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The Indian Montessori Foundation is a pan-Indian organisation founded with the vision of enabling ch


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AMI Primary Assistants Certificate Course starting tomorrow at The MTRT Hyderabad


Save the date! Next AMI Talk – 19 October

Registrations for our next AMI Talk have just opened! Prof. Pieter Verstraete and AMI Trainer Uma Ramani will be speaking on the educational value of silence.

Date: 19 October 2022
Time: 4 p.m. (Amsterdam time)

Register and secure your place today:

Learn more about the speakers:


AMI Primary Assistants Certificate Course in Hyderabad, India


Find link to this podcast at<sid=6712c8a5-53bc-400c-bfe4-b779556640fc.

Listen to our latest AMI Talk “Digging Deep — Connecting to Nature for a Healthy Society” that we hosted on August 31.

Our speakers, Nicolina Montesano Montessori and Yoliswa Mahobe shared their knowledge and insights about the laws of life and the role of nature for humankind’s true well-being.

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The August edition of our Q&A is out! This month, AMI's Pedagogical Director, Judi Orion, is answering your questions. Head over to our Instagram profile at to learn more about being a prepared adult and first-year guide.


We are happy to announce our third "AMI Online Elementary Assistant Course" commencing on 1st November, 2022.

This Certificate course will be facilitated by Ms. Alison Awes, Association Montessori Internationale, Elementary Director of Training.

Alison Awes is the Director of Elementary Training at the Montessori Center of Minnesota, Assoziation Montessori Schweiz and the Co-Director of Elementary Training at the Maria Montessori Institute, London. Ms Awes holds AMI diplomas for Primary and Elementary levels, a B.A. in Art History from Smith College, an M.A. in Latin American Studies from Tulane University, and an M.Ed. in Montessori Education from Loyola University in Maryland. She has taught in both six-to-nine and nine-to-twelve classrooms. Ms Awes is an AMI examiner and consultant and has served on the boards of private and charter Montessori schools, as well as other organisations including the AMI Elementary Alumni Association. An international lecturer, she has given numerous workshops on a wide variety of topics. Ms Awes attended Montessori school until the age of twelve.

The AMI Online Elementary Orientation Course (6-12) will be spread over three weeks which includes nine live sessions spanning 2 hours and 15 minutes each and other necessary offline resource and supplement materials will be provided during the course.

Dates : 1, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 15, 17 and 18 November, 2022 (Tues/Thur/Fri)
Timings : 5:30pm to 7:45pm (IST)
eCertification : AMI Assistant Certificate for 6-12 years
Eligibility: Open to all
Fees: Rs.35,000/- (for Indian nationals) and $725 (for foreign nationals) excluding bank charges as applicable to the country.
Payment to be paid through Bank Transfer only.



The ideas of Maria Montessori are of the greatest importance, not only to children, teachers and parents but to everyone interested in human development and progress. First appearing as a method of child education, her work is seen to be based on the deepest foundations and to point to the improvement of human life, on an individual, community and societal level.

Montessori education is about the liberation of the human being: to be given ownership, independence and respect — and to have the best possible environment to enable optimal development. Therefore, 8 March, a day that pays tribute to equality on International Women’s Day, and Montessori go hand in hand.

On 8 March 2021, we will be holding our second AMI Talk, featuring Silvia C. Dubovoy, PhD and Ama van Dantzig, co-founder of Dr. Monk. Both Silvia and Ama will share insights on equality and equity gained from their professional lives. Silvia will share an overview of the social movements and historical context that shape Montessori's particular brand of idealism. It will also explore her ideas about the education of young girls and the link between the wellbeing of mother and child in the context of what we now know as Montessori theory and practice. In her daily life, Ama works with game-changers, pioneers and visionaries to create a brave new world. She strives to develop and support the ideas and interventions that unleash much needed societal shifts. Ama will share her passion for helping people find ingenious solutions for the challenges of our time.

Are you interested in attending this talk? Then register here:

Learn more about the speakers and watch the previous talks here:


6th Assembly of Educateurs sans Frontières, 2018

The Indaba Institute proudly partnered with the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) to host the 6th Assembly of Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF) in Stellenbosch, South Africa in August, 2018. For two weeks, educators from around the world gathered to revisit Montessori principles and practices in order to find innovative solutions and build sustainable initiatives for under served communities.

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About Us

The Indian Montessori Foundation is a pan-Indian organisation founded with the vision of enabling children to reach their full potential through the principles of Montessori education leading towards a more harmonious and peaceful world. Its inception came after India hosted the 26th International Montessori Congress in Chennai, at the Kalakshetra Foundation in January 2009.

IMF’s aims include expanding awareness of Montessori philosophy throughout society, nurturing Montessori principles in schools, and promoting research and development of all aspects of Montessori education. They are also focussing on promoting AMI membership, supporting AMI Montessori training and unifying AMI Alumni throughout India.

IMF is gradually publishing more Montessori books in order that they can be more easily accessible in India. IMF offers subscribers an annual Journal titled 'Montessori Matters', and seven newsletters a year called 'The Touch Board'. Recently it brought out The Silver Spoon Series (50 booklets in two box sets for young readers).

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