1 million will be much quicker.

“The run up in 2017 was nine months to 20x,” he recalled.

“Given that we’re going to have billions and billions pouring in all at once on ETF approvals, I think it’s going to be a much shorter time frame,” Mow said.

2024 Push back Has Begun 15/12/2023

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2024 Push back Has Begun What Is God Saying?

Photos from MINAS Academy's post 15/12/2023

Get into crypto NOW before these get approved anytime now pushing cryptos to 16x-333x multipliers...


In this must-watch live session, we delve deep into the alarming Ledger ConnectKit compromise that has left the crypto community on high alert. Discover the critical insights behind the 'wallet drainer' code that infiltrated Ledger's library, posing a formidable threat to various decentralized applications (DApps) including prominent names like SushiSwap and Revoke.cash.

We'll explore how this suspected supply chain attack has not only endangered user funds but also triggered a significant disturbance in the cryptocurrency market, leading to a staggering $60M liquidation in mere minutes.

Stay informed as we dissect the technical intricacies of this exploit, which deviously prompts users to connect their wallets, activating a token drainer mechanism. Learn about Ledger's response to patch this vulnerability and the ongoing risks as revealed by security experts.

Our discussion extends to understanding the broader implications of such security breaches in the DeFi protocols and what it means for the future of crypto safety. We'll also provide essential tips and best practices to safeguard your digital assets against such vulnerabilities and ensure you're well-equipped to navigate these turbulent waters in the blockchain world.

Tune in to stay ahead of the curve and protect your investments in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Anybody interested in making a custom gpt (chat gpt) on how to get unbanned on Facebook (asking for a friend)


Chat gpt 4 is available if you are in the wait list!


Chat gpt 4 available if you are in the waitlist!


List your current problems right now, we will create an ai gpt app to solve it for free


If you have CHAT GPT 4.0, and want to learn how to make a GPT


MJ Jackson Ham and I created a video game last night, that's right you can create a game in chat GPT for a platform that costs $20 a month...


Sam just said gpt store will be released this month, the top gpts will be like early YouTube influencers...


These early ai apps (gpts) will make overnight millionaires… and it costs $20 bucks to make…

OpenAI DevDay: Keynote Recap 07/12/2023

Get on the ai train trust me you won't regret it

OpenAI DevDay: Keynote Recap We gathered developers from around the world for an in-person day of programming to learn about the latest AI advancements and explore what lies ahead. Full ...


I think we found our van! Any suggestions? But this is only 9, I think we need more? Cause someone prophetic that I know heard of 8 kids...


On Day 0 in our Esther 4:14 A.I. Challenge, Prophet Dr. Manuel Johnson mentioned these numbers. Do you have any thoughts? Manuel Johnson mentioned these numbers. Any ideas...


You have access to Jarvis, Friday, Edith, Chat GPT for free!


Cryptos about to hit new all time highs, it just passed Warren Buffet’s company!


40k Bitcoin, need help come join us in our AI challenge this week!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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Urgent Alert: Protect Your Crypto from the Ledger Library Hack - Stay Safe!
Evening session Day 0 Manuel Johnson: Harnessing the Power of Digital Assets for Abundance
🚀 Welcome to Kingdom Crypto Challenges! 🎉
Evening Session 🗓️Day 4: Creating Your Irresistible Offer with AI 🧠
🗓️Day 4: Creating Your Irresistible Offer with AI 🧠
Evening Session Day 1 - ChatGPT 101: Navigating the Landscape of Conversational AI
Evening Session Bonus Day 6 Live: Your Crypto Questions Answered!
Bonus Day 6 Live: Your Crypto Questions Answered!
Evening Session - 🌟 Day 5: Diversification Protects the Wealth, Focus and Concentration Grows It!🌱
🌟 Day 5: Diversification Protects the Wealth, Focus and Concentration Grows It! 🌱
🌟 Day 4: Kingdom Crypto ChallengeS - How to 30x, 60x, 100x your Minas! 🚀
EVENING Session - 🔥 DAY 3 - Let's Put Mina to Work and Push Through the Pain with Erwin Garcia 🔥